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Edens Zero Chapter 189 - Rebecca activates Ether Overdrive to fight Clown

Edens Zero Chapter 189 – Rebecca VS Clown: Conviction

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Edens Zero Chapter 189 - Rebecca activates Ether Overdrive to fight Clown

The concept of strength exist in a state beyond the perception of ones abilities. Components comprising ones power incorporates more than just the martial proficiency of an individual. Awareness, determination, empathy, resonance, compatibility, familiarity, adaptation and luck are some elements that define the extents of ones abilities. And when it comes to Rebecca, she may not have battle experience equivalent to what the other members of the Edens Zero possess but what she does have is a brilliant acumen toward tackling obstacles and rising above them. Rebecca accepts her current state and rather than dwell on what she does not possess, she had directed her attention toward what she can do and utilising that to stand against those challenging the bonds of her family. The perception of strength is inconsequential to the conviction she holds towards her decision of protecting her family.

From an early age, Rebecca had to learn the cruelty of reality whether it be the loneliness of life with no family, starvation or the loss of a loved one. Until Rebecca encountered Happy, she didn’t have anyone to confide in or turn to. She was alone. All of her struggles, pain and sadness had to be endured alone. She didn’t have anyone to filter her negativity and pain through and no one to reflect her joy and happiness on. There was no one to comfort her and tell her that “everything would be okay”. Rebecca had no one in her life that could tell her they loved her. This is why when she bonded with Happy, the relationship was like life itself to her. And why now, she is fighting to protect her family aboard the Edens Zero. For Rebecca, to fight for her friends isn’t just an isolated reason but an expression of why she lives. She knows the pain of having no family and being alone which is why in this fight Rebecca is prepared to leave everything on the battlefield.

Edens Zero Chapter 189 - Labilia resolves to help Rebecca

Labilia in turn reflects off Rebecca. She too knows the suffering involved in being alone (in the sense that she KNOWS her time is finite) and the value in the bonds she has made. Rebecca inspired Labilia and with Labilia able to be honest with herself now, she is not willing to let the relationship she formed with Rebecca end. I can recognise the journey Labilia took to reach this point concerning her friendship with Rebecca because sometimes your nature overwhelms your intentions and you behave in a manner detrimental to how your wish. The struggles and demons she had to wrestle with internally provide Labilia context to how important the current moment is. Labilia may just want to enjoy a normal life with Rebecca but she has come to accept the situation for what it is and resolved herself to do whatever she can to protect what she now has. Based on the emotions driving Labilia currently, I would not be surprised in the slightest if she happened to awaken an Ether Gear. Her feelings of wanting to protect Rebecca may be the trigger to manifest an Ether Gear. If this is the case, I wonder what a potential Ether Gear could be for Labilia? A power that enhances Rebecca’s or supports it? Considering Labilia is a martial artist, I would expect a potential Ether Gear to coalesce with the martial arts she practices.

>>Labilia: The Girl Who Lost Herself In Her Affection

Shiki continues to raise important questions that require answers in order to explain why Ziggy became Dark Ziggy. There are reasons for Ziggy’s actions and finding out why he would erase the memories of his friends is one of the them. There is a secret Ziggy wishes to keep hidden and it could potentially be information that he himself didn’t want or allow himself to know from the Shining and Dark Stars. Or were the Shining and Dark Stars killed by machines? And in order for Ziggy to rebuild them into androids that didn’t hate machines, he removed their memories of their human selves and the journey that took place outside the Sakura Cosmos? This could be possible but narratively, it doesn’t really expand on Ziggy becoming aware of his fall. If Ziggy did know he would become a threat to the universe, it makes complete sense for him to reduce what he knew before falling to the Dark Side. Even if Ziggy wasn’t in his complete state, he still chose to remove the memories from the Shining Stars before succumbing to the darkness. The reason for why must hold much more weight than the friendship he shared with his crew. The survival of his crew could be such a reason.

