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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 107 - Selene and Ignia clash

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 107 – Selene VS Ignia: Diversion

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 107 - Selene and Ignia clash

Ignia presents himself as such an entitled fool. He has disillusioned himself to the point of believing he is the strongest existence walking the Earth Land but where was he when the real threats of the world endangered life and brought everything to the brink of annihilation? Ah, that is right, he was hiding in Guiltina away from Acnologia. Ignia keeps mentioning he was stronger than Acnologia and that he would have killed Acnologia had he met him. But all Ignia has to pad his claims are words. Hollow, exaggerated, meaningless words. At no time during the 400 years Acnologia was present did Ignia even attempt to face him. Not even when Acnologia himself was present in Guiltina during the attempt Gildarts made at the 100-year-quest. Ignia hid. And now he has the gall to preach himself as the hero who could have taken down Acnologia? Sorry but I don’t buy that. Ignia is much weaker than he believes. His claim of being stronger than Acnologia is just a fantasy. A diversion from reality his mind enraptured his belief in to cope with his own inabilities. Even now, against Selene, he used a moment of distraction to capitalize on Selene’s weakened guard. The path Ignia has before him is one where the bitter reality of truth will come crashing down on him.

The manner in how Ignia talks down to Natsu for being unable to protect Igneel is so pathetic. That sheer impudence holding up Ignia’s smugness is unnervingly offensive. He had 400 hundreds years to substantiate his ego. Hell, Natsu and Co. while on Tenrou Island disappeared for 7 whole years after Ignia showed up and made his presence public to the Magic Council. News should have spread to Guiltina. Ignia had ample time to set himself up for an encounter with Acnologia yet that did not come to be. Even after Natsu returned with the rest of the main Fairy Tail, around 1-2 years elapsed before the climatic showdown with Acnologia. Ignia was absent still. It is almost as if Ignia intentionally avoided Acnologia because he was terrified. Only AFTER Acnologia’s fall do we see Ignia making moves to further his plans. And only AFTER Acnologia’s defeat do we see Ignia boast about how things would have been different had he been the one facing off against Acnologia. Honestly, the ego stroking from Ignia has reached a point where it has stopped being amusing and become an annoyance. Ignia was so powerful, he couldn’t face Acnologia before because he was too powerful. That is effectively what Ignia is conveying about himself. Ignia knows nothing about Acnologia’s strength from when Fairy Tail and the rest of the Mage guilds squared off against him and his Dragon form. I almost wish we could return to the past and have Ignia face off against Acnologia just so Ignia can lose and realise that the smartest thing he can do is shut the hell up.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 107 - Selene reveals Ignia's weakness

I took immense satisfaction in the battle Selene and Ignia had before it was interrupted by Natsu. For all of Ignia’s boasts, his attacks were blocked, negated, tanked and countered by Selene. Those screams of agony he let out when sustaining damage from Selene’s attacks conveyed how vulnerable he is. Additionally, the manner in how Selene called out Ignia was tremendously enjoyable. Selene is a pragmatist and recognised unlike Ignia, that a fight between two Dragon Gods would result in both sides being injured. She even hit the nail on the head when she used the truth to pierce through all of Ignia’s bullsh*t. His greatest weakness really is his arrogance. The subsequent actions Ignia took only conveyed the validity of Selene’s statement.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 107 - Ignia attacks Selene while she is distracted

As that ‘coward punch’ attack by Ignia, while acceptable in a fight, it conveys how deep down not even Ignia believes the lies he is telling himself. If Ignia truly believe nobody could defeat him, he wouldn’t be resorting to unhanded tactics. The fact that he is conveys the reality of the situation. Ignia believes in his heart that without attacking Selene while she was momentarily distracted, he may not have been able to beat her. Ignia even took pleasure in using such a dishonourable move. I don’t see Ignia being defeated in the current arc but he will be forced to retreat at the conclusion of the arc. Selene may have received a fatal attack but I don’t believe she is dead. She may not be able to face off against Ignia alone but with Natsu and Suzaku present, she could provide them support. Ignia’s actions also likely helped Natsu disassociate Ignia from his memories of Igneel which will make it easier for Natsu to fully unleash on Igneel’s biological son. Hopefully Kirin doesn’t show to add a further wrinkle into the drama. I suspect where Laxus goes, Kirin will follow. Very much looking forward to the next chapter (thank goodness there is a Dragon Slayer who can heal nearby).

Enjoyment level: 8/10

One thought on “Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 107 – Selene VS Ignia: Diversion

  1. Selene’s still the best Dragon God. Incredible how she’s been consistently amazing since the Elentir arc (which wasn’t all that good). Ignia can be punched for all I care – like you said, his arrogance at least helps Natsu punch him better, no regrets involved.

    I wonder if this all Elefseria’s heart plot will eventually lead to the endgame of 100yq.

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