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One Piece Chapter 1051 - Momonosuke becomes Wano's Shogun

One Piece Chapter 1051 – Wano’s Shogun: Kozuki Momonosuke

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One Piece Chapter 1051 - Momonosuke becomes Wano's Shogun

The land of Wano crushed under hatred and destroyed by animosity held unjustly toward the people left the hearts of all suffocating in misery for twenty years. Each dawn that arose reminded the people of the hell they resided in and of the inescapable reality governing all aspects of their lives. Freedom became a dream, a visage that would disappear and be forgotten with the rising of the sun and the opening of their eyes. Hope diminished and cries for salvation softened until nothing but silence could be heard. Yet, within that suffering, a flicker of hope endured. The last remnant of perseverance driving the nation forward through the endless torment breaking their hearts, minds, bodies and spirits down piece by piece day by day. The prophecy of Toki echoed throughout Wano and became the silent prayer the people would whisper earnestly to themselves. It became the hope that held the nation together. Twenty years later, as Toki promised, the Akazaya Samurai returned to liberate Wano and ensure the Dawn greeting the day was the signal for the end of the long night that began when Oden died. And the one ushering in the new age for Wano is none other than the son of Toki and Oden, a boy that sailed aboard Whitebeard, Roger and Luffy’s ship, a boy who became a man whose name means “invincible”, the heir of the Kozuki line and the true Shogunate of Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke.

I couldn’t help but tear up at the conclusion of this long night Wano has been entrapped within. The story began during the Punk Hazard Arc when Kin’emon and Momonosuke were introduced. It slowly continued through the Dressrosa Arc where hints were dropped infrequently until revealing its foundation within the Zou Arc. The Whole Cake Island Arc set the stage for what to expect from a Yonko crew with new allies being made and losses suffered. Once Wano Kuni became the focus, the state of the nation was revealed with the darkness consuming it explored. Kaido and Orochi destroyed Wano and chained it under their monstrous desires. The spirit of Wano had to be rekindled and the path forward had to be paved by sacrifices, losses and suffering. The raid commenced and throughout the war, the belief in tomorrow within each Rebellion member became the fuel sustaining their fire. The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance conceived on Zou grew into an army during the course of the conflict. And as they faced off against the forces of the Beast Pirates, Orochi, Big Mom and the World Government, the chains binding Wano slowly cracked until they were shattered with Luffy’s fist coming down from the heavens and striking Kaido down into the depths of hell causing the volcanic eruption that signaled the end of the war. Momonosuke in turn, declared in front of the entire Wano populace his ascension to the Shogunate and the end of the long night tormenting Wano. He promised that as their leader, he will turn the desolate and ruined land of Wano into a paradise on Earth. After such a weighted story, the inspired conclusion reached is nothing short of jubilant. On a side note, adult Momonosuke kind of visually reminds me of Ace.

One Piece Chapter 1051 - Momonosuke declares an end to the long dark night

Tama’s story of suffering under Orochi’s rule and hoping for the return of the Kozuki provided intimate context to the conclusion of the long night that enhanced the catharsis achieved. At a young age (under 5), Tama lost her parents and had to suffer within the hell of a ruined Wano with only Komachiyo as her support. If not for her meeting with Hitetsu, she may not have survived until today. Hitetsu, before becoming Tama’s carer, bought a Kasa from her and inspired her with the prophecy Toki left behind. Tama was able to bear the pain and suffering crushing her thanks to that hope. And as if releasing all that contained pressure built up over the years, Tama reacted with overflowing tears in response to Momonosuke declaration of the end to Wano’s suffering. The fantasy of the dream each Wano resident held manifesting into reality brought them all to tears.

Woven intimately within Wano and Oden’s story is Yamato. On the day Oden died, Yamato chose to carry on Oden’s will. Not only did Yamato take on Oden’s dream of wanting to see Wano liberated but he also took on the name “Kozuki Oden” as a mantle. He believed so strongly in Oden that his father imprisoned him on Onigashima for twenty years and psychologically corned Yamato into despair by killing every single person who grew close to him. Yamato was physically, mentally and emotionally tormented by Kaido yet throughout all that suffering he still maintained his conviction and believed in the day Oden wrote about where powerful Pirates leading the Next Generation would appear within the New World and challenge Kaido. Yamato waited for this day and fought for it. Continually resisting Kaido and challenging him. Yamato’s meeting with Ace made Yamato aware of the next generation of Pirates and even Luffy’s existence and dream. It was not until Ace’s death that Yamato came to realise who Luffy truly was. Before anyone else in the One Piece world, Yamato came to recognise that Luffy is Joy Boy. When Shanks gave Luffy his Straw Hat, he had a feeling but not a certainty. Yamato’s 3D2Y moment was reaching the realisation that Luffy IS Joy Boy. From that day forward, Luffy became Yamato’s driving force and primary purpose. To meet Luffy. To help Luffy. And to journey with Luffy aboard his ship. The path forward for Yamato came to be defined on the day he found out Ace had died.

One Piece Chapter 1051 - Yamato request to join the Straw Hat Pirates

I loved how upfront Yamato was with the Straw Hat Pirates when declaring that he will join them on their ship. The resulting reactions by the Straw Hat Pirates was so on point. Robin’s amused reaction must remind her of herself when she also appeared in front of the Straw Hat Pirates out of no where and declared that she is part of the crew. If anything, Robin understands where Yamato is coming from after meeting Luffy. Jinbe as expected threaded the practical and cautious line, though his latter comment concerning Yamato suggest an openness he has toward Yamato. Once Jinbe learns more about Yamato’s story (imprisoned for 20 years on Onigashima) and the discrimination Oni suffered in the eyes and at the hands of humans, he will be more sympathetic and intimate with Yamato. All that is left is for Luffy to make his decision. When Yamato first made the “request” to Luffy, it wasn’t rejected but glazed over by discussion on Oden. Now that Luffy has gotten to know Yamato and is aware of how Yamato assisted the Samurai in their battle, he has even less reason to want to reject Yamato. All signs point to Luffy accepting Yamato’s request (Luffy is not the type of person who rejects others). Very much looking forward to the next chapter and Yamato’s eventual recruitment into the Straw Hat Pirates.

Enjoyment level: 9.5/10

One thought on “One Piece Chapter 1051 – Wano’s Shogun: Kozuki Momonosuke

  1. This was indeed a very emotional chapter in many different aspects. Yamato’s self-introduction to the crew was priceless… we totally need him as part of the crew, lol.

    (And yeah, now that you mention Momonosuke kinda resembles Ace now. Especially when compared to the more recent chapters he was featured in).

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