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Edens Zero Chapter 192 - Weisz's mother is reintroduced


Edens Zero Chapter 192 – Weisz VS Killer: Love And Trauma

Edens Zero Chapter 192 - Weisz's mother is reintroduced

The pain of losing a loved one is an incomparable experience forever etched in the minds and hearts of those left in the wake of the tragedy. For those that remain, the life characterised by the people lost suddenly exist as an unfamiliar frame within which echoes of grief reside. Grief in the form of numbness that embodies the void left when those cherished within your life are gone. With time, the setting of your heart readjusts as you come to accept the pain and embrace the desire to move forward into a world where your loved one whom has passed no more exist.

Such is the case with Weisz, who had his mother stolen from him by the inhuman schemes of Drakken. He accepted the death of his mother and came to acknowledge the grief overwhelming his heart when faced with the man who killed her. But now, within the Subdimension Program Killer has entrapped him within, he finds out that his mother may not have died. The world within his heart that had readjusted to move forward within a reality that didn’t have his mother now tears itself open to reveal the scenery that existed when his mother was a part of his world. Love and the trauma associated with it resurface instantaneously.

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