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One Piece Chapter 1053 - Ryokugyu arrives in Wano

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One Piece Chapter 1053 – Ryokugyu Enters

One Piece Chapter 1053 - Ryokugyu arrives in Wano

Ryokugyu arrives and his first stop is the Prison Mines holding the captured Beast Pirates. In order to vent and likely silence Queen and King for the scientific and historic knowledge they possess, he took out all the Beast Pirates present there absorbing their life force in the process. It is unclear if the Beast Pirates were all killed by Ryokugyu but he does seem like a guy who doesn’t understand mercy. On top of being able to absorb others life force, Ryokugyu is also able to instill within other forms life. As he walks across the barren lands of Wano, life flourishes and springs to forth. It’s a curious power that gift life but within the hands of Ryokugyu, it serves a very foreboding darkness. One that has targeted Luffy.

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