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Edens Zero Chapter 179 - Holy notes Pino's relevance

[Theory] Edens Zero – Was Pino Created On Granbell?

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Edens Zero Chapter 179 - Holy notes Pino's relevance

Pino is one of the most mysterious characters in Edens Zero. In addition to her lost memory, there is also her enigmatic origins and the reserved focus Mashima-sensei has been handling Pino with throughout the story so far. It has been stated that Ziggy created her but if that was the case, why has Ziggy not created any more anti-bots? He is an android, so he surely must know the process involved in creating an anti-bot unless there are reasons he cannot create anti-bots.

Sure I get that anti-bots are harmful to machines but Ziggy supposedly created Pino in the first place for a reason (if he did “create” her), so he shouldn’t be against creating more anti-bots. In chapter 102, he mentions to Pino that if she goes with him, he will tell her what reason she was born for. Pino chose not to go with Ziggy so the readers have yet to find out Pino’s original purpose. If Ziggy created more anti-bots, he would have weapons that could disable human Ether Gear users and thus create opportunities for himself where his opponents in vulnerable positions can be permanently eliminated. There is reason to create more anti-bots. Yet, Ziggy has created 0 anti-bots after Pino, why?

Edens Zero Chapter 11 - Pino's master was called "The Great Demon King"

In the first place, if Ziggy created Pino AFTER he settled down in Granbell with Shiki, why does Shiki not remember her? Surely before Pino left Granbell for Planet Norma to see Professor Weisz, she would have met Shiki at some point. It would make no sense for Pino to leave immediately after being built or reactivated. If Pino was built on Granbell, there would have been time where Pino wandered around the planet and met Shiki. What we do know is that Pino’s maintenance on Norma by Professor Weisz was dated the same year Shiki left Granbell. When Weisz questioned what happened to Ziggy’s space pod he used to reach Granbell with Shiki, Witch did theorize that sometime after disembarking, Ziggy created Pino who then used the space pod at a later date to reach Norma. The theory sounds logical and fits into the narrative we currently have but the glaring fact that Shiki NEVER met Pino on Granbell still remains. It is almost as if Pino was created elsewhere but at a point where Ziggy was present and intimately involved regarding the programming. Pino may have never been on Granbell. The fact that the space pod Pino used to get to Norma was never revealed leads me to believe that there is a larger mystery in play with Pino’s origins. Before Pino’s memories were affected, she told Professor that her master was “The Great Demon King” which does not necessarily equate to “Ziggy”.

Edens Zero Chapter 104 - Witch's theory of how Pino got to Norma

There are a myriad of possibilities existing. What if Pino was created by Ziggy but not in the time we know. What if the reason Ziggy isn’t able to create more anti-bots is because the exact technology doesn’t exist yet or hasn’t be uncovered. What if Shiki in the future liberates this Pino and somehow sends her back into the past. Or alternatively, what if the true creator of Pino, used “The Great Demon King” as an alias to hide their true identity? Or Pino was the space pod Ziggy used to reach Granbell when he brought Shiki along. Pino’s backstory is purposely being held back and considering how long it has been since her introduction and Ziggy’s turn, I can’t help but wonder about alternative possibilities that don’t involve Ziggy words or his presentation of them being treated as facts.

Edens Zero Chapter 91 - Summary of Pino

One thought on “[Theory] Edens Zero – Was Pino Created On Granbell?

  1. If I were to choose from the options you present, certainly my pick would be Pino being sent by future Shiki. Ziggy may in fact be aware of her, in one of the worlds where things went wrong. The fact that we have not met another EMP through all the places we visited and that even Holy is specially interested in her, must mean something. And the statement about she becoming the future Light of Edens is a given about something big happening to her in the future.

    And my memory may be broken right now, but isn’t her EMP capable of stopping androids as well? Or is it stated that it’s only limited for Ether Gear?

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