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Edens Zero Chapter 195 - Hermit takes on Killer

Edens Zero Chapter 195 – Hermit VS Killer: TrapScript

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Edens Zero Chapter 195 - Hermit takes on Killer

As is with code, when you know the issue you are dealing with, one can construct within the functionality of its operations, an encapsulating narrative to account for those variables otherwise confusion and the timely task of debugging become the process overwhelming the task. Expanding that logic into the context of Hermit battling Killer, the ambiguity represented in Killer’s programing came to embody a value outside the scope of the Edens Zero’s usual processing. If not for the data derived from Weisz’s efforts, the modus operandi Killer pursued would not have been identified by Hermit to factor into the functionality of her counterattack.

A fictitious battle was carried out within the parameters of the respective programs with the victor defined by the system incorporating the most relevant data. Within their giga 5D chess battle, Killer was running an out of date mod when compared to Hermit. As such, Killer had no idea he was being hoodwinked until the climatic moment when his guard was down in the face of his perceived victory. Hermit exploited his delusion to craft a script that entrapped Killer’s focus within his own conceit. For a machine that looks down on humans for succumbing to their emotions, Killer too was prey to his own ego.

Edens Zero Chapter 195 - Hermit evades the missles Killer fired

In regards to Hermit’s Overdrive form, it was unquestionably badass and beautifully illustrated (as was the rest of the chapter). Though the scenes in play may have been scripted, the overall implications of Hermit’s capabilities suggest that if Killer and her were to engage in combat without the psychological traps, Hermit would be the overwhelming winner. I suspect the next time we witness Hermit’s Overdrive, the form itself will have advanced further. With more data, training and processing, additional enhancements are possible. Additionally, I loved how this battle substantiated the focus Weisz received when facing Killer. More than an appetizer, Weisz’s battle against Killer served as the foundation for which Hermit’s counterattack was built on. Without Weisz’s efforts, Killer may not have been defeatable.

Clown intentionally choosing the Edens Zero bath as the battlefield for his fight against Sister is incredibly peculiar. The Dark Stars likely know about the structure of the Edens Zero from having lived aboard the Edens One. Out of all the rooms Clown could have chosen, he settled for the bath where Ether flows. Was Clown’s plan always to corrupt the embodiment of life i.e. water, into a poison of death? He does know that Sister can heal and dispel status effects like poison, right? Will poisoning the Ether-rich water make it harder for Sister to deal with? Most likely. Clown is aware of Sister’s strength and probably intends to overwhelm her with the potency of his poison. With the bath now an environment of poison, Sister has to both focus on dispelling the poison afflicting her constantly and searching for openings to attack Clown. That spread of focus is likely what Clown seeks to use to create an opening to defeat Sister.

Edens Zero Chapter 195 - Clown chooses the Edens bath as the battlefield for the fight against Sister

How can Sister defeat Clown then? She could change the battlefield but she is too proud to give Clown that small victory, so I doubt Sister not engaging Clown within the Edens bath. If Sister can overwhelm Clown with her restorative powers to the point that it becomes poisonous to Clown, she could set-up her victory that way. Clown’s full potential hasn’t been displayed yet but based on Clown being designed to be a counter to Sister, we can expect his abilities to be extra effective against her unless of course Sister anticipated such a tactic and made adjusts to herself, the bath or both. The Edens bath is used as a training ground, so there could be functionalities present in the room that could assist Sister reduce the effects of the poison such as draining the water or introducing fresh Ether-imbued water to dilute the toxins. I am also curious to see if Sister’s Dispel Driver can be used to cleanse the Edens bath. It worked on Guilst to dispel petrification which leads me believe that it could work against other negative afflictions such as poison. It would be killer badass if Sister just tanked the poison from Clown because she has trained herself to be immune to certain toxins. However the fight pans out, I look forward to seeing Sister introduce Clown to a real living nightmare. And I am utterly in love with Sister’s crudeness and vulgarity. I have mentioned this before but Sister reminds me so much of Sister Eda from Black Lagoon whom I am a massive fan of. Black Lagoon as a seinen manga is more rated than Edens Zero though but for a shonen, Sister is taken quite far into the realms of indecency (in all the good ways).

Weisz being mobile was surprising. Did Killer just leave him there in the subdimension during their last encounter? I would have expected Killer to have killed Weisz or at least chained him or bound him. Did Killer not think much of Weisz because he knows how to easily manipulate Weisz? Could this be where Weisz’s mother comes in? If Killer does have the real body of Weisz’s mother, he would have the leverage required to defeat Weisz again which could explain why in Killer’s mind, he felt no reason to kill Weisz after his initial victory. What Killer fails to anticipate though is Weisz’s ability to remodel the whole subdimension. I have been looking forward to this moment since the possibility entered my mind when Weisz first entered the subdimension. It is going to be wild. Not only is Killer being overwhelmed by Hermit but his subdimension will be shattered by a human he taunted and looked down on as weak. Very much looking forward to the next chapter. As for the cover page in this chapter, Holy was absolutely mesmerizing. HOLY SHEESH!!

Enjoyment level: 9/10

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 195 – Hermit VS Killer: TrapScript

  1. “Sister is taken quite far into the realms of indecency” lol, that was a good one.

    Now I can’t unsee Sister Eda 💀. I too love Sister’s indecency and vulgarity. Sells the character. I wonder in what businesses were she and Clown involved with as humans…

    Last week we got Sister, this week Holy. Wouldn’t be bad to get a Homura next week, lol

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