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One Piece Chapter 1039 - Kid and Law taking down Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 1039 – Kid & Law VS Big Mom: Eruption Of The Era

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One Piece Chapter 1039 - Kid and Law taking down Big Mom

Many a times was the knock of destiny cast unto the gates of the era yet such an inevitable echo went unheard by those disillusioned with the thrones they imprisoned themselves on. Change is inevitable with the motion of time yet rather than embrace such a reality, it was their hubris that changed to conceal the truth right before their eyes. Power is dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best. Only those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up are able to see it for what it really is. Big Mom should have opened her eyes and saw what was in front of her but she continued to remain blind denying the reality surrounding her. And such a rejection has now paved the path unto which she is cast down from her position as Emperor. The next generation have arrived and they are done knocking.

Big Mom had ample opportunity to prepare for such a situation yet that arrogance of hers prevented her from adapting to the situation surrounding Wano. Her ego entrapped her mind within a false context. The hundreds of challengers she defeated before became the perspective from which she viewed any future challenger. Victory ensnared Big Mom within a reality that deviated from actuality. Big Mom rejected the truth when Luffy challenged her in Fish-Man Island. She rejected it again when Luffy intruded on her Tea Party with Bege and Caesar which ended up with Sanji and the Vinsmoke family being saved and Whole Cake Chateau being destroyed. Even when Jinbe renounced his support for Big Mom in favor of the Straw Hat Pirates, Big Mom rejected reality still. Not even the Straw Hat Pirates escaping Totto Land budged Big Mom’s ego. Big Mom has suffered defeat after defeat when faced against the New Generation. She fails to rationalise that Urouge defeated one of her Sweet Commanders and escaped her territory alive. She has ignored that Marco has chosen to help the Straw Hat Pirates. She hasn’t genuinely recognised that she has been stopped in her tracks on three occasions by Kid and Law in Wano. Big Mom almost fell into the ocean before due to the New Generation and now she is being brought to a point where she rarely finds herself experiencing. Exhaustion has begun to take over and pain is now her companion yet throughout all this Big Mom still rejects the truth. Her time is over and challengers who can crush her have risen. Big Mom’s era is over.

One Piece Chapter 1039 - Kid constructs a Rail Gun

Within the last few chapter, Kid has finally begun to use his Magnetic powers in a manner that extends beyond punching things. He has begun to use the nature of Magnetism to stripe away the might Big Mom possess by reducing her movement and distracting her with additional targets to attack. The Assign power in conjunction with his mechanical construct establishes going forward a fascinating application of his abilities. To not only factor in set-up but Kid also has to be knowledgeable in how the weapons he designs are mechanically constructed. The formation of the Rail Gun he used to attack Big Mom was intensely satisfying. It allowed Kid to unleash in such a spectacular manner.

As for Law, I was shaking after his attack. What he just displayed in this chapter made what he did to Vergo in Punk Hazard look like child’s play and he essentially destroyed Vergo during the Punk Hazard Arc. How glorious. What a fist-pumping, energy-inducing, scene-spanking moment it was. My goodness. Law not only punctured Big Mom but he extended his sword to the land of mainland Wano where he created a crater in the ground. There also now exist massive holes in the floors of Onigashima that leads to the land below. Those holes may shortly become relevant.

One Piece Chapter 1039 - Law attacks Big Mom and pierces Onigashima and Wano

Law’s attack on Big Mom was a sight to see but was it necessary to extend his sword that far down? What did Law gain by impaling the ground of mainland Wano? Could he not have settled with the ground of Onigashima? I feel the crater that formed from the attack will have its own story application. At this point, it is quite apparent that Big Mom is going to be blown through the hole in Onigashima straight into the crater awaiting down below in mainland Wano. What Yamato should do when he see’s Big Mom shot down is send the explosives through the hole as well. They would likely explode in the crater where Big Mom will end up landing. And even if the explosives don’t ignite, Kanjuro’s Kazenbo should follow the explosives straight to crater where Big Mom would be. Even if Big Mom can control souls, she may not be able to counter the Kazenbo.

Once Yamato spots Big Mom flying down, he will also realise that Law and Kid were victorious in stopping a Yonko. As for other parties viewing Big Mom’s defeat, the CP-0 may come to find out from one of the Marys. Still present outside Onigashima is human Mary that strangely looks like a Harpy (hmmmm) minus the talons. If they notice the fall of something massive down below on mainland Wano, that [suspicious] Mary may relay that Big Mom was defeated to the CP-0 agent not engaged in combat. When such news hits the CP-0’s ears, a panicked realisation will set in for them. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

One thought on “One Piece Chapter 1039 – Kid & Law VS Big Mom: Eruption Of The Era

  1. I really like your analysis of Big Mom’s defeat. Perhaps the best I’ve seen so far. More people should take a look at it. A better analysis like this would certainly bring a new perspective.

    Also, YES, the fight was chills down the spine all the way through. 5/5 Chapter.

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