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One Piece Chapter 1051 - Momonosuke becomes Wano's Shogun

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One Piece Chapter 1051 – Wano’s Shogun: Kozuki Momonosuke

One Piece Chapter 1051 - Momonosuke becomes Wano's Shogun

The land of Wano crushed under hatred and destroyed by animosity held unjustly toward the people left the hearts of all suffocating in misery for twenty years. Each dawn that arose reminded the people of the hell they resided in and of the inescapable reality governing all aspects of their lives. Freedom became a dream, a visage that would disappear and be forgotten with the rising of the sun and the opening of their eyes. Hope diminished and cries for salvation softened until nothing but silence could be heard. Yet, within that suffering, a flicker of hope endured. The last remnant of perseverance driving the nation forward through the endless torment breaking their hearts, minds, bodies and spirits down piece by piece day by day. The prophecy of Toki echoed throughout Wano and became the silent prayer the people would whisper earnestly to themselves. It became the hope that held the nation together. Twenty years later, as Toki promised, the Akazaya Samurai returned to liberate Wano and ensure the Dawn greeting the day was the signal for the end of the long night that began when Oden died. And the one ushering in the new age for Wano is none other than the son of Toki and Oden, a boy that sailed aboard Whitebeard, Roger and Luffy’s ship, a boy who became a man whose name means “invincible”, the heir of the Kozuki line and the true Shogunate of Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke.

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