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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 103 – Lucy cast Celestial Trinity Magic Gottfried

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 103 – Lucy VS Kiria: Memories

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 103 – Lucy cast Celestial Trinity Magic Gottfried

In those moments when Lucy’s back is against a wall with her comrades behind her and no where to go but through the enemy, she displays flashes of potential that ascends her capabilities to levels embodying that of some of the strongest mages in the story. The manner in how Lucy evolves her Celestial Magic in addition to being able to continuously improve how she can stack her spells on top of her summoning establishes how immense her capacity for magic is. If Lucy was one who naturally sought out strength, how far could she push her Celestial Magic? If she could tap into her boundless potential without the need for external circumstances, how powerful of a mage could she become?

Regardless of Lucy’s desire for strength, as long as she keeps the memories of her comrades within her heart, the power welling up inside her will never die down. And beyond the dual Celestial Spirit Star Dress Mix, Lucy may advance her magic to combine three of more Celestial Spirits together within her Star Dress Mix. The potential for Lucy incorporating all twelve gold key Celestial Spirits within her Star Dress Mix exist and even beyond that she could look at combining many other different spirits into her Unison magic. Such a state may not realistically exist for Lucy at the end of the story but I suspect using 3 or more Celestial Spirits for the Star Dress Mix is a real possibility. The dual Celestial Spirit Star Dress Mix was just able to overwhelm Kiria who is currently a middle-tier antagonist within the current arc. If Lucy wishes to combat opponents possessing power exceeding Kiria by many fold, Lucy would need weapons beyond her current magic repertoire.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 103 – Lucy resolves herself

Despite how often it comes into focus, I keep forgetting that Horologium has a passive ability to save Lucy from a problematic situation once every ever so often. The same with Gemini who acts independently to protect Rebecca when she is in danger. I had suspected Lucy to have done something with how the light is reflected to fool Kiria but it appears Lucy would have really been overwhelmed if not for the love her spirits have towards her. Kiria was just too fast for Lucy to react. Got to hand it to Kiria, she totally dominated the fight until Lucy began to tap into her deep magic reserves. Once Lucy started stacking spells and Kiria fell to the flow of Lucy’s plan, the momentum shifted from Kiria to Lucy. Kira could just not compete with the mastery Lucy has over a whole magic art.

Being able to cut anything ended up working against Kiria at the end when she began relying on her power over her mind. Lucy came to understand Kiria and used Aquarius and Gemini’s powers to create Water Clones to distract Kiria until Lucy was able to successfully cast her Celestial Trinity Magic. I had wondered why Hisui was included as a clone within the spell but after doing some research, Hisui is also Celestial Spirit Mage like Yukino and Lucy. In the manga, Hisui was never revealed to be a Celestial Spirit Mage but in the anime only arc that followed the Grand Magic Games Arc; Lucy, Yukino and Hisui combined their forces to perform the Celestial Trinity Magic, Gottfried. I may have to continue the Fairy Tail anime as I did put it on hold mid way through the Grand Magic Games Arc. In the anime, Lucy, Yukino and Hisui held hands to activate the spell. Lucy recreated such a scenario by using Aquarius and Gemini’s magic along with the water connecting them to perform the spell. The Gottfried spell damages the target but also causes pain to the users which is why Lucy also collapses after the casting of the spell (Laxus’s coat was destroyed /tear). The conveyance of bonds through Lucy’s spells at the end were multi-layered and effectively utilised. I enjoyed it.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 103 – Kiria attempts to combat Lucy's water clones

It is honestly fascinating to have a non-canon aspect of the Fairy Tail story made cannon within the sequel story. It both brought to my attention that Hisui was more capable than I had been thinking of her and that the anime only stories do potentially hold relevance within the canon regardless of their existence within the manga. Lucy including a clone of Hisui within the spell establishes that Lucy holds Hisui as a dear friend (who is also a Celestial Spirit Mage). Gottfried is Hisui’s spell and Lucy choosing to use it legitimizes the non-canon story as canon. And if this aspect of the Fairy Tail story is considered canon, what other seemingly non-canon stories are considered canon by the author? I suspect even the movies could even be treated as being canon.

With Kiria being defeated by someone she considered significantly weaker (Lucy), what will her thought process be when she wakes up? Sure, she would be pissed as an initial reaction but Kiria is more practical than foolish so she should know denying Lucy’s victory would be utterly pointless. Kiria will need to accept that she lost to Lucy and reevaluate what she considered real strength. Kiria grossly misjudged Lucy. If Kiria truly is after strength and being strong, she will need to internally reflect long and hard on what being strong means to her now that she has encountered individuals who have shattered her perception of what it is. To grow means to move forward, so can Kiria begin to embrace the change encapsulating her? Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how the other ongoing battle between Erza and Misaki is proceeding. As for the popularity poll; Lucy, Erza, Selene, Jellal and Natsu took the top 5, how curious and exciting (yeah Selene!).

One thought on “Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 103 – Lucy VS Kiria: Memories

  1. Lucy and Wendy have grown so much, especially in the 100yq. Lately their battles have been the most interesting to see. And yes, the potential for Celestial Spirit magic seems endless at this point.

    I, too, haven’t finished that particular filler arc but I wonder how may more aspects Mashima-sensei considers canon from such material as well. He had drawn the priestess at some point in the og manga and I also remember some events from “Key of Starry Sky” being brought up in the manga. Funny thing, those moments always relate to Lucy.

    Also, yes, SELENE!

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