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Edens Zero Chapter 197 - Homura launches her attack on Brigandine

Edens Zero Chapter 197 – Homura VS Brigandine: Ascension

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Edens Zero Chapter 197 - Homura launches her attack on Brigandine

Our belief in Homura has been answered with a stirring display of resolve, swordplay and conviction. Despite the clear disadvantage she was faced with, her will to protect those she cares for overwhelmed her apprehension and crafted a miracle that saw an awe-inspiring response to the invincible defense in front of her. Outcomes aren’t determined by merely coalesces of conflicting values but more the distribution of how the weight behind those elements are used in their progression. Within each individual and each situation, the subjective factors surrounding each moment play a part in reaching the definition of the result. What Homura did is leverage her offense to momentarily ascend the force in front of her. Defense was sacrificed but ultimate victory was attained. What a rush of exhilaration. You were sublime, Homura.

As is with the Kitsune, the nature of risk comes into play and what Homura chose to do in the climatic moment was risk her very life to take down an opponent that threatened her friends and family. Her actions were in alignment with the imagery of the Kitsune and left the audience even more in awe at how spirited and relentless Homura can be. Personally, I love the Kitsune and find them extremely fascinating with an unusually appealing lore. Kitsune aren’t naturally good or evil, they can amorphously exist on both the chaotic and lawful spectrum which in a strange way makes them incredibly relatable and enchanting. Their playful temperament in how they use their abilities such as shapeshifting additionally adds to their appeal. I suppose this is why generally they are embraced in modern popular culture through the stories that portray them such as Naruto, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Genshin Impact (Yae Miko) and even vtubers. I found myself so embraced by the impression of the Kitsune that the YouTube channel which I created to focus on vtuber clips and Genshin Impact content is titled Kitsune Foryst. Obviously, with Homura’s Ether Gear themed around the imagery of Kitsune, I can’t help but be completely enraptured with her story.

Edens Zero Chapter 197 - Homura's Ether Gear form

Regarding the computation made by Brigandine, the fallacy in his approach was discounting the possibility of erroneousness. The illusion represented by the 0% calculation saw Brigandine ensnared within his own assumptions, logic and extrapolations. The estimate was calculated based on information Brigandine had gathered and despite Brigandine having been defeated once before and being warned by Wizard about the Edens Zero team, he rested in the pool of his own arrogance and the result is as we saw; defeat and destruction. Brigandine pronounced to have evaluated Homura but what he did was only shackle his perception of what is possible. In the end, he lost but at the very least, he found a level of clarity to express his respect and reverence to Homura.

What will be curious going forward is whether the Code 3173 door can still be open with Homura still alive. Technically with Valkyrie and Witch having fallen in the past, the only two remaining Shining Stars were Hermit and Sister. IF both of them are taken out, the Code 3173 door could be open if it doesn’t recognise Homura as the new Valkyrie representative. Considering Witch’s discussion with Homura when they visited the Code 3173 door, it is mentioned that unlocking Etherion requires authentication from ALL four of the Shining Stars. What this implies is that Witch has arranged for the system to recognise Homura as the fourth Shining Star (Valkyrie). What this in turn means for Clown is that he ain’t unlocking the Code 3173 door yet. And this development consequently supports the survival of Hermit and Sister.

Edens Zero Chapter 197 - Homura and Shiki express their friendship

The exchange Shiki and Homura had at the end of the chapter was such a deeply moving scene. I absolutely loved it. I teared up in that moment. For characters like those aboard the Edens Zero who suffered much pain and loneliness, you can’t help but react with a warm and embracing feeling within your heart when encounter such positivity and joy. What matters at the end of the day isn’t the result of your achievements but the life you are able to freely express. Don’t concern yourself with who you feel you need to be. Rather take comfort in who you are. Loved this chapter. Looking forward to the next one.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

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