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Edens Zero Chapter 183 - Elsie and Ziggy face off

Edens Zero Chapter 183 – Elsie Crimson: Home

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Edens Zero Chapter 183 - Elsie and Ziggy face off

Lendard was not only a former kingdom in the Kaede Cosmos but it was in fact the homeworld of Elsie Crimson, whose real name is Elsie Le Lendard. This planet was the one where Elsie’s life changed forever after attempting to end the obsession the kingdom had for arms development. In pursuit of such an end, she unknowingly initiated a war that would engulf the whole Cosmos and end the rule of the Le Lendard family. Her choices driven by innocent hopes of peace resulted in the destruction of the society existing within the Kaede Cosmos. Additionally, it was during her escape from Lendard where she lost/injured her right eye. Now having returned home, Elsie seeks to put a stop to Lendard’s weapon manufacturing once again. This time by defeating Ziggy.

The pain and guilt Elsie must have felt when she abandoned Lendard after indirectly causing a war must have been unimaginable. And all this for a child to comprehend, endure and filter. All Elsie wanted was for the brutality of her parents to stop. Elsie relied on the good intentions of others but was betrayed in the end. Likely when the deal was struck for the information she would exchange, Elsie was deceived by promises of diplomacy. When she handed the Le Lendard’s secrets to others, she expected the rest of the Cosmos to negotiate with Lendard to de-weaponize but in the end, all out war resulted leaving nothing but a broken Cosmos.

Edens Zero Chapter 183 - Elsie searches for Ziggy

All that pain must have and still be tearing away at her soul. Abandoning Lendard would have left Elsie in a broken state. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that encountering the Edens Zero saved her. It allowed Elsie a space to process what had happened and an environment to physically, mentally and spiritually heal from the experiences she had been through. Ziggy was her savior and this is why Elsie feels so responsible and connected to Ziggy’s turn. Lendard and Ziggy represent aspects of Elsie’s life where she was at her most vulnerable. Is Elsie truly prepared to go through with what needs to be done? Deep down, Elsie would love to see Lendard flourish again.

If the Chronophage is successfully summoned and does consume a certain amount of time from the planet returning it to a former state, would it then not be possible for Lendard to return a state where Elsie as a child still existed on the planet? Similar to Weisz’s circumstances where two of him exist in the current time, it is possible for two Elsie to also exist but whether it would happen if a prospect altogether. If the Chronophage does consume Lendard’s time, it would likely return to a time before Elsie was born. Personally, I would be very interested to see previous Le Lendard members who are currently deceased return into the story. Le Lendard members who operated differently than Elsie’s parents and pursued a path more directed towards progress than greed and power. At present, Elsie is the last Le Lendard but if the Chronophage were to return Lendard to a time before Elsie’s parent ruled, she may come to learn that the Le Lendard family weren’t all like her parents and there were members who shared in Elsie’s optimism and hopes. It would also provide a new center for the Kaede Cosmos to rally behind.

Edens Zero Chapter 183 - Elsie returns home

Currently, the Kaede Cosmos is incredibly fragmented with no overarching force guiding or protecting it. Such a state induces lawlessness and anarchy. This is the reason why Ziggy was so easily able to invade the Cosmos and set-up his base within the short span of three years. It was only due to the efforts of the Edens Zero (and I suppose the Interstellar Union Army) that Ziggy wasn’t able to fully dominate the whole Cosmos. The lack of policing within the Kaede Cosmos is also why Deadend Crow and Acnoella were able to travel there without much notice from anyone. The Kaede Cosmos has no executive agency to enforce their laws, whatever of it remains, and I don’t suspect there is any judicial authority to judge any caught within the Cosmos. Such powers are likely deferred to Interstellar Union Army who now fill those roles as the default. This is why the Cosmos wholeheartedly relies of the efforts of the Interstellar Union Army and independent forces like the Edens Zero and Elsie Crimson. In order for the Kaede Cosmos to escape its current void and progress back toward an age of order, a central planet and nation are required. A revived Le Lendard family from the past could achieve this. Elsie sought peace between kingdoms before and I suspect there are others in Le Lendard past who also desired such things.

Edens Zero Chapter 183 - Hermit begins to trust Holy

I don’t expect Elsie to defeat Ziggy but she will hold him off and weaken him until Shiki and Pino appears. During this encounter, we may come to learn more about Shiki and where Ziggy retrieved him from during his journey’s. We may even come to learn of Pino’s purpose for being developed. Shiki likely also wouldn’t be able to beat Ziggy but he will buy Rebecca (and Pino) enough time to summon the Chronophage to Lendard. Ziggy sensing the Chronophage’s presence may sacrifice defeating Shiki and Elsie in favour of escaping with his life using his Warp ability (to wherever the Edens One is currently situated). I don’t expect Acnoella to die in this arc as well. She may retreat just before Ziggy does after she senses the incoming Chronophage through her Dragons situated in the spaced around Lendard. The only antagonist within this arc I see being fully defeated is Deadend Crow. His story and role have been set-up and beyond serving as Holy’s nightmare, I don’t expect his relevance to extend much further. Maybe more victims of his will appear in the future but thanks to Holy, there is genuine reason for him to be defeated in this arc. Holy seeks to defeat Deadend Crow and after the dialogue Hermit and Holy shared which doubled as bonding, I fully expect Holy to defeat Deadend Crow in this arc. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and learning about the tail-end of Rebecca’s thoughts before her ship was hit.

(My 1000th post on the website. Yay)

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 183 – Elsie Crimson: Home

  1. Congratulations for writing and posting 1000 articles! That’s an incredible achievement. And what a coincidence for Edens Zero to be the lucky one to be featured 👀

    And now that you mention it, it’s curious how unruled the Kaede Cosmos is. I doubt even the IUA holds much power in here. And where’s Justice lol.

    There’s always the moral
    ambiguity with the Cronophages, but would past Le Lendard family members coming back be the solution to it? I doubt people would be so accepting after learning about Elsie’s parents crimes. Maybe the princess coming back to bring prosperity back to the planet (and cosmos) could open people’s hearts. Though I’m always remind about what Mashima-sensei stated about Elsie’s and Justice’s fate in the 15th volume afterword…

    I’m really concerned for Rebecca, but I’m sure she’s about to have a life changing experience in the encounter with the Cronophage. It’s my blind belief, lol.

    And finally, did you see how much Ziggy reassembled Shiki in his full body appearance? We’re probably being trolled, but it’s still suspect.

    Great review, Syphin. Here’s for more 1000 articles!

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