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Summer Time Rendering Episode 3 - Ushio appears

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Summer Time Rendering – Episode 3-4

Summer Time Rendering Episode 3 - Ushio appears

If I were to use a phrase to describe the journey of Summer Time Rendering from the perspective of the main character it would be “forget what you see, remember what you forgot”. On first reading it appears the two parts of that statement threads over the same meaning but within that circular logic there is very much a varying impression of subtlety and depth. Reflecting it against the context of Summer Time Rendering, it speaks towards the growing need for Shinpei to distrust the reality before him (which he sees) and attach more emphasis on the memories he possesses of his “past” and the interactions with a certain dear individual (what he remembers through each “progression”). When the danger of doubt exist within the shadows of trust, it becomes necessary to embrace the unconventional suspicion of apprehension.

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