Edens Zero Chapter 189 - Rebecca attacks Clown

Justice has had a different vibe to him compared to his pre-timeskip self. Has time and age helped to mature him? Despite being driven by the same rationale consuming him in the past, he appears more open to reason (to an extent). Rather than outright serving justice, James wants to follow due process and let the Galactic High Court judge Elsie? Would his pre-timeskip self have been so reasonable? Justice appears more flexible in his thinking relative to his past self. Regardless of what he says, he helped Elsie and is currently acting sensibly within the situation he finds himself in i.e. avoiding Ziggy’s soldiers and calmly keeping Elsie in check. I don’t doubt being on Lendard makes Justice feel pensive and that may play a part in what Justice does going forward.

While Justice intends to leave Lendard, I believe if the other Oración Seis Interstellar end up struggling against Ziggy, Deadend Crow and Acnoella’s forces, Justice will decide to remain on Lendard and fight against Ziggy. There may even be other factors that become part of this war that directs Justice to involve himself in it. If the whole Oración Seis Interstellar are going to be involved in this war, it seems thematic for Saintfire Nox to also be incorporated in some form. Saintfire Nox could potentially cut off one or two of the Oración Seis Interstellar members before they reach Lendard. Currently there are five known Oración Seis Galáctica and Interstellar members with Ziggy serving a pseudo Galáctica role. Will it be revealed if the sixth position in each of the groups were filled? Considering Shiki was added as a member to the Oración Seis Galáctica during the timeskip, it follows that there is a possibility the sixth members in each of the groups could have been filled too. The knowledge of additional enemies could cause Justice to reconsider his actions because currently he only plans to leave Lendard because he has faith in Holy and their team. What happens if his team need assistance?

Edens Zero Chapter 189 - Justice captures Elsie

I also suspect Elsie to have further battle focus within this arc. After all, Lendard is her home planet and the focus we have received on Elsie so far hasn’t been enough to convey how important Elsie is to the current war being waged. Elsie will have a major hand in saving the Kaede Cosmos and returning order to some extent.

Regardless of what happens, I would love to see the Galactic High Court in action. I assume that court represents the highest court in the Cosmic Government judicial system considering Elsie is one of the most sought after criminals across all space. It would be interesting to also see how the lower Courts function within the Cosmic Government. Different Cosmoses and Planets likely have their own courts to oversee the law. Seeing as how the universe is made up of different species and lifeforms, how does the legislation and case law reconcile the different cultural beliefs and values in its system? I would assume the Statutory Law would handle the general laws in place for general crimes and cases which involve situations with specific circumstances would be handled on a case by case basis.

Edens Zero Chapter 189 - Rebecca trapped by Clown

Rebecca’s statement about accepting being weak yet still resolving to fight for her friends reminded me of the statement Erza made to Azuma in Fairy Tail during the Tenrou Island Arc (chapter 235). Currently, it does appear Clown is a bad match-up for Rebecca given his range and debuff capabilities. While Rebecca does use guns, her Ether Gear so far focuses on her legs which limit Rebecca to melee attacks. Could Rebecca incorporate her Ether Gear into Happy’s gun form and make up for the lack of range abilities she has in her Overdrive form? As for Clown, his abilities are themed around circus acts which makes one wonder when the juggling act will arrive – Overclocked juggling, LET’S GOOO!! I don’t doubt Rebecca and her allies will turn this around (Happy and Pino are there too) so I am really looking forward to the coming chapters and seeing how the Dark Stars are countered.

Enjoyment level: 8/10

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 189 – Rebecca VS Clown: Conviction

  1. Really great analysis on Rebecca, Syphin.

    Regarding Justice, what if his (for a lack of much better word) “softness” in character is be pointing at a possibility of him becoming an ally to the Edens Zero in the future? Like you mentioned, this could be caused by being in Lendard (even Elsie seemed relatively shaken in the planet), but all of his previous “incarnations” (in Rave Master and Fairy Tail) eventually became allied to the heroes, so maybe?

    If Saintfire Nox joined too it’d be crazy. Really, really crazy. I doubt that each group may have added any new members (well anyway, only the OSI have the authority to do so) but it’d be cool to have a new OSG. I’m curious to see what Cure can do and it’s always great to have Eraser join the fare. After Holy, he’s my fave in the group.

    We need an arc to know how the Cosmic Government works, don’t we? It’s about time!


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