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One Piece Chapter 1040 - Law and Kid knock Big Mom down Onigashima

One Piece Chapter 1040 – Kid & Law VS Big Mom: Convictions

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One Piece Chapter 1040 - Law and Kid knock Big Mom down Onigashima

The fall from a summit toward the depths awaiting below is a solitary and desolate occurrence. In a realm where one sits above all, the only companion to the journey on the way down are the echo’s of anguish perpetuating the regrets confounding the mind. Big Mom stood against the generations but when faced with those emboldened by the life of the Pirate King, her incomprehensible throne cracked and shattered. She cursed the dead but in the end, she had her time and failed to consolidate on it. Now, in face of her Emperor status, challengers arose to sweep across a new era to replace the old. In the eyes of this generation, Big Mom was not an enemy beyond their capabilities but merely an obstacle in the way of their journey toward their personal destinations. The era of the Yonko is over and it is time for the New Generation to step forward and grab the Age by its reigns.

Big Mom attempted to flex her power but after years of only facing opponents who crumbled at only the mention of her name, she grew soft. Those who could genuinely challenge her faded and only opponents victim to her status remained. So when the New Generation arrived with spirit that exceeded Big Mom’s expectations, her ability to adapt to the situation thereafter was non-existent. Big Mom could not escape the prison she mentally built around herself. She attempted to endure the convictions of the New Generation but only after it was too late did she realise that the will behind their ambitions exceeded her own. The fall Big Mom suffered toward the crater in Wano Kuni represents both her physical and metaphorical fall. The world in general believed it was impossible but reality now arrives to direct the age in a whole new direction.

One Piece Chapter 1040 - Big Mom lands in the crater with the explosives that fell

And to think, events are still not over, the conclusion for Kaido and the World Governments attempt to capture Robin still needs to arrive. Once the Wano Kuni Arc ends, the resulting waves sourced from the actions performed this day will resonate the world over. The New Generation will be victorious and their names will begin to replace the relevance of the Yonko as architects of the age. What was once stagnant will now find itself liberated by possibility. Kaido will be defeated and Wano liberated. And with it, the World Government will find itself challenged. After over 800 years, the world they attempted to mold will finally give way to the history and secrets buried under tragedy and suffering. Inevitably, as the Straw Hat Pirates journey to their end, liberation will extend itself beyond Wano and engulf the world.

I did immensely enjoy Kid’s lack of respect for Big Mom and the sheer audacity he has in the belief that the Yonko aren’t opponents that stand above him. He, in this moment, stood above Big Mom and cast her down into the abyss of defeat waiting below. Law in turn also embraced his roots and spirit to trap Big Mom in a bubble of silence that prevented any not in proximity of the battle to hear Big Mom’s ultimate defeat. Despite the massive explosion taking place in the lands outside the Flower Capital, the citizens celebrating in the town remain oblivious to events taking place within the skies. The R-ROOM Silence ability Law conceived was a tribute to Rosinante and the Nagi Nagi no Mi he possessed.

One Piece Chapter 1040 - Big Mom sets off an active bomb

Yamato noticing a silent Big Mom falling down and instantaneously comprehending the situation when Big Mom grabbed a frozen bomb was exhilarating to see. Yamato knew what Big Mom was doing and understood what would result in such a situation which is why he proceeded to block the explosion from the reaching the rest of the explosives which he had frozen. Ultimately, Yamato was successfully able to prevent the explosion from spreading beyond the bomb Big Mom grabbed and set off. The amusing aspect of this situation was Big Mom’s attempt to remain within Onigashima only resulted in her quickening her descend toward the crater waiting below. Big Mom both injured herself and nullified Kanjuro’s Kazenbo. And by destroying the basement floor, she caused some on the explosives in the armory to fall alongside her toward the crater which ignited when impact was met within the crater. Big Mom may not be dead but she is definitely out of commission now.

Robin and Brook were shown in a panel during this chapter but it is unclear where exactly they are. I assume they are currently in the basement working their way towards the Poneglyphs stored within Onigashima. If the Road Poneglyph is stored in Onigashima, it may also be stored within one of the basement levels/rooms. Along with Big Mom’s defeat, we also see Raizo prevailing over Fukurokuju in their battle. As for Zoro, he appears to be unconscious and subject to the surrounding lands that have begun to crack and break apart. If Zoro is in danger, will a character arrive to save him? Will it be Franky or someone completely different and unexpected? As for the Shinigami Zoro saw earlier, was that death, Enma or the spirit of Onigashima?

One Piece Chapter 1040 - Momonosuke tells Yamato about Zunesha

Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing Zunesha return to the focus of the story. Momonosuke has sensed that Zunesha is very close by and is currently consulting with Yamato to determine their next course of action. Momonosuke has to remain to hold Onigashima back which leaves Yamato, who is still able to fight and move, to deal with whatever Momonosuke now has planned. I suspect Momonosuke intends to summon Zunesha to where he and Luffy are. Momonosuke may even expand on what Zunesha’s crimes are which Yamato could understand the relevance of based on the information Oden provided in his journal. Will it reveal that Zunesha was the one whom sealed the gigantic sword in Onigashima and will now be the one to unseal the Onigashima sword? Whatever the case, Yamato’s role within the arc is not yet done.

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