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One Piece Episode 1006 - Yamato fights on the side of the Samurai rebellion

[Analysis] One Piece – How Yamato Ties Into The Future Of One Piece

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One Piece Episode 1006 - Yamato fights on the side of the Samurai rebellion

The brilliant thing with how Oda-sensei scripted Yamato is that no new arc needs to be incorporated within the manga to develop and push forward their story. Every single major story thread that the readers expect to feature within the future of One Piece has been made so Yamato heavily ties into it. When you think about it, the extent to how Yamato has been crafted to seamlessly fit into the future story of One Piece, you can’t help but wonder what Oda-sensei’s intentions for Yamato truly are. So much effort and care has been taken to establish a character that would have no problem existing within the future story alongside Luffy.

Unnamed Island Ace and Whitebeard are buried on:

The Island where Ace’s grave is located is an inevitable destination for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates once Kaido is defeated and Wano is liberated. Luffy will share a cup of sake with Ace and Yamato will join him. Oda-sensei established the necessity for also having Yamato visit the grave through flashbacks and the title of chapter 999 – “The Sake I Brewed to Drink With You”. Additional memories of Ace and how Yamato reacted when he found out Ace died can also feature within this moment further substantiating Yamato’s emotional bond with Ace and Luffy (and indirectly Sabo).

  • One Piece Chapter 999 - Yamato and Ace - The Sake I Brewed To Drink With You
  • One Piece chapter 1000 - Yamato gives Ace a vivre card and expresses their interest to meet again one day
  • One Piece chapter 1000 - Yamato learns of Luffy's infamy as a pirate from the newspaper
  • One Piece chapter 668 - Ace and Whitebeard's graves


Vegapunk and the research he has been conducting is a major plot point within the story, one which defines the current power the Marines wield. Yamato is the child of the “creature” the World Government has conducted significant research on who even has an Artificial Devil Fruit created from his DNA by Vegapunk. Kaido was caught several by the Marines and imprisoned and likely during each capture, further research was done. When Kaido met King and broke out from Punk Hazard, Vegapunk was not working in the facility yet as he had not joined the Marines at that time. Only during a subsequent capture at a later time would Vegapunk have the opportunity to begin researching Kaido’s DNA. I was on the mark about Kaido and King being prisoners of Punk Hazard in the past (Kaido was likely betrayed by Rocks on God Valley) and I am also confident in my suspicion that that beyond the Artificial Devil Fruit, further research and experiments were done using Kaido’s DNA – The Blood of Oni theory. Yamato has the same blood as Kaido and will have direct relevance to any research the World Government/Marines conducted on Kaido which I suspect is a lot. I believe Kaido was a massive part of Vegapunk’s research.

>>Kaido: The Blood Of Oni

During the arc dealing with Vegapunk and the Marines research, Yamato may come to find out more about his Oni ancestry and why the Oni loath humans (going by Kaido’s attitude and feelings). Reconciling the Oni past and his current feelings could be where the Straw Hat Pirates come in.

  • One Piece Chapter 1025 - Kaido tries to mentally trap Yamato
  • One Piece Chapter 1025 - The Blood of Oni

Elbaf and Giants:

Yamato is an Oni, a race that seemingly is related to the Ancient Giants which Oars and Oars Jr. are a part of. The Oni race could be a variant of the Ancient Giants but more likely than not there is a intimate connection between the two races. The history of the Ancient Giants and the Oni could be explored when Elbaf comes into focus and the story of Giants take center stage. We know that there are other Giants beyond Elbaf ones so they too could feature within this coming arc. Hajrudin and his crew could potentially regroup with Luffy and become a focus within the arc centered around Giants. Hajrudin’s dream isn’t to become King of Elbaf but to become King of ALL Giants, so for Harjudin’s story arc to develop toward such an end, an overarching narrative of ALL Giants will need to take place. Jaguar D. Saul also belonged to a different Giant race and considering his importance as a member of the D and Robin’s savior, Oda-sensei may choose to also feature the Giant clan Saul belonged to. With this Giant story Arc, I also suspect Urouge to feature heavily (Bonney will likely be focused on in the Vegapunk arc that delves into Kuma’s story). The Giant story may not just be limited to Elbaf, it could also incorporate the massive tree existing on Elbaf that extends into the sky and to the Sky Islands. Oda-sensei has hinted at Oni looking Giants existing on Sky Island before, so it wouldn’t be surprising for more Giants or a Giant Clan to be living on a Sky Island. An arc that also includes Sky Islands would be great for Urouge to feature in to help have his story expanded on.

