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Edens Zero Chapter 191 - Weisz meets his mother in the subdimension program

Edens Zero Chapter 191 – Eclipsed Memories

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Edens Zero Chapter 191 - Weisz meets his mother in the subdimension program

It is incredibly curious how the main aspects driving the current story forward are the events which have transpired in the past for the characters. Equally as relevant as the happenings taking place in the present are the occurrences from the past the characters were involved in. Case in point, Ziggy, the actions he took in the past has set the foundation for this entire conflict. Before Dark Ziggy’s arrival, base Ziggy had put a plan in motion. The complete specifics are unknown but as Shiki is beginning to suspect, base Ziggy foresaw the arrival of Dark Ziggy and established countermeasures, one of which being Shiki himself. The past and memories concealed within the shadows of the mind apply to every other character as well. It goes beyond just motivations and into the realm of existence. How does ones past influence their present and in the case of memories being omitted, can it change a character completely?

When the memories of the Four Shining Stars pertaining to the adventure beyond the Sakura Cosmos were removed by base Ziggy how did it affect how they presented themselves and behaved? Certain events may have taken place during their adventure which could have affected how they perceived the world, especially if it elicited strong emotions such as grief, joy, hatred, happiness or despair. If the Four Shining Stars were subjected to human cruelty in the past, that would have influenced how they approached a possible human and robot coexistence. The terror and hatred felt within the suffering would framework their thoughts on such a matter but with past events dyed in tragedy omitted, the minds finds itself liberated from such a weight.

Edens Zero Chapter 191 - Brigandine and Valkyrie's past

The effects the omission of memories has also applies to the Dark Stars who clearly have had their data relating to their relationship and interactions with the Four Shining Stars removed. The reason for the removal seems obvious. When Dark Ziggy created the android bodies and inserted their memories, he sought to create a force that would rival and eventually exceed the Four Shining Stars. Memories of unnecessary occurrences that could impede his ends were wiped. But with Shiki having discovered a connection existing between the Four Shining and Dark Stars, could the perceptions of the Dark Stars be changed? At some point in the past, we are aware that Witch and Wizard as well as Valkyrie and Brigandine were friendly with each other. Witch and Valkyrie were close enough to Wizard and Brigandine respectively that memories concerning them stood out within their concealed minds. They weren’t just strangers. More than likely, Killer and Clown are also connected to the Four Shining Stars (Hermit and Sister). Currently the Four Shining and Dark Stars have no recollection of each other and their current relationship is defined in only antagonism. But once the elements of familiarity are introduced, their mind will recognise a relationship more complicated than just enemies. The remembrance may even overturn their current perception. For the Dark Stars I suspect it will. Once the Dark Stars come to realise the people who they thought were their core targets are in fact cherished comrades, a shift in operations will take place. Emotions of familiarity will cut through the commands of decimation.

I have my theories on what happened in the past and why the Four Shining Stars memories were wiped but I do feel like I am missing something major. For now, it appears the Four Shining and Dark Stars were once human who knew each other but after a certain event or events, their memories were copied onto a system Ziggy had access to. Eventually the android bodies for the Four Shining Stars were created with their memories each copied into a separate body. The same things appears to have happened to the Dark Stars aboard the Edens One. What I am curious about are the events that led up to Ziggy copying the memories of the Four Shining and Dark Stars. Did a Chronophage target a planet or did war engulf the region the Four Shining and Dark Stars resided in. The aspect I find myself confused by is the relevance of the Four Shining and Dark Stars being human. How do their stories further the plot of Edens Zero? And would the life they lived as a human add to their current representations or only confuse and diminish it? Beyond reflecting the cost of the ongoing human and machine conflict, would any other rationale hold relevance?

Edens Zero Chapter 191 - Weisz attacked by zombie nurse robots

Moving onto to Weisz, I didn’t expect him to revisit the memories of grief and trauma related to his mother’s time in hospital which is where she eventually died. Unless the reality Weisz is seeing in the Subdimension Program isn’t a reflection of his memories but a scene crafted by the master of the dimension i.e. Killer. Considering Weisz did begin his time in the subdimension program within the hospital, it seems likely that Killer is the one manipulating everything. Killer did mention to Shiki that while he intended to finish his prey, he also sought to have fun while doing so. Weisz seeing his mother in hospital may be the expression of Killer’s twisted humour. Once Weisz comes to terms with his situation and accepts that his mother is gone, he can focus on disrupting Killer’s control over the subdimension program. Killer mentioned to Shiki that the dimension they are in is an electronic dimension. So if the dimension operates as a form of machine, could Weisz not adjust the structure of the dimension or the medium which facilitates it to break the control Killer has over it. Adjusting the structure could affect the electrical signals Killer sends across the subdimension program. Being the genius that he is, Weisz will likely figure out Killer’s weakness within the next chapter.

The zombies nurse robots were hilarious, especially Weisz’s initial reaction of sheer terror. The procession of Weisz becoming conflicted at the situation once inspecting the zombie nurse robots closer conveys how tailored made the current environment was for him. Data of Weisz’s past, likes and dislikes are seemingly parameters used to characterise the environment and situation. The appearance of Weisz’s mother may silence Weisz for a bit but his mind will eventually reign itself in. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 7.5/10

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  1. I still feel like these all talks about the past are leading up to a big reveal at the end of Lendard. We need to shift gears so we can go back to the race to finding Mother.

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