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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 101 – Ignia unleashes his flames

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 101 – Ignia: Noble Destruction

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 101 – Ignia unleashes his flames

Flames are an element that resides on both sides of existence. It can destroy and it can create. The raging inferno it embodies consumes all but within its ceaseless passion, the ashes it leaves behind can awaken life and initiate a state of renewal. The conflict established between Ignia and Natsu pits the two characteristics of flames together and while the confrontation of their intentions collides in this moment, the stage on which their inevitable clash will take place lives in a future time.

Natsu was not able to stop Ignia from proceeding through the Labyrinth but despite his meaningless struggles, he has not given up to fight. The lives of his friends are in danger and if Ignia was left to his own devices, everything except him would be destroyed. But Natsu is made aware of his current inabilities and in order to ensure no harm is visited upon his comrades, Suzuku convinces him to enter into an alliance. A team that is focused on stopping Ignia from harming their friends.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 101 – Natsu and Suzku reach a mutual understanding

Natsu flames at present do not burn Ignia but with Igneel’s fire coursing through Natsu’s body, it is only a matter of time before Natsu awakens the ability to burn flames that even Ignia produces. Until that point, he will need to work together with Suzuku in order to stop Ignia from bringing about the worst possible scenario. From what Ignia’s flames were able to burn (the Labyrinth), Natsu understands the difference separating him and Ignia’s power. Natsu and Suzuku may even gain some clarity concerning Selene’s intentions when she arrives to take on Ignia and prevent him from destroying Elefseria’s heart. They could work alongside Selene in that moment against Ignia.

Selene wholeheartedly understands the danger Ignia possesses now that he has arrived. But with the power and temperament Ignia possesses, how does Selene intend to stop him even if she does enter the fray? Selene has already noted that Ignia would be one of the most difficult Dragon Gods to deal with so it becomes hard not to wonder whether Selene will battle Ignia or attempt to resolve the situation in an entirely different manner. I suspect Selene is entering the Labyrinth not to overwhelm Ignia in a fight but to engage him in way that allows her to relocate him far away from the Dogramag Labyrinth. All Selene needs is time to collect Elefseria’s heart.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 101 – Selene discovers Ignia has entered the the Dogramag Labyrinth

Ignia wants to destroy Elefseria’s heart most likely because Elefseria is a fake Dragon and a stain on the noble Dragon history. More than Ignia being aware of the plans Selene has running in the background, he merely considers himself a hero removing the filth associated to the noble Dragons. Natsu exist as an exception due to Igneel choosing Natsu to be his son and successor. At this point Ignia has a set goal but will that change once he finds out what Selene intends to use Elefseria’s heart for? Probably not seeing as Ignia himself is a target for Selene. The best case scenario is Elefseria’s heart being saved and returned to Elefseria but will this result come about so cleanly? It will depend on what exactly Selene requires from the heart. If the information she requires can be extracted without Elefseria dying, then there is room for the story to return Elefseria’s heart back to him. Selene is an immensely important character within the story so her getting defeated now isn’t really on the cards which makes her progression and focus all the more interesting. Selene may get a set-back due to Ignia but she will progress with her plans until Fairy Tail is required to stop her.

Lucy’s battle against Kiria has been associated with such a comical and constructive tone. The characteristics on display exist so far from antagonistic that at this point Kiria is treated more like a friendly rival than a complete enemy to Fairy Tail. From banter to the familiarity to the attacks unleashed causing a loss of clothes but no injury, the intention behind this battle is not primarily to decide a victor but to advance the characters forward to a point where doors open for future developments. Kiria could have been treated like Kirin or Misaki where genuine conflict was established but instead she was handled like Suzuku who is now in a mutual understanding with Natsu.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 101 – Lucy VS Kiria

Beyond the conflict existing between the guilds, what Kiria seeks is to enjoy herself and this takes the form of thrilling battle and being playful. If a moment does arise that involved working with Fairy Tail to save Diabolos (by forcing Selene to abandon the guild), I could see Kiria working with Fairy Tail in some capacity. What ever happens though, this battle between Lucy and Kiria is quite something and if I am being completely honest….I…I…I quite enjoy it. Kiria’s embarrassed reaction was so cute. Tskr. With Lucy paying Kiria back, how will Kiria now overcome the obstacle that is her current state when she can’t change clothes like Lucy. Will Kiria proceed full monty? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

One thought on “Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 101 – Ignia: Noble Destruction

  1. Ignia is a wild card in the game, but Selene has already proved to be a very compelling character so going forward, whatever she does must be fine.

    And honestly, looking back… Lucy has had some of the best fights in 100YQ. Perhaps only on par with Wendy. As usual, this is looking awesome. Stripping and all, hehe.

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