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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 102 – Lucy VS Kiria

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 102 – Lucy VS Kiria: Dominion

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 102 – Lucy VS Kiria

Strength is such a variable concept as no matter how overwhelming it becomes, there can arise a seemingly inconsequential attribute that serves to completely dismantle the power that initially appeared infallible. This is the form Kiria’s Dragon Slayer magic takes. On face value, it doesn’t appear to be as immense as other magics but the fascinating aspect of Kiria’s abilities is how it can distort both the magical and psychological aspect of the target. What Kiria cuts when she attacks is the hostility directed towards her that is entrenched within the individual. Which in turn establishes the obedience that she exploits. Kiria did it with Erza before and now with Laxus. Amusingly, it does seem set-up that Lucy will take the role Kiria played during her battle against Erza and Laxus in regards to overwhelming them with her magic. Lucy will utilise a magic that will in the end dismantle Kiria’s strength.

I got to give Kiria props for embracing her situation and fully resolving to battle naked. That was such a Kiria decision. The resulting reaction of Kiria at Laxus’s presence though was hilarious and natural. No matter how steeled Kiria’s resolve was, when placed in a situation where it is natural to feel embarrassed, of course she would react in that way, especially if the person she felt embarrassed showing her naked self too was someone she was interested in. Laxus giving Kiria his coat though was such a chad move. Equally too was Laxus reacting to Kira being Fairy Tail’s enemy. I was not prepared for the Laxus after he was “dominated” by Kiria – how very curious. I won’t say a masochistic Laxus is bad…

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 102 – Laxus gives Kiria his coat

The resulting reaction Kiria expressed after receiving Laxus’s coat was unexpectedly cute. I can’t help but be at a loss for words to convey how shocking and charged that moment was. Something has been set-up within this chapter and it can potentially be mined further for some truly fascinating gems. Kiria has been interested in Laxus since their encounter in Dramil but that affection wasn’t based on anything romantic or pure yet within this chapter, we have a moment where Laxus’s actions truly touched Kiria’s heart. Kiria may not realise it yet but certain feelings have begun to bloom within her. It may take some internal reflection but she will come to recognise the feelings that she will begin to experience. Kiria may be in the process of attempting to kill Lucy but this set-up has less to do with animosity and more to do with competing guilds targeting one prize. There is no straight-up malice to this battle just the desire to succeed and to have fun.

The cliff-hanger of the chapter suggest Lucy was sliced into pieces but that is merely an illusion sourced from the manipulation of light by Lucy’s magic. At this point in the story, it is almost an impossibility for the main character to die which leaves the most obvious explanation of the scene at the end of the chapter being fake. And casting illusions is one way to craft a fake scenario, especially if the user has magic that can control light. The eyes use light to see by turning the light into electrical signals. If said light was able to be manipulated, it would be possible to craft an illusionary scene. The Light of Regulus ability Lucy used while accessing Leo and Virgo’s powers could very well have begun the illusion Kiria and Laxus are now living. I suspect the illusion may help Laxus come to his senses. Once an individual knows they are being manipulated, it becomes easier for the mind to resist the control.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 102 – Kiria overwhelms Lucy

Kiria may not be Dark Dragon Slayer level but she is incredibly powerful and very attuned to the relentless fighting style she utilises. And based on how Kiria mentions that her Dragon Slayer ability is able to cut magic apart, there will come a point in the future where Kiria will be integral in defeating an opponent Natsu and Co. aren’t able to fight. Even Ignia currently, if Kiria is able to cut a portion of his magic power and weaken him, could Natsu and Suzaku challenge him then? The practicality of Kiria’s abilities leaves much potential for her character. If she were to become an ally, her presence would mean that Natsu and Co. could be faced against much stronger foes. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Kiria will be utilised in the future.

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