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One Piece Chapter 1041 - Hiyori reveals her identity to Orochi who is trapped under rubble

One Piece Chapter 1041 – Hiyori: Tears Behind The Mask

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One Piece Chapter 1041 - Hiyori reveals her identity to Orochi who is trapped under rubble

A song carrying memories of love. A song conveying feelings from happier times. A song passed down from parent to child. A song embodying the void left within her heart at the unfair deaths cast onto those she loved. Kozuki Hiyori has had to hide herself and act as someone unlike her true self for 20 long years. In order to save her nation, she played the part required of her. Yet the only time a physical mask was worn was during the performance of a song so dear to her soul that the conviction steeling her heart could not keep at bay the sadness overwhelming her. Even a smile characterized by deception could not manifest itself in her heart during that song. A song that served as her final tie to her past that carried with it the love left with her. Through the song called “Moon Princess” Hiyori now sheds her metaphysical visage and embraces the truth of who she is in front of the one who cast her into such darkness. Orochi learns who Komurasaki is as death ascends ever closer.

Three years, after three years of focus within the Wano Kuni story, the threads set down have finally been tied together and revealed. The revenge Hiyori sought against Orochi is at hand and if the world were just, the circle would complete itself. Yet within this world, perfection is but an illusion and more than likely, a deviation will occur. Events will take place to prolong Orochi’s fate. Whether it is the floor collapsing or a third party appearing or something more unexpected, something will happen.

After this chapter, Yamato’s fate is even more clear. Oda-sensei intentionally limited the information contained within the journal and even scripted a longing in Momonosuke for the information Oden omitted from the journal. Momonosuke wants to learn about the secrets Oden discovered and how he will guide the world to the Dawn but as the future Shogun, how will Momonosuke go about accomplishing such a task? If Momonosuke is unable to travel himself, the next best course of action is to send someone he trust as his proxy to uncover such information for him. And right now, the person Momonosuke is sharing such important information to is the same person who passed on Oden’s journal to him. Yamato knows about Momonosuke’s importance and the information Oden wished to convey to the future generation. Like Momonosuke, Yamato too seeks to learn the truth omitted from the journal and the only path forward that can fulfill both Yamato and Momonosuke’s goals is for Yamato to travel alongside the Straw Hat Pirates who will find a way to Laugh Tale and reach there.

Another aspect that supports Yamato being attached to the Straw Hat Pirates is that despite being aware of Momonosuke’s importance to the Dawn, Yamato still chose to follow Luffy. Yamato knows that Momonosuke is integral to the guidance of the world towards the Dawn, yet even with that knowledge, he still faced Kaido and expressed that he will go out to sea with Luffy after helping drive Kaido out of Wano. In Yamato’s heart, he desires to lend his assistance to Luffy over Momonosuke going forward after the Wano borders have been opened. This is why right now, Yamato is giving his all to protect, train and assist Momonosuke. Because he is aware that once Kaido is driven out of Wano, Momonosuke will need to lead the nation and the world as the Shogun without his assistance. This is also why the story in the current time has been positioned to have Yamato assist Momonosuke with the decisions he has to make in the near future. Yamato will help Momonosuke understand the importance of Oden’s goal and the even assist in conveying Momonosuke’s message to Zunesha.

One Piece Chapter 1041 - Luffy enters his strongest Gear Fourth form and attacks Kaido

Izo has fallen but along with him he has taken down a CP-0 agent. The damage he received in his previous battles were too severe for him to face two CP-0 agents. But thankfully, he is currently still alive. The confused and terrified reaction the remaining CP-0 agent gave when trying to rationalise the reasoning for the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates helping Luffy was on point. The subsequent phone call the CP-0 agent received only added to the depths of fear he was afflicted by. To jump into the battle between Kaido and Luffy in order to eliminate the latter is certainly a tall order. I understand that they want to take advantage of a weakened opponent but by the time reach Luffy, assuming that they do, will they even have enough will power to take down Luffy? Drake has gotten up again with the intent to stop the remaining CP-0 agent. Even if Drake doesn’t succeed, the remaining CP-0 agent will be exhausted after the conflict. Usopp is even running around the Castle Basement where Izo, Drake and the CP-0 agents are located, so if events align as I suspect, Usopp too will be facing off against the CP-0 agent. Similar to how Usopp defeated the CP-9 and saved Robin, he will defeat the CP-0 agent and save Robin.

Nami is also active and unoccupied so she could also lend assistance somewhere if need be. Currently she is located in the Onigashima bath area with Macro and Tama which is near the Central area where Kid and Law defeated Big Mom. I will be very interested to see if Nami can conjure clouds that could assist Momonosuke. If Momonosuke can’t create his own flame clouds, he may be able to use already existing clouds that Nami creates and convert them into clouds that he can use to keep Onigashima afloat as Kaido’s strength wanes.

The battle between Luffy and Kaido is definitely entering its final phase with Luffy activating his strongest Gear Fourth form – Snakeman – and unleashing on a drunk Kaido. Luffy over the course of the fight has grown accustomed to Kaido’s fighting techniques and as such has been able to deal with them more effectively. Even with Kaido now motivated by Big Mom having lost, Luffy is still able to pressure and overwhelm Kaido. Will their fight conclude on Onigashima or will Kaido be sent flying to the ground below toward the Flower Capital? Will Oden’s execution site be the stage for Kaido’s defeat? It would be a fitting place for Wano’s liberation to final begin after over 20 years of suffering. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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