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Edens Zero Chapter 184 - Elsie attacks Ziggy

Edens Zero Chapter 184 – Elsie VS Ziggy: Impact

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It is not easy to vilify a parental figure within your life, especially one who removed you from circumstances embedded in destruction, terror and war. When Elsie looks at Ziggy, she is reminded of a time in her life impressed in joy, love and salvation. Ziggy did save Elsie and the subsequent care she received aboard the Edens Zero established an environment within which she could recover physically, mentally and spiritually. To Elsie, the image of Ziggy had become synonymous with shades of altruism. And to now reconcile those feelings against the current reality that Ziggy is in fact a madman seeking to end life, the step she is required to take may in fact be too heavy within this moment.

Elsie was the spark that ignited the conflict overflowing within factions of the Kaede Cosmos. She may not have been the cause for the conflict but she did become the basis on which the dissenting factions could maneuver their antagonism through. Under the pretense of “unraveling an unchecked power that grew too strong” war was waged. Guilt would have been one of the elements gnawing away within Elsie as she sunk within misery but it was due to the crew of the Edens Zero that her young self could navigate out from that darkness and onto a path filled with hope and motivation. Elsie is who she is because of the time she spent aboard the Edens Zero. Such emotions within her heart resonates every moment she interacts with Ziggy. The battle she wages is not only against Ziggy but also against the impressions of her heart that recalls happier times.

Edens Zero Chapter 184 - Elsie switches to her battle gear

Ziggy has come to understand humans after caring for them and raising them (Elsie and Shiki), so he understands the mechanisations of the heart and how uncontrollable it can be within certain moments. After initially assessing Elsie and her current level through the use of Satan Gravity, he proceeded to taunt her and even attempt to use a misdirect against Elsie to get behind her. Fortunately for Elsie though, she incorporated his abilities within her calculations which allowed her to use Ziggy’s misdirect against him to lure him into a trap she had set-up. Elsie had constructed an opportunity but the nature of the human heart meant that when Ziggy exploited the prior attached she had for him, a moment of hesitation resulted which allowed Ziggy to turn Elsie’s opportunity into one of his own. Elsie was undoubtedly prepared but being able to understand that Ziggy is the enemy and completely severing any emotion from ones heart are two different matters. A human body is not a program that can create, update and delete data. Ziggy chose his moment perfectly to shake Elsie mentally and emotionally. Such a tactic probably won’t work against Elsie again during the fight but with Elsie stabbed, would he even need to try using such a strategy again?

Thanks to Elsie, we have come to understand Ziggy’s circumstances more. His prior state when he raised Shiki was an incomplete one with memories lost. In such a state he came to care for humans and even chose to cease his quest to find Mother in order to look after Shiki, the boy he found during his journey. Additionally, he saved Elsie, looked after her and treated her as one of his crew members. Ziggy left the Edens Zero with Elsie with the hope that when Shiki journey’s to the stars, Elsie would be able to meet him and pass the Edens Zero onto him. Based on Ziggy’s comments, it appears his former state went completely against what his complete state intended. Which is why, he is currently going out of his way to crush Shiki, a threat that he himself created. Ziggy’s story though does beg the question – why did he lose his memories in the first place?

Edens Zero Chapter 184 - Elsie and Ziggy land hits on each other

Ziggy’s character is clear from the point when he finds Shiki, but what about before that moment? Who was Ziggy before finding Shiki? Was Ziggy the caring and human-loving Ziggy or was he the Ziggy that sought the end of humanity? It isn’t entirely clear at this point but Ziggy wasn’t against teaching Shura, a human boy, the basics of Satan Gravity when he traveled through the Aoi Cosmos. The fact that he taught Shura implies that at that point in time, he wasn’t fully onboard with erasing humanity. Aside from that, what is known for certain is that Ziggy was on a mission to find Mother. As for why, that is currently unclear. I suspect during Ziggy’s journey, an incident occurred where he lost his memories. After that point, he met Shiki and chose to cancel his quest to find Mother (because he lost his memories for why it was important) in favour of returning back to Granbell. Did Ziggy battle with Shiki’s parents or his guardian before being injured and losing his memories? Could Ziggy’s operating system have been modified to make him care for Shiki? Or was the occurrence set in motion by Mother herself? It is hard to say at this point but as Shiki traverses further into space and closer to Mother, the answers will reveal themselves.

Further, I don’t believe the Four Shining Stars were part of the Edens Zero’s round trip. I suspect they were only part of the return trip. All flashback scenes we have seen of the Four Shining Stars is AFTER Shiki was taken in by Ziggy. All the scenes we have had of Ziggy prior to meeting Shiki was of him alone. In the Red Cave when he Nadia, he was alone. When he met Xenolith, he was alone. And when we see Ziggy with Nero and Shura, he is alone. There is no Shining Stars in those memories. The Four Shining Star also having no memory of the journey with Ziggy is also suspicious. The Four Shining Stars assume their memories of the trip were erased. What if there have no memories because there were no events to have memories of? The Four Shining Stars may have very well be built after Ziggy takes in Shiki. If this is the case, it would explain why the current Ziggy doesn’t care for them because they were created by his former “incomplete” self.

Edens Zero Chapter 184 - Ziggy deceives Elsie and uses her blade to attack her

Turning back to Elsie, how will her story move forward? She may have been stabbed by Ziggy but I don’t expect her to die anytime soon – this isn’t the first time she has been stabbed by a sword. Elsie has endured and recovered from it before and she will do the same again now. Elsie will still fight but in her injured state, she will eventually be overwhelmed by Ziggy. The best case scenario is holding Ziggy back until Shiki arrives to challenge him. Elsie could even assist Shiki when he arrives or turn her attention to the other forces present on Lendard while Shiki faces off against Ziggy – Acnoella? Would love to see more of Elsie fighting in this current arc. Considering the relevance Shiki and Elsie have to Ziggy, I personally would love to see a team battle against Ziggy.

As for Elsie beyond this arc, if Lendard’s time is consumed and the planet is restored to a natural state, could it once again become a central pillar for the Kaede Cosmos? Seeing as Elsie is an intergalactic criminal, I don’t expect the Interstellar Union Army to pardon what crimes they believe she committed unless Holy pulls some deep strings within the IUA. At this point Elsie doesn’t seem destined to rule the Kaede Cosmos immediately following the arc until certain events take place where Elsie can be pardoned – Justice realising the circumstances leading up to Elsie’s actions before the war and finding out who killed Creed. And speaking of Justice, once he finds out there is a battle ongoing on Lendard, he would certainly realise that Elsie is also present there. He could also be a factor within this arc. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 184 – Elsie VS Ziggy: Impact

  1. Ziggy is a true bastard for playing with the minds of the both children he raised. At least, this is shaping him to be an awesome antagonist.

    He made an interesting point with the whole memory loss thing, and you’ve also ponited out how everything before meeting Shiki is a mystery (even the why behind teaching Shura Satan Gravity, tbh). But in his past, there’s also his role at Granbell as the Demon King which was at least 100 years past prior to the story start. If he had his original memories at the time, why would he be evil working at a place that encouraged coexistence between humans and machines? Programming? There are a lot of mysteries with this guy.

    PS: you’ve been delivering nice insights about Elsie, making me appreciate her character so much more. Great review.

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