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Edens Zero Chapter 192 - Weisz's mother is reintroduced

Edens Zero Chapter 192 – Weisz VS Killer: Love And Trauma


Edens Zero Chapter 192 - Weisz's mother is reintroduced

The pain of losing a loved one is an incomparable experience forever etched in the minds and hearts of those left in the wake of the tragedy. For those that remain, the life characterised by the people lost suddenly exist as an unfamiliar frame within which echoes of grief reside. Grief in the form of numbness that embodies the void left when those cherished within your life are gone. With time, the setting of your heart readjusts as you come to accept the pain and embrace the desire to move forward into a world where your loved one whom has passed no more exist.

Such is the case with Weisz, who had his mother stolen from him by the inhuman schemes of Drakken. He accepted the death of his mother and came to acknowledge the grief overwhelming his heart when faced with the man who killed her. But now, within the Subdimension Program Killer has entrapped him within, he finds out that his mother may not have died. The world within his heart that had readjusted to move forward within a reality that didn’t have his mother now tears itself open to reveal the scenery that existed when his mother was a part of his world. Love and the trauma associated with it resurface instantaneously.

I did not expect this. Not at all. I was curious as to why Mashima-sensei had matched up the core Edens Zero team against the Dark Stars but with each passing chapter and the revelations being explored, I understand. I can see the intention and value behind the current events playing out. The battles taking place are meant to expand on the context of the characters and the story. Within the past, present and future. The theme is the past. The battleground is the present. And the reward is the future, not in the sense of time but in the context of the respective character’s path forward and paving a foundation toward a brighter tomorrow.

Edens Zero Chapter 192 - Weisz goes Overdrive against Killer

I am confident that the person Killer claims to be Weisz’s mother is indeed Weisz’s mother. Killer could be playing 5D Chess but I see no reason for him to extend himself so far when facing a human. There is a hubris enveloping Killer, who does not appear to acknowledge humans are worthy opponents. For Killer to engage in such mental martial arts with Weisz, he would first need to recognise Weisz as an enemy who deserved such efforts which, at this point in time, he does not. Rather, the goal for Killer is to bathe in the suffering and misery of Weisz. Such reactions substantiates Killer’s claims and the superiority he feels he holds over humans. Killer wants to see Weisz tear himself apart from the inside as he wrestles with the truth currently in flux. For such a scenario, I don’t doubt Killer would use a genuine truth to achieve such an end.

It also makes complete sense for Weisz’s mother to be alive once read in context of Killer’s explanation. The only family Weisz’s mother had was Weisz and he was 13 years younger than he currently is now. If the Norman Doctors were looking to use patients afflicted by Drakken’s life drain to research the illness, they would have chosen patients who didn’t have many or any family. Such cases would make it easier to explain away. A young Weisz would have been easily fooled if told by the doctors that she had died and was buried. The unseen symptoms within Weisz’s mother would have driven the research Doctors to carry out such an act in order to protect their own reputation within the Medical Association. Rather than submit a report that had no findings, explanations or possible remedies, the doctors likely sought a path forward where answers could be derived. And this likely took the form of the Norman Doctors switching Weisz’s mother’s body out with a substitute and continuing their research on her unhindered. The four past cases the doctors discovered had similar symptoms to Weisz’s mother couldn’t be used as those patients had already died. As for how life was infused back into Weisz’s mother, I don’t doubt that was possible. I do wonder how this end came about though. There is likely a story to be told here.

Edens Zero Chapter 192 - Weisz reacts to his mother possibly being alive

The mother currently in front of Weisz is most definitely his mother from the Norma that got reverted to a 50-year-ago version by the Chronophage (effectively 13 years have passed since her “death”). Within the shadows, some of the medical staff on Norma likely engaged in the operation to figure out how people were being weakened as if their life was being drained. The doctors could have sustained Weisz’s mother’s life during the ten years until Weisz met Shiki, Rebecca, Happy and Pino. The breakthrough with Weisz’s mother could have been reached once Drakken left Norma and started expanding his operations across the whole of the Sakura Cosmos. Without anyone to drain the life of Weisz’s mother, the doctor(s) could have found a way to restore her life.

