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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 105 - Erza channels Jellal through her attack

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 105 – Erza VS Misaki: Scarlet Enchantment

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 105 - Erza channels Jellal through her attack

Warfare truly is grounded on information and for those lacking in it, the consequences can be irreparable. Neither Erza nor Misaki knew what the other was capable of but the assessment of what was possible came to define where victory ultimately settled. Misaki presumed her superiority and as if covering her own eyes, she neglected to take into account variances to past experiences. Erza on the other hand, continuously took steps to improve herself by learning new magics. And the aspect of the battle that concluded the conflict was the Enchantment magic Erza had learned from Wendy. A Scarlet magic encapsulating Erza’s love and rage. Love she feels toward Jellal and rage directed at Misaki for cutting her precious hair.

How romantic it was to see Erza incorporate Heavenly Body Magic into her blade by enchanting it when facing Misaki who tore her symbolic hair at the inception of the battle. Hair that Jellal based Erza’s last name on and the binding history that established a connection existing beyond space. Scarlet may just be a word but to Erza and Jellal is represents so much more. It is apparent that Erza associates her hair with her feelings for Jellal which is why at the conclusion of the main Fairy Tail story, after Jellal was pardoned by Hisui, Erza began to brush it daily. Her hair provided a connection to Jellal and once Misaki tore it, the representation of their bond felt weakened. Erza doesn’t get personally offended by many things but when it comes to Jellal, she is particularly sensitive. I don’t believe Erza consciously intended to establish a new connection between Jellal and her but subconsciously, her mind directed her toward utilziing a magic that embodies Jellal within her own abilities. Jellal specializes in Heavenly Body Magic and one of his signature attacks is Meteor. Erza did not need to mention Jellal for the audiences to realise what was going through her mind. Through the attack she defeated Misaki with, Jellal’s presence was channeled.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 105 - Misaki cast Blue Stream on an ensnared Erza

The back and forth during this battle was fantastic. Neither player knew the extents of each other in terms of their capabilities but throughout the battle counters kept being deployed to fend off attacks. Ultimately, Erza’s newest ability, Enchantment magic, provided the edge that overwhelmed Misaki. Even the Blue Dimension ended up being enchanted with Erza’s scarlet magic. It may have been unintentional by Erza but the extent of her enchant effect conveys the potential and power behind Erza as an Enchanter. She isn’t just some novice enchanter. I suspect what is happening is that being the daughter of a High Enchanter (the greatest) and possessing a massive supply of magic power, Erza has instinctively been able to pick up on Enchantment magic. Her control is lacking but what that meant in this scenario is that beyond Enchanting her Fairy Blade with Heavenly Body Magic, she also enchanted the Blue Dimension with her feelings for Jellal which took the form of a Scarlet colour.

Misaki may have been a Dark Dragon Slayer and one of Diabolos’s strongest members but in the face of real conviction, Misaki’s power was overwhelmed and she ultimately fell to an attack by Erza within the Blue/Scarlet Dimension. The multiplier of the Blue Dimension didn’t even get a chance to kick it yet and Misaki has already been defeated. Misaki acknowledged Erza’s strength but at the same time she still underestimated it. The borders Misaki defined in Erza were extensively off the mark.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 105 - Erza's magic power takes over the Blue Dimension

Once Erza and Misaki return to the Earthland dimension, will the multiplier take effect or will the Scarlet Dimension cancel out the effect? With Misaki already defeated and Erza in a weakened state, it is likely that the multiplier will not remain when they return to Earthland. Though if it does remain (which I hope), Erza and Misaki could spend longer within that dimension to cancel out the damage that was dealt before returning. If Blue Dimension multiples the damage, the obvious part forward to reduce its effect is to reduce the damage sustained in Blue Dimension. Erza could assist Misaki heal or once taking over the converted Scarlet Dimension, she could adjust the mechanics behind it existence. Rather than multiply the damage, she could divide/reduce it. What I could see happening is Erza utilising the Scarlet Dimension to speed up time for herself so that when she returns to Earthland, a sizable portion of time would have passed for her body enabling it to grow out her cut hair (back to it’s original length). Erza looks great in short hair too but there is just something so fitting about Erza with longer hair. In the Blue Dimension, 4 minutes equates to 10 days but Erza could adjust the rules once gaining control over the Scarlet Dimension. She could establish 4 minutes to be equal to several hundred days. Misaki expressly mentions that Erza’s magic is overwriting her own which implies to me that even the control Misaki wielded over Blue Dimension would be taken over by Erza once it is converted into the Scarlet Dimension. And within that dimension, “imagination becomes power”. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing who Kirin runs into next – Gray and Gajeel?

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