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Edens Zero Chapter 194 - Hermit activates her Overdrive

Edens Zero Chapter 194 – Hermit VS Killer: Overdrive


Edens Zero Chapter 194 - Hermit activates her Overdrive

Hermit’s measured reaction to Killer’s unhinged madness was intensely phenomenal. While Killer manically boast over accessing Overdrive, Hermit is just there observing his ignorance before unleashing her own ascension into Overdrive. The climatic reveal with Hermit looking down on Killer in her empowered form before responding to Killer’s silenced state with “so was I” was exceptionally glorious. I love it. What a badass, Hermit. Her Overdrive form looks incredible. That almost smug expression (in the best kind of ways) on Hermit’s face while awakening her Overdrive and staring at Killer told everyone enough to know how she triumphed over Killer in that pre-psychological battle taking place. Killer getting a taste of his own taunts was surprisingly satisfying.

After the clarification on Ether’s association to the cosmos, it makes perfect sense for androids to also achieve Overdrive. Rather than an end point reached for Ether, I initially assumed Overdrive was a reaction (not “the” reaction) within the flow of Ether. A reaction that behaved differently across different life forms. In actuality, Overdrive is the point reached when Ether goes critical and this state applies to all subjects of Ether which is everything in the universe. More than providing power to ones abilities, Overdrive liberates any form of natural restraint on the Ether flowing throughout the body. And without the limit in place, Ether filtered through the body can flow unhindered. The danger of releasing the limit is expanding the Ether reaction too far into the critical point that it explodes and destroys the container i.e. the body.

What seems curious about Ether during the discussion Killer and Hermit had during Killer’s flashback concerning the life lived before becoming an android is how Overdrive is handled. It posed a very logical theory, one which I believe Killer is correct in forming. It explains certain phenomena and potentially clarifies several uncertainties.

>>Ether Association And The Chronophage

Edens Zero Chapter 194 - Killer and Clown sneak aboard the Edens Zero

Hermit calculated that the Chronophage would pass nearby Lendard and not into it. The process Hermit used to reach such a deduction is unclear but unlike comets, meteoroids and asteroids whom have paths that they travel which can be calculated, the Chronophage is a living being. It is not beholden to a specific path. Potentially, when it reaches the Kaede Cosmos, it could deviate from its original path and head toward Lendard once it has a better idea of the specific location and state of the planet. The Chronophage chose to head to the Kaede Cosmos for a reason and it isn’t to take a well deserved vacation at Ryuuzetsu Land on planet Dahlia. It is possible that the Chronophage didn’t travel to the Kaede Cosmos to consume any planet’s time but to observe the state of the planets. This could be where Rebecca/Pino comes in – to incentivise the Chronophage to consume Lendard’s Ether currently in imbalance and reaching a critical point.

I find it very curious that Clown is the final Dark Star yet to have memories of himself explored – why? Initially I thought Wizard was the strongest of the Dark Stars considering his association with Witch but it appears the most dangerous member of the Dark Stars is Clown. While Wizard may be the official leader (decides when the group can Overclock/Overdrive), it is Clown who operates as the most antagonistic. I look forward to seeing his past and relation to Sister revealed. How will Mashima-sensei go about humanising Clown who appears to be an avatar of nightmares?

Turning to Sister, she stopped Mosco once again from pressing his stomach button. Ah, I am even more curious to know what that button does when it is pushed. It must be something incredibly intense, right? Or is that button just a tease and actually does nothing? I wonder, I wonder. Whatever it ends up being, I am so overwhelmingly happy that Sister and Hermit are able to get battle focus. I argued earlier at length in a previous chapter post that the Dark Stars were opponents meant for the Shining Stars to defeat and with such a reality manifesting into actuality, I can’t help but be immensely excited. Ikuzo!!

Edens Zero Chapter 194 - Hermit and Sister face off against Killer and Clown

Great to see the rest of the Oración Seis Interstellar arrive in the space around Lendard to join the war. I suspect Holy also informed them about the incoming Chronophage so that they are aware of the plan and the time sensitive nature of this battle. Also, it just came to my realisation that the carrier ship names of the Oración Seis Interstellar members are all named after Oración Seis members from Fairy Tail (Midnight, Feather, Hot Eye, Racer and Brain). I did not pick up on this earlier when the ship names were listed individually. I wonder if Jaguar’s ship name was Cobra.

In regards to Justice, I’m surprised he was so surprised about the state he left Elsie in. Surely he would have known that she is practically in her underwear? Considering he didn’t, this speaks to the levels of stress he is under. I wonder what is going through his head. He hasn’t been the most logical and stable mind in the past, so I wonder how long it will be until he regresses? Or has he truly matured over the past three years? Hopefully. With the incoming battle against Acnoella, he needs as clear mind as possible. Elsie may have been injured but she still looks to be in a state where she can fight – she is a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica after all. Once she escapes her binding, a potential Elsie and Justice VS Acnoella battle may be on the horizon.

Edens Zero Chapter 194 - Elsie trying to understand Justice's actions

Shiki’s accumulation of knowledge pertaining to the Dark and Shining Stars lives before becoming androids will set the foundation for the inevitable conflict he will have with Ziggy. Shiki, more than wanting to defeat Ziggy, will likely initially be more concerned with getting answers from him. Why did Ziggy do what he did and what is the story surrounding the Shining and Dark Stars? Did base Ziggy encounter them during his travels and save them? If tragedy met them on a certain planet, could base Ziggy have backed up their data and revived the Shining Stars into androids? If Ziggy has backed up data of humans who have died in the past, how many does he have stored? Why did base Ziggy erase the Shining Stars memories and not make them aware of the life they lived before becoming androids? Revelations will take place when Shiki encounters Ziggy. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

3 thoughts on “Edens Zero Chapter 194 – Hermit VS Killer: Overdrive

  1. Hermit was a full-on badass here! That’s one way to overdrive, lol. Beating killer in his own mind games was priceless – she even got the better with programing, hehe.

    On another note, did you check the cover for vol21? Acnoella’s colour scheme awfully resembles Mother…

    • I did note the snippet of the volume 21 cover you shared in your chapter review. There definitely is a resemblance and familiarity to Mother. Considering both utilise Dragons across the Universe and both take on the roles of God and mother, the similarity the two share could be very intentional by Mashima-sensei.

      Dragons have taken a very passive role in the conflict between humans and machines until this battle, so there is room to read into Acnoella’s purpose beyond what she has told Ziggy. God Acnoella’s colour scheme completely lends credence to the belief I found myself pursuing in earlier chapters that Acnoella could be operating as an agent of Mother. An agent that may have been activated to indirectly help Shiki. The details of Acnoella’s intentions may come to light during the fight she has with Justice and Elsie. Both Justice and Elsie are directly connected to Lendard with the history and memories they share. If Acnoella has the intention to save the planet, she can filter possible options through Elsie and Justice. Within the narrative of saving Lendard, Elsie and Justice may come to mend the rift dismantling their once close relationship.

      On the other hand, Acnoella may have once been connected to Mother but separated from her system once being corrupted by some virus or phenomenon.

      • That’s actually a good idea. Compared to Crow and Ziggy, she’s been acting with relative passiveness in this confront and we don’t know much about her true intentions to take part in this war. I can see her acting as an agent of Mother 100%.

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