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Edens Zero Chapter 178 - Rebecca reaches out to Labilia as a friend

Edens Zero Chapter 178 – Rebecca And Labilia: Friends


Edens Zero Chapter 178 - Rebecca reaches out to Labilia as a friend

That was entirely more wholesome than I was anticipating. A relationship built not on hate but rather love that became warped into expressions of toxic projection. Labilia always respected Rebecca, she just could not find a way to accurately convey such feelings toward Rebecca. The apprehension, expectation, confusion and desire to thank Rebecca converged into a what would become the only way in which Labilia knew how to release herself and that was making content for her B-cuber channel. Labilia never genuinely wanted to hurt Rebecca, she just didn’t know how to go about opening herself up to Rebecca until she finally made peace with the reality of her death.

Labilia has finally opened her heart to Rebecca and released the truth that burdened her for years upon years. It took the prospect of death and being pushed emotionally to the edge before she was able to finally drop her walls and speak what she really wanted. Rebecca was Labilia’s inspiration and the source behind her desire to become a B-cuber. Labilia wanted to be like Rebecca. Over time as Labilia found success, she exceeded Rebecca’s popularity and began to find the positive emotions she once felt for Rebecca turn into confusion and irritation. Because Labilia wanted success as a B-cuber, she projected that Rebecca would be driven by success and numbers too. The natural progression of a public figure became the lens from which Labilia began to see the world. And within this wave of perplexity, the cruel persona of Labilia developed. The simplistic motives driving Rebecca was lost on Labilia who now existed in a different reality. A reality where external factors and manufactured content generating views became the interpretation of a B-cuber’s worth.

Edens Zero Chapter 178 - Labilia opens up to Rebecca

As Labilia’s heart found itself buried under layers of superficial success, the words she wanted to exchange with Rebecca were overshadowed by actions and words that became more toxic the higher she rose within the realm of B-cubers. Only after Labilia hit her plateau and met stagnation did her mind find itself relieving some of the weight of success. It found a moment to breath and within that respite, beyond the burden she was carrying, she came to see life in an adjusted perspective. Despite all her success, death still awaited her. Despite all her encounters with Rebecca, she could not express her gratitude. Despite all her thoughts, she could not escape her nature. It was within that reflection that Labilia found acceptance and with it, the resolve to finally open up to Rebecca.

In an ironic sense, while Labilia found inspiration in Rebecca, it was her story and the journey she took that has become the aspect that liberated the relationship existing now between Rebecca and her. Rebecca understands Labilia and has now reached out both hands to not only accept Labilia but offer a path forward on which the two of them can walk on together as friends. Nothing is guaranteed but as Rebecca knows intimately, life is valuable and worth fighting for. Time and possibility will intertwine to cast forward a future Labilia thought was impossible. The tears she shed represents her desire for such a future despite all odds.

Edens Zero Chapter 178 - Labilia trying to make amends without Rebecca

With this chapter, Labilia has become a truly fascinating character. The more I begin to think about her story, the more I find myself wondering what was Labilia’s past like? Why was Labilia’s walls up in the first place? Thanking someone should come naturally but what external and internal factors were in play for Labilia during those moments she was with Rebecca? Was it just a natural course for her personality or were surrounding circumstances influential in bringing about such a disconnect with her heart and how open she is toward other people? Labilia’s inability to open her heart up to others unfortunately created the relationship that existed between Rebecca and herself. I suspect that Labilia’s career as a B-cuber influenced the closed personality Labilia has. If Labilia was not extroverted to begin with, which seems to be the case considering how taken aback and mesmerized she was by Rebecca’s outgoing personality, having to market yourself as a public figure and subject yourself to public opinion, one would be putting oneself grossly outside their comfort zone. And usually in such situations, you wear a mask. You close your heart that is concerned about such matters and take on a persona that plays the part. Labilia likely embraced such a role so well that it began to overwhelm the girl that once was starry-eyed by Rebecca. Only after taking a step back and shedding such a persona did Labilia begin to see what she really wanted.