As for how Killer came to possess the capsule with Weisz’s mother, this could be explained through potential knowledge Ziggy acquired from Professor Müller and the 3 year timeskip which allowed the Edens One ample time to locate Weisz’s mother (they knew they would be fighting the Edens Zero eventually). Müller may have heard stories of research done on Norma in the past (Weisz’s mother “died” 63 years ago as at chapter 192 in relation to the history of the world) regarding enhancing human life and restoring it. Müller may have even been interested in the life drain affliction that happened. With Norma’s time being rewound, Ziggy could have seen this as an opportunity to gain leverage over Weisz. Ziggy and the Four Dark Stars studied their enemies, so it is not surprising that they know who the Edens Zero crew members are.

Weisz’s mother being alive also provides Weisz with a genuine reason to locate Mother. The reasons Weisz gave in chapter 100 for wanting to locate Mother were superficial and hollow even though I can get behind them – “tons of cash and hot babes”. By reintroducing Weisz’s mother and in a state where the possibility of reviving her exist, a fire beneath Weisz’s story can finally be ignited. If Sister, Holy or Weisz himself can’t completely save his mother, the next obvious choice will be Mother. There is also the symbolic meaning of Weisz’s mother being saved by the Mother whom she believed in and entrusted her son to. I suspect going forward, Weisz will assist his mother live in the world without the capsule which appears to be keeping her alive. Weisz may be able to awaken his mother and by using his mechanical brilliance and ingenuity, he may be able to design a suit that his mother can live using. At present, I believe the capsule is providing Weisz’s mother with the life force to survive. Once that supply is gone, she may fall victim to effects she already suffered from Drakken’s life drain. This could be where the suit or filter designed by Weisz comes in. If Killer destroys the capsule, which seems likely to happen, Weisz will need to step in and design a substitute device to provide his mother with life force. Killer may ridicule Weisz for his emotional reactions but once Weisz is able to safely remove his mother from Killer’s range, the full force of Weisz’s genius will be borne down on Killer. Shiki may even play a part in helping Killer realise that he too was human in the past.

Edens Zero Chapter 192 - Weisz attacks Killer in Overdrive form

The mechanical arms protruding from Weisz’s back in his Overdrive form is such a fantastic addition to his design. It gives him a more stylized and mechanical look. Not to mention Weisz now looks like Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man, one of the coolest characters in Spider-Man. The irony though is in the affiliations. Doctor Octopus was an antagonist who used people against Spider-Man whereas Weisz has been placed in a situation where he needs to save someone (his mother). This train fight scene from Spider-Man 2 (2004) conveys Doctor Octopus as a villain really well. Going forward, with Ether Gears being in a constant state of evolution, I will be curious to see how Mashima-sensei modifies Weisz’s Overdrive arms. Currently, the arms do appear to provide Weisz with further maneuverability and defense. They likely also further extend his reach for tech modifications. Weisz could script his arms to reactively move in relation to his opponents actions reducing processing time from having to consciously think and act. The arms at present seem to be in their base form and I can’t wait to see them evolve. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

2 thoughts on “Edens Zero Chapter 192 – Weisz VS Killer: Love And Trauma

  1. Call it a gut feeling but I still doubt this is the mother alive – even if she was indeed brought back to life, I doubt that we’d be seeing her so soon. It’s only a gut feeling, though. 99% of chances I’m wrong.

    Also I’m kinda disappointed at the crew’s performance. I know Shiki’s always been the most powerful, but none of the other main 4 being able to defeat a Dark Star while Shiki did with only 10% is off. We haven’t seen Homura’s fight yet, so hopefully…

  2. I really am looking forward to Homura’s fight. She is such a badass. I don’t feel Mashima-sensei will disappoint us.

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