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Edens Zero Chapter 182 - Homura's destroys the Dragons in the Edens Zero's path

Edens Zero Chapter 182 – Enter [Sword Of Edens]

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Edens Zero Chapter 182 - Homura's destroys the Dragons in the Edens Zero's path

Ascend to the pinnacle of form and cast out all doubt staining ones edge from the clear path of craft. Whether it be by the blade or the weapons of code, the pursuit of transcendence defines itself within the journey of self-discovery. Know oneself before knowing the enemy. Despite the differing abilities between the Four Shining Stars, they each possess unrivaled abilities that shoulder the Edens Zero. And through their conveyance of resolve, an avenue toward an end of death and destructive is paved. Hermit illuminated the path and Homura cleared it for those now carrying the responsibility forward.

It was spectacular, the display of conviction within a darkening situation that seemed to end hope before it even ignited with the spark. But thanks to Holy, Hermit and Homura, the spark caught alight and now the gust of wind that was their efforts fuels the fire to rage on and radiate the darkness with its intense light. In the face of the wall they encountered, a door was able to be constructed enabling the Edens Zero to proceed to Lendard where Ziggy awaits.

Edens Zero Chapter 182 - Homura's attacks with Warrior Maid 95

Alongside Ziggy, God Acnoella and Deadend Crow also await. All three existing as mechanical beings and sharing a belief in ridding the Cosmoses of human lifeforms. The past conflicts between humans and machines define their experiences which in turn establish the parameters of their point of view. It may not be fair to blame them for their current perspectives but once damage is administered under that view point, they become less a victim and more a product of their own hate. Because one experiences pain, it does not provide a justification to vent that onto someone else. Instead of adding to the issue and creating a new problem, the ideal step forward should be providing solutions for the current obstacles. Ziggy began down such a path by helping teach Shiki the inclusive path forward but somewhere within the creation of new timelines, Ziggy’s mind became distorted and began to see the information he conveyed to Shiki as a darkness he needs to remove himself. It is a shame, if Ziggy were still able to work together with Shiki, much progress could take place in bridging the divide that exist between the two lifeforms. As the proverb says, “a problem shared is a problem halved”. And if Ziggy and Shiki were able to get more hands to assist, the problem would be halved many more times. The other proverb, “many hands make light work”, would also be apt to use in this situation.

It is also sad to God Acnoella take a side and further adding to the divide. For some of the Comoses worst villains to be mechanical lifeforms, it makes it harder to push forward the possibility that humans and machines can coexist. What is even more tragic is that one of the champions of coexistence – Shiki – has recently been labelled a villain of humanity as well. If the general public don’t support his fight, how will they come to believe in a world of humans and machines living together? If Shiki can someone gain allies with those on the right side of the law, there could be hope – I’m looking at you Holy and Feather.

Edens Zero Chapter 182 - Ziggy's reasoning for attacking Shiki

Ziggy is completely right concerning Shiki being able to destroy all the Cosmoses. Rather than physical thought, it will be metaphysical. The borders that exist will be torn down and a seamless society across all four Cosmoses will come into being. Holy had mentioned before that each of the Cosmoses represented a season and when the four seasons were read together, the Cosmoses could be referred to as “The Grand Shiki Cosmos”. Shiki means Four Seasons. If the symbolism attached to “Shiki” continues, it stands that going forward, the one to unite the Four Cosmoses – the four seasons – together would be Shiki Granbell. By essence, if this comes about, Ziggy wouldn’t have been wrong about Shiki destroying the Cosmoses (to make one united Cosmos). I now understand why Ziggy feels the need to eliminate Shiki but I have yet to find out why Ziggy’s point of view shifted so much when he was awakened in Cosmic Era X492

I absolutely loved how Hermit was able to reverse engineer what she saw into a process to create Artificial Anti-Dragon Ether. Hermit probably didn’t realise the possibility of it before but once she saw it in action, she constructed a way forward using what she had available on the Edens Zero. She likely analysed the energy released from Holy’s Anti-Dragon Ether weapon and based her modifications on that. Usually when making modifications, especially system changes, you’d want to test it to iron out any issues but Hermit was so cracked, she effectively skipped testing and went straight to production. The processing involved must have been immense. And not only that but she also developed a new fighter (likely with assistance from Weisz) personally for Homura that revolutionizes previous piloting systems.

Edens Zero Chapter 182 - Homura's new Fighter Suit

Homura’s entrance on the battlefield was such an incredible moment. The equipment she received from Hermit allowed her to extend her skills to embody what the Sword of Edens truly is. With that Mech specifically specced for Homura, she was able to filter her Warrior Maid skills through it and carve out any Dragon that obstructed the Edens Zero’s path to Lendard. With Operation Planet Eater beginning, I really hope we get to see Homura in action more as the Warrior Maid 95 (is that a reference to a certain Operating System?). That Mecha is insanely badass. Also I was wrong about Holy’s forces, they are more useful that I initially expected – sorry Holy! Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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