Edens Zero Chapter 178 - Labilia apologizes to Rebecca

I hope Sister is able to cure Labilia but if Sister isn’t, hope is still not lost. This may be where Holy comes in who could offer a suggestion in how to save Labilia. Whether it has to deal with divine methodology, the supernatural (witchcraft or alchemy) or something more scientific, a way will be opened up for Labilia to cure her incurable disease. She is not destined to die. Now that Holy has agreed to live aboard the Edens Zero while the battle against Ziggy and Deadeye Crow on Lendard is ongoing, she should come to find out about Labilia’s situation. It may take some negotiating but Holy will provide information in how to save Labilia in case Sister is unable. This could be how Saintfire Nox is introduced into the story as the Edens Zero visit them or a church for ways to heal Labilia. Holy isn’t pro-Edens Zero or anti-Edens Zero so it is going to be interesting to see how time aboard the Edens Zero is handled. I’m personally interested in Holy’s character, so I am very much looking forward to the coming chapters!

3 thoughts on “Edens Zero Chapter 178 – Rebecca And Labilia: Friends

  1. Reading it first felt truly weird to me, but as I revisited this chapter, more and more, I came to appreciate what the goal of it was. Part of it was maybe because I always felt neutral about Labilia. And to be honest, to an extent, part of me still does. And while this may seem like just a sob story being thrown at us (wouldn’t blame anyone if that were their first thought), I truly admire what was done with both Rebecca and Labilia. And once more, it’s great to see how far Rebecca has come as a person. I do believe Sister may find a cure (or at least a mean in which to keep her alive for longer) and when that happens, the seeds are already there for them to walk forward as friends. And it could seem like huge BS at first (forgiving her and such), but the fact that Rebecca is actually aware of how terrible Labilia’s actions were, but even so decides to rise above all of it, once again, speaks to great character she’s shaping up to be.

    Everything Holy related is great so far, and I’m pretty excited to see what happens in the future as well.

  2. Personally, I found myself relating to Labilia’s character after this chapter. I was indifferent to her before but now…now I understand her and find her deeply fascinating.

    The positioning of this scene leads me to believe that Holy will be relevant in Labilia’s eventual recovery. For all intents and purpose, this moment could have taken place before Holy arrived yet Mashima-sensei went out of his way to integrate Holy into Labilia’s reintroduction. Holy isn’t necessarily an antagonist to the Edens Zero, she is just someone concerned with her own self interest. If a situation will benefit her, she has no issue helping others like when she deescalated the situation between the thugs harassing Labilia and Rebecca. If there is an angle that can benefit Holy, I suspect, she will help Labilia….like say if Holy needs help defeating Deadend Crow.

    Shiki currently has no interest in fighting Deadend Crow but if information on helping Labilia was on the line, he would consider listening to Holy and fighting Deadend Crow on her behalf with Holy ultimately coming in at the end to finish Deadend Crow off (unless there is a deeper twist to Deadend Crow’s character).

  3. I mean, it’s great that Labilia didn’t remain stagnant and Mashima-sensei gave her some real depth. And the content is great. I just love the way in which her hatred towards Rebecca grew and led her to create that bridge between them. My biggest concern is that story-wise, with so many characters on the ship, it is hard to justify and give them all the attention they need. Look at Couchpo, for example, who’s been with us since the Foresta arc. And the fact is that they’re all great characters (save for Couchpo, who has potential, but we know so little about besides the fact she’s a b-cuber and her love for food).

    Take One Piece, for an instant. With 10 members in the main crew (and with Yamato probably coming in) it is a miracle that Oda-sensei’s been able to keep them relevant for 25 years. My fear with EZ is that it may be too early too have so many on board. But if Mashima-sensei has a plan already structured (which seems to be the case with most of the stuff in EZ so far), I’m on board to see where this is gonna take us.

    And Holy is truly fascinating. She kinda reminds of Reina, from Rave Master, but this time is so much better because she is actually going to a specific place into the story and is balancing out the heroes much better. Her introduction has truly been the highlight of this arc. And if her’s and Labilia reintroduction were placed together for a specific reason, like you predict… That’s gonna be interesting.

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