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Edens Zero Chapter 177 - The blessings of Holy

Edens Zero Chapter 177 – Holy: Thorns Of Darkness

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Edens Zero Chapter 177 - The blessings of Holy

As expected from a rose, complimenting such beauty and vibrance are the existence of thorns. Sharp and deadly thorns that impale any subject to the roses enchantment. Holy behind her divine radiance hides a darkness akin to thorns presiding alongside the rose. Wanting to be both adored and feared, Holy initiates her methodology and filters her proposal through Shiki and the Edens Zero crew. Words of alignment and explanatory reasoning coat the proposition yet behind the visage may exist a thread of deception ready to make Shiki and his crew bleed. Will Holy become an enemy or settle as an independent player within the storm looking to ravage the Edens Zero crew?

The delicious imagery presented by Holy within the past three chapters have indeed been a blessing – I swear I have been looking respectfully. Tasukaru Mashima-sensei and Holy, tskr 🙏! The confidence with which Holy holds herself and flaunts her beauty imparts a very intriguing possibility outlined in my previous theory. I have entertained Holy being older than she is presented and seeing the level of maturity and cunning intertwined with Holy’s character really does make me wonder if this is the case. Her use of language and alignment with the Light could certainly support this possibility. I honestly cannot shake the feeling that Holy has that “ageless” type of body – I have yet to identify any noticeable changes to her body over the three year timeskip (looking respectfully). Holy also being associated with magic and spells makes me further wonder if witch imagery is going to be used to substantiate her darker side. Of all the ways, someone could die, it is melting.

Edens Zero Chapter 177 - Holy reveals Deadeye Crow is an android and shares more about his crimes

Holy has so far kept her powers hidden but finally within this chapter, we get a glimpse at what it could be. Holy referred to her ability she used on the nameless riffraff from the previous chapter as a “spell”. A spell which once cast she had no idea when would activate. It was only Holy’s supposition that allowed her to predict such an outcome. On the balance of probabilities after taking into account the personalities of those thugs, Holy suspected it would activate in that moment. And she was right. On cue to her expectations, the riffraff continued to behave unconscionably.

Concerning the twist that revealed Holy’s “evil” turn, I really wonder about that. After what Holy did and why she did it, can we really say at this point that Holy is evil and Shiki’s enemy? Sure Holy was deceptive. Sure she killed a few people. Sure she plans to use Shiki. Sure she seeks to murder Deadend Crow with own hands. Sure she belongs to the enemy group of the Oración Seis Galáctica. But everything Holy has done so far has been in the pursuit of her justice. She hasn’t maliciously harmed any innocence yet.

The way I see it, Holy is operating in a manner similar to how Light behaved in Death Note. In order to achieve a peaceful end, a heavy hand of consequence was required. Holy already said it in this chapter – “let all the filth just melt away…” Holy is only targeting those she deems “filth”. It can be argued that Holy’s perception of “filth” could be skewed but so far, from what we have seen, people who deserved punishment, received it. “Justice” has been brought about. I agree the twist is meant to paint Holy in a dark light but on closer inspection (still respectfully looking), she is only punishing those who deserve it. Shiki likely won’t meet such an end but what Holy does plan for him is to exploit any potential alliance that forms between the two. I personally don’t mind this development. It leaves me more fascinated in regards to the potential path forward when Holy has a dark undertone to her character. Will she come to realise the contrast within herself? I suspect the secrets of her past involving the Bloody Atmos Day Incident where a loved one of hers was lost will hold the answer toward how she moves forward.

Edens Zero Chapter 177 - The sinister side of Holy

The comments Holy made in regards to Shiki and using his powers for herself has me immensely confused. What exactly is she talking about? Does she mean regardless of Shiki’s answer, his power will assist her in fighting Ziggy and Deadend Crow because that is their destination too? Or can she literally use his powers? Does Holy possess a spell that allows her to mimic someone else’s Ether Gear? I sense the use of of dear, little, precious, darling, lovely and sweet when referring to those she talks about could have something to do with her powers. A spell that activates based on her dialog and the targets proceeding actions. Holy, being light personified, may be seeking to rid any speck of darkness. If the target of her spell shows any sign of darkness/malice, the spell is triggered. Which is very curious since Shiki’s Ether Gear is “Satan Gravity” which is based in “darkness”.

The reason why Shiki gets