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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 108 - Dogramag Dragon form

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 108 – Dogramag: The Labyrinth Awakens

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 108 - Dogramag Dragon form

What a fascinating twist to bring Dogramag into the focus. The uneasiness felt throughout the arc concerning the sentience surrounding the Labyrinth wasn’t just mere agitation. For the Labyrinth to exist in a living state, it quickly became apparent that Dogramag merged his spirit with the surrounding Earth that he formed into a Labyrinth. It was unclear if the life force stored in the Labyrinth possessed consciousness or whether it operated according to the parameters of Dogramag’s residual will that remained from his self prior to be defeated by Elefseria. We learn within this chapter that Dogramag still retained his consciousness when he shifted his life force within Elefseria’s heart before merging it with the surrounding Earth. I suspected as much when it was first revealed the Labyrinth was alive that Dogramag, the weakest of the Six Dragon Gods, bridged any gap in power that existed with moments of cunning. This astuteness represented itself in Dogramag’s ability to keep himself alive even after being defeated by Elefseria over a hundred years ago. What remains a mystery still is why Dogramag chose the form of a Labyrinth.

The main purpose of a Labyrinth is to entrap unwanted guest and to protect whatever resides at the end of the construct which is usually the center. Considering Elefseria’s heart was stored in the center (presumably), it appears that was the item being protected but there is definitely more behind Dogramag’s decision to create a Labyrinth that he expanded throughout the past century. Now that we have received context behind Dogramag’s situation, it follows the rationale behind his inactivity resided in both his weakened state and desire to remain hidden in order to carry out the plan Ignia and he agreed on. I am unsure if Ignia is taking advantage of the situation but he did mention the reason he never visited Dogramag during the century is because he knew Dogramag never died. At the very least, by Ignia appearing within Dogramag’s labyrinth, he expected Dogramag to have continued operating in some manner after the events with Elefseria.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 108 - Selene injured by Ignia

Still, why a Labyrinth? It is such a particular construct that the reasoning behind it has to be specific. Was the Labyrinth able to siphon off life energy from those who become entrapped within its confines? By the Labyrinth existing, its value would be attached to serving to further Dogramag and Ignia’s goals. Taking what we know into account, we may be able to arrive at some possibilities. Before Dogramag created the Labyrinth, he was defeated by Elefseria and left for dead. During the moment Dogramag fell, he took Elefseria’s heart and used it to keep himself alive. The heart acted as a medium to transition his life force from his former dying body into the Earth that would become the Labyrinth. At that time when Dogramag carried out such a plan, he was weak due to losing the majority of his power. Over the next century, he would slowly build it up and further the plans Ignia and he had. Dogramag’s comment about Elefseria being the reason for him sleeping too long does substantiate the lose of magic he had to endure when transitioning his life force from his former body into the surrounding Earth. In order to recuperate sufficient energy to return as a Dragon, he needed more magic power. This could be where the Labyrinth comes in. As people and creatures get lost within the labyrinth, their life force is slowly drained and sent to Dogramag. The presence of a Labyrinth would disillusion adventurers and scholars with hidden treasures and knowledge awaiting within thereby motivating their decision to enter. Elefseria mentions in chapter 93 that the Labyrinth before being sealed had been scoured by over a thousand adventurers and wizards. Being sealed also doesn’t mean that no one could have entered it during the past century. Dogramag could have created this honeypot to help recover his life force quicker.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 108 - Dogramag knows how strong Natsu is

Elefseria is alive because Dogramag is alive. By integrating his life force with Elefseria’s heart, the two life forces overlapped and likely melded. Even though Elefseria’s heart was destroyed by Ignia, some of the life force contained within the heart merged with Dogramag’s spirit and eventually became part of the surrounding Earth that would become the Labyrinth when Dogramag directed his life force there. The “body” currently containing Dogramag’s life force also likely contains Elefseria’s. The Labyrinth may have even generated a new “heart” for Elefseria even though he can function without one but the presence of a new heart would prevent him from dying. As for the body I am referring to, it isn’t the form Dogramag has appeared in front of Natsu as but the whole Labyrinth. Dogramag mentions it himself – “I am the Labyrinth itself”. Dogramag Dragon design is fantastic though. As the fight between Dogramag and Fairy Tail / Diabolos progressions, Natsu and Suzaku will learn that defeating the “Dogramag” in front of them won’t fully stop him. In order to stop Dogramag, the entire Labyrinth needs to be stopped. This could where the crystals Gajeel discovered earlier could come into play. Natsu could even realise that to destroy the Labyrinths walls, he needs to seriously apply his Dragon magic to it. Dragon Slayer magic was created to deal with Dragons i.e. Dogramag in the Labyrinth form.

What will be interesting is how Dogramag will be defeated without forfeiting Elefseria’s life. This may be the part Selene plays in these events. Despite being injured, she is still alive. If Dogramag is tied to the Labyrinth, in order to defeat him, the Labyrinth will need to be destroyed but before being completely demolished, Selene could warp the last remaining portion to a different dimension that is isolated from magic preventing Dogramag from escaping his slumber and allowing Elefseria to remain alive considering the two life forces have become intertwined. These acts by Selene could also help her bridge the antagonistic relationship she has with Fairy Tail whom will be the major force in stopping Ignia and Viernes. If Selene is to get behind a force that champions the future, it is Fairy Tail and their allies. Selene, being the guild master of Diabolos, could also help dissolve the animosity existing between the two guilds.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 108 - Dogramag human form

Dogramag having gathered intel on Natsu is a curious development. While in possession of Elefseria’s heart, Dogramag was able to access knowledge impossible for anyone without the Law Dragon’s power. While Natsu may not possess power equating to Dogramag’s level at the time he was still able to access Elefseria’s heart, does Dogramag understand the potential Natsu possesses? None of the major fights Natsu fought were against opponents weaker than him. Natsu grew during the fight and learned to adapt his magic power to overcome the situation. Plus, in a lot of the situations, Natsu only reigned victorious because his comrades had supported him during the battles against the antagonists. Sure, Natsu received temporary power ups in certain cases, but what is stopping Natsu again from receiving such a power up this time? Selene by default has become Natsu’s ally (she knows how powerful Igneel’s flames are) and then we have Suzaku who is almost as strong as Natsu. The knowledge Dogramag possesses is limited by what Elefseria’s heart could foresee – ‘all information in the magic world’. If elements that exist outside the vision of Elefseria’s heart were to appear, wouldn’t the knowledge Dogramag relies on become a shackle for him? Dogramag’s overconfidence could lead to him entrapping his own self. As for Laxus VS Kirin, I am curious to see what the deal with Kirin is. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 9/10

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