It is curious that Oda-sensei did not have Oden travel to Elbaf. I suspect is it because this Island contains information on the Ancients Giants and Oni and rather than Yamato learn about the history of Oni from a book, Oda-sensei is choosing to have Yamato learn about it firsthand by traveling there. The moments Yamato had to talk with Kaido did little to shed light on the mystery of the Oni, their origins and why a divide exist between them and humans as per Kaido’s actions and words. It there was a possible place more of the lore behind the Oni could be explored, it could in the Elbaf or Vegapunk arcs.

  • One Piece chapter 1024 - Yamato acknowledgement of who they wish to be
  • One Piece Chapter 1024 - Yamato questions Kaido why he steals others freedom away
  • One Piece Chapter 987 - Kaido does not see any honor among Pirates
  • One Piece Chapter 957 - Sengoku summarizes the events on God Valley

God Valley:

God Valley is where the Rocks Pirates were defeated and where Kaido’s life as the man he currently is began (the embodiment of destruction). In order to understand his own place in the world (as an Oni), it would benefit Yamato and his story to understand the story of his father and what happened during the God Valley incident. Oda-sensei is saving the details of this event for a future moment.

One Piece Chapter 1049 - Kaido joins the Rocks Pirates

Laugh Tale:

Yamato has treated Oden’s journal as his bible. The information Oden left out about Laugh Tale would be something Yamato, who also possesses a heart of romance, would be dying to learn. Intimately connected to Laugh Tale is also Joy Boy whom Yamato knows is Luffy and wishes to assist going forward (expressly mentions this to Kaido).


Yamato has inherited Oden’s will. Shanks will obviously be interested in Yamato.


There is an apparent connection between Teach and Rocks, whom Kaido used to follow and admire. Depending on what happened between Rocks and Kaido on Gods Valley, there could be a story to tell about Yamato learning more about his father and the past he lived. Yamato may begin to understand why his father chose the path he did. Also, Teach is the one who fought Ace and gifted him to the Marines which ultimately led to Ace’s execution.

Next Generation:

Oda-sensei has also attached Yamato to the New/Next Generation that will define the coming era. Yamato had expressed his interest in the Next Generation of Pirates when he encountered Ace and throughout the Onigashima story, he has been aligned with the Next Generation. Yamato views Ace as the start of this Generation and going by what he has stated throughout the arc, he intends to help them define the coming era.

  • One Piece chapter 999 - Yamato talking about Luffy to Momonosuke
  • One Piece chapter 999 - Yamato's interest in the Will of D
  • One Piece chapter 1016 - Yamato taken on Kaido until Luffy returns to finish Kaido
  • One Piece Chapter 1027 - Yamato aware that the problem at hand is for Momonosuke and him to deal with
  • One Piece Chapter 1041 - Yamato gets confirmation that Momonosuke is the one destined to guide the world to the Dawn
  • One Piece Chapter 1044 - Yamato gets confirmation that Luffy is Joy Boy
  • One Piece Chapter 1044 - Luffy awakens as the Warrior of Light

Beyond Laugh Tale:

This is what Yamato is currently fighting for. To help Luffy/Joy Boy achieve what Oden and Roger could not.

Even when the Straw Hat Pirates revisit Fish-Man Island, Yamato could hold significant relevance. Yamato and Fish-Man Island.

There is a reason Oda-sensei incorporated Yamato into the group of characters who know what Luffy’s dream beyond becoming Pirate King is. The same dream Roger expressed to Oden and Whitebeard decades earlier. The dream that stunned Oden and left him speechless. The dream that convinced Oden, without him knowing Roger, to want to join him on his journey. Fate beckoned Oden and he answered. The same force of fate is beckoning Yamato to join Luffy. In Yamato’s mind, just as Oden needed to go with Roger, he NEEDS to sail the Grand Line with Luffy.

Similar to how Oden learned about the Kozuki history through his journey, Yamato will learn about his family history through his journey (possibly when the Giant and Vegapunk Arcs are dealt with). Yamato’s story has been set-up by Oda-sensei to extend beyond Wano. Yamato is unique in how relevant and how much potential they have to develop going forward. And the beauty of it is that no new arc needs to be featured to achieve such an end. All of Yamato’s story can take place within arcs that are already guaranteed to feature. If there was a future Straw Hat Pirate that would be introduced at this late stage in the story that didn’t further bloat the manga, it would be in the manner Oda-sensei has crafted Yamato in. I look forward to seeing Oda-sensei develops Yamato further as part of the Straw Hat Pirates.

>>Yamato: The Bonds Of Sea And Adventure (Nakama Theory)

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