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Edens Zero Chapter 181 - God Acnoella appears

Edens Zero Chapter 181 – Appearance Of A God

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Edens Zero Chapter 181 - God Acnoella appears

What an unexpected complication for there to be within this eleventh hour. Not only was Ziggy able to ally with Deadend Crow but it has now also come to the Edens Zero’s attention that Ziggy too engaged into an alliance with God Acnoella. The terms of such an agreement remain a mystery but with another member of the Oración Seis Galáctica joining Ziggy, the battle at hand has become an insurmountable task for those looking to end death and destruction. Ziggy has revealed part of his hand and now it is up to the Edens Zero team to respond. Will another potential ally of there’s reveal itself or can their current forces handle two Oración Seis Galáctica and Ziggy.

I am honestly left shocked. I completely did not expect God Acnoella to show up in such a scenario. Rather than a wholly antagonist force, I expected Acnoella to be more self-serving in the actions and path she treads. Unless she is and she currently just using Ziggy for her own ends. What exactly is she seeking from Ziggy in order to lend her services? Is she too an Android? From her initial appearance it seems so and considering the Dragons shown so far have been mechanical, it would make sense for the Mother of [Machine] Dragons to also be a machine. Still, why? Why Acnoella, why at this point in time? What did Ziggy promise you? What is your angle? I am still wondering who exactly created the Four Shining Stars and Four Dark Stars because I doubt Ziggy created them alone. I had thought Connor assisted Ziggy but what if the one who assisted Ziggy was God Acnoella?

Edens Zero Chapter 181 - Dragons appear

Delving into Elsie’s wrath, there is potential for more of Ziggy’s story to be revealed when the two of them do meet on the battlefield. Ziggy saved Elsie in the past and she subsequently became a member of the Edens Zero crew back then. Like the audience, Elsie too is desperate to know what changed in Ziggy and why the sudden reversely of beliefs. I don’t doubt Elsie heading for Ziggy when she arrives on the surface of Lendard but I now begin to wonder whether the answers Elsie seeks will be what she truly wants or serve to only throw her into more turmoil. Deep within Elsie and Shiki’s heart, they hold a dear place for Ziggy and regardless of their words, are unable to fully severe the feelings they have for him. The intimate connection they have with Ziggy can from a certain angle be seen as a vulnerability or blind spot that could be exploited. I enjoyed getting focus on the Elsie’s crew but there is this ominous veil over their focus that could connect to death during this War.

Edens Zero Chapter 181 - Elsie follows the Edens Zero into battle

Holy’s crew was interesting. They aren’t fully onboard with assisting the Edens Zero which leads me to question the committed behind the force Holy is bringing along with her. It is one thing to follow orders but it is another things to lay down your life on a cause or battle you wholeheartedly believe in. Within the minds of Holy’s soldiers, they are pondering on the repercussions of fighting alongside the Edens Zero and whether problems for them will arise in the future. After the appearance of God Acnoella’s Dragon’s within this chapter, Holy’s soldier’s would likely be the first to shiver in terror. The comment Holy made about Feather is incredibly interesting. Will Feather notify the other Oración Seis Interstellar members about Holy’s plan or will Feather keep the knowledge she possesses to herself and decide to help Holy? At this point, the Edens Zero team could use all the allies they can get and Feather being on the side of “Justice” could find reasons for aligning herself with the Edens Zero team. Ironically, “Justice” is anything but what his name suggest. I personally wouldn’t anywhere near this war but I know that it too much to ask but hopefully whatever role he has, it doesn’t stupidly complicate the fight (no Justice, Elsie is not evil and Homura did not kill Creed).

It was great to see Rebecca wrestle with the psychological impacts of her powers even if it isn’t certain yet in regards to Rebecca being the one to attract the Chronophage. Unlike everyone else, Rebecca has experienced multiple lives and timelines which gives her a deeper perspective on the weight her actions can have. More than any one else, Rebecca understands the consequences of her actions to the point where she has become overly sensitive towards them. Fortunately, Shiki was there to provide Rebecca with some moral support to detract her mind from the whirlpool of negatively she began to be sucked into. Rebecca’s glazed eyes while in the cockpit of the Starfighter conveyed so much. Likewise, Shiki himself is dealing with the weight his decisions have. The decisions he made led to Witch’s death but thanks to Rebecca he was able to move forward. Rebecca and Shiki truly empower one another. Now Shiki seeks strength in Witch and Valkyrie (my heart stopped during that moment). They may have been lost but they are certainly not forgotten. The Guardians of Eden continue to be sources of strength for Shiki.

Edens Zero Chapter 181 - Rebecca feeling guilty over the harm her powers cause

With countless Dragons appearing will there be also be the appearance of Dragon Slayers? Certainly if Acnoella is antagonist and hostile toward humanity, there would be those that fought against her and her Dragons. If so, wouldn’t they be referred to as Dragon Slayers? With so many Dragons present in the defensive space of Lendard, I don’t expect the Edens Zero crew to overwhelm them. If a new enemy has appeared, it feels almost a given that another party that will ally with the Edens Zero would also appear. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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