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Edens Zero Chapter 196 - Sister caught off guard by Clown's attack

Edens Zero Chapter 196 – Sister VS Clown: Runtime Error

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Edens Zero Chapter 196 - Sister caught off guard by Clown's attack

Clown poses a curious query toward Sister in regards to the essence of life for machines and what constitutes the state of death to them. Expecting no adequate reply, Clown derives his own answer and provides an equally thought-provoking response. When he mentions the outcome of being unable to execute further lines of command, within what context is he referring. Clown is right within the context of isolation (human) where code cannot go further once the execution has stopped but once that state of mind is applied to the realm of reality, the answer becomes a bit more inquisitive. Yes, code cannot run once the execution has stopped but that doesn’t mean the program itself is void. In such circumstances, debugging and rerunning the code are engaged. Unlike a physical body which define humans, androids are more than just their shell, they are a system and intangible code which can be debugged, quarantined and updated.

Hermit and Sister may have an individual body housing their code but by their nature and existence as androids, they reside in a medium far more overarching. The Edens Zero exist as a system which both Hermit and Sister are connected to. Hermit has already confirmed that she relies on the Edens Zero’s processing power and network which should also apply to Sister. Killer has transformed himself into a structural virus affecting code that is slowly corrupting Hermit but as is with computers, the data affecting the system can be quarantined. Could the Edens Zero contain an anti-virus of sorts able to detach the virus Killer exist as and limit its reach? I expect so. The Edens Zero should be able to scan systems and quarantine unwanted code and corrupted data. It should also be able to reboot its systems and start up n safe mode which Hermit would also be connected to. Any additional unwanted data added to the system could be deleted. If the Edens Zero is anything like the Edens One which is currently engaged in locating Mother, the Edens Zero should have the processing power and capacity to handle foreign viruses within the ships system especially if Hermit introduced specific software within its operating system.

Sister may have been mauled by Clown’s nightmare beast but I don’t expect her to be completely down. Clown engaging in a fight against Sister within the Edens Bath was done for a reason which has not been explained yet. And the only way such an intentional decision would reach an answer is if Clown is forced to express it. This is where Sister comes in, her continued defense against Clown will help the audience understand why Clown chose the bath and corrupted it with darkness.

Edens Zero Chapter 196 - Homura is overwhelmed by Brigandine

Code 3173 is finally getting further focus. After Witch mentioned the Code 3173 door could only be opened once all four Shining Stars gathered, I wondered what could be beyond the door. Valkyrie died which added more mystery and wonder toward the statement Witch made earlier. Were all of the specific four Shining Star required or could replacements suffice? If not, how does Clown intend to open the door? Were the requirements Witch mentioned more a personal preference rather than an actual requirement for entry to be granted? Or does all the Four Shining Stars ceasing to operate unlock the Code 3173 door. Whatever the case, it is now clear why Ziggy decided to lure the Edens Zero to Lendard. Along with stopping Shiki, Ziggy also intended to acquire the contents behind the Code 3173 doors. Does the fact that the Edens Zero holds whatever is behind the Code 3173 door mean that it is a superior ship to the Edens One? And within that breath, will awakening whatever is behind that door (Etherion) allow for the Edens Zero to assist Hermit and Sister on an even great level? Somehow I feel the prototype of the Shining Stars is behind that door. Rather just a power or a program, a physical android could reside behind those doors.

The Dark Stars are encroaching within a massive misstep by interpreting the Shining Stars within the context of a machine governed by just the logic of code. Can the current Dark Stars truly conceive the frame of processing the Shining Stars operate within? If human elements are generalised within the databases of the Dark Stars, the biggest weakness is their underestimation of the “human” element. Take Homura for example, does any reader seriously consider she is dead or out for the count for good? Hell no. She may have been overpowered and is currently either unconscious or in a state of intense focus but she will return to her feet. And when she does…her blade will hunger.

Edens Zero Chapter 196 - Shiki saves Rebecca from the being consumed by the void

The unrevealing of the Subdimension programs pretty much confirms the end of Killer’s android body but it was fascinating to see how the realm was broken down with Rebecca existing in a space between both the Subdimension program and the Nightmare fog. Where was the space sucking Rebecca into? Was it just a void? A dead space of silence? Shiki attracted Rebecca back out who regained consciousness within Shiki’s embrace. The connection these two share is immense. If they actually fight together seriously, what would they be capable of? Attracting the Chronophage? Would make for an interesting development for Rebecca and Shiki to attract the Chronophage together if the original plan fails. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 7.5/10

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