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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 111 - Selene constructs a plan to defeat Dogramag

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 111 – Selene’s Gambit

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 111 - Selene constructs a plan to defeat Dogramag

It has begun, the shift of Selene from antagonist toward a role akin to antihero. It was always apparent from the start that despite Selene’s categorization, she never served a traditional antagonistic role but was more an entity concerned with their own self-interest and enjoyment. Yet now we have an official path forward for Selene toward representing a player within the Fairy Tail universe that embodies an independent force beyond protagonist and antagonist. Unlike Fairy Tail, Selene understands the resulting possibilities of Ignia and Dogramag’s current actions and as a result of the potential consequences, she has gathered together the members of Fairy Tail within the Labyrinth to pry open a path forward for Natsu and Suzaku to defeat Dogramag.

As suspected, before being able to defeat Dogramag, Natsu and Suzaku will first need to learn to be able to destroy the Labyrinth walls that they couldn’t before. But unlike before when they weren’t aware if the Labyrinth could be damaged or destroyed, they are now aware that it is possible thanks to Ignia effortlessly melting the Labyrinth walls. Natsu now knows that Fire Magic CAN destroy the Labyrinth walls. The only issue is with the power behind Natsu’s attacks. This knowledge will be the nail in Dogramag’s defeat but before the nail can seal that coffin, Natsu first needs to find an opportunity to launch an attack on Dogramag that will be effective. This is where the rest of the Fairy Tail team and Selene come in as they will be working toward weakening Dogramag. Natsu is clearly not as powerful as Ignia by himself but with Dogramag weakened, Natsu will have sufficient fire power to effect Dogramag especially if Suzaku chips away at the point Natsu targets beforehand.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 111 - Dogramag unleashes

I loved Dogramag absolutely overpowering Natsu and Suzaku, he is a Dragon God and should feel like one. Dragons throughout Fairy Tail have gotten the short stick of the focus as by the time Fairy Tail began, Dragons were practically extinct and as such had minimal focus outside Acnologia and flashbacks. With the introduction of the Dragon Gods, the focus has rightly shifted back to the Dragons and with Dogramag a part of that group, he should feel like one of the strongest Dragons seen in the series. Dogramag’s sheer size convey a massive wall and like the solid structure of one, his ability to tank Natsu and Suzaku’s attacks were delicious. Inevitably, Dogramag will fall but I will enjoy these moments of tensity and attention. What will be curious is if Dogramag’s intelligence will come into play during the future events when he is defeated. The effects of Elefseria’s heart have been impressed onto Dogramag and the existence of the Labyrinth is in place for a reason.

Erza agreeing to work with Selene was both surprising and exciting. Not long ago, Erza was ready to unleash onto Selene but I suppose the positioning of danger does matter when it comes to an individual who would face the entire world if it meant it threatened her family, which at this point Selene isn’t. I hope a fruitful alliance blooms from this cooperation that could in the future see the return of Dragons into the world. Erza is effectively half-dragon and potentially the most recent Dragon child born. Selene, has allied with the side of humans but rather than exist as anti-Dragon, she is more embracing the change of times and moving away from the era where Dragons saw themselves as superior and everything else as inferior. Deep down, if there was a way for Dragons and Humans to coexist, Selene may even champion that stance. At the very least, in the present moment Selene is working alongside Humans, Dragon Slayers, Exceed, Spirits (Virgo and Lucy’s other Celestial Spirits) and a fellow Dragon (Erza).

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 111 - Selene request the assistance of Fairy Tail in helping save the world

I was waiting to see how impacting the orb/core Gajeel acquired earlier in the arc would be and what an interesting development to tie its functionality within the total power Dogramag wields. I suspected the cores would weaken Dogramag but I did not expect there to be that many and a device used to highlight the entire cast of Fairy Tail present in the Labyrinth. Together, they will all contribute to Dogramag’s eventual defeat. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

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