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One Piece Chapter 1049 - Luffy punches Kaido

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One Piece Chapter 1049 – Luffy VS Kaido: Joy Boy

One Piece Chapter 1049 - Luffy punches Kaido

The chapter framed itself within the context of Luffy representing Joy Boy, an existence prophecised to precipitate change. Within the narrative of an unfair world ruled by the whims of unjust nobles, the suffering of the people gave rise to a longing for liberation. Those aware of the legends of Joy Boy came to believe in its manifestation and approached life with such a thought in mind. King saw Joy Boy in Kaido. And despite Kaido’s doubt in Joy Boy’s existence, he had hoped for the contrary. The World Government feared Joy Boy and attempted to hid his existence from the world. Oden came to find out the importance of Joy Boy and desired to open Wano for this person. And finally, there is Yamato, who realised the identity of Joy Boy while grieving over Ace’s death. The man Yamato has waited for since that day. Within this chapter, the threads of Joy Boy all converged onto Luffy who drove his fist down from the heavens and sent Kaido flying into the depths of the Earth. A display that illustrated the overwhelming nature of Luffy’s Haki that has now knocked down the world’s strongest creature.

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