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Edens Zero Chapter 201 - Holy takes on Deadend Crow

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Edens Zero Chapter 201 – Holy VS Deadend Crow: Retribution

Edens Zero Chapter 201 - Holy takes on Deadend Crow

Deadend Crow remains largely a mystery within the story so far aside from the connection he has with the incident involving a large scale massacre and the fact that he is a machine that despises humans. The aspects of his character that define his story has yet to be touched on. Deadend Crow is presented from the point of view of a villain which naturally evokes contentious feelings. Who developed Deadend Crow and what was his intended application when constructed? Deadend Crow may be present within the arc but likely due to his lacking relevance within the overarching narrative, his proximity within this arc isn’t felt significantly. Why should the audience come to care about his journey? The central driving force behind the intrigue is the vengeance Holy wishes to deliver onto Deadend Crow. What seems necessary at this point is focus on Deadend Crow to flesh him out beyond a template antagonist.

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