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Edens Zero Chapter 200 - Shiki VS Ziggy

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Edens Zero Chapter 200 – Shiki VS Ziggy: Gravity’s Succession

Edens Zero Chapter 200 - Shiki VS Ziggy

Time has revealed itself to be a setting within the spiraling conflict of gravity. The attraction and the repulsion naturally transpiring has threads of time intertwining its force ever respiring. Time usually serves as a container with its subjects bound to its progression but the fluidity of possibility opens the cover of restraint and allows for acts outside its definition to come about. This is where Shiki’s presence collides with Dark Ziggy’s ambitions. Dark Ziggy presumably has the context of time overarching his view yet Shiki is a denizen that resides outside the perspective of Dark Ziggy which is why the weight of Shiki’s existence exasperates Dark Ziggy so exponentially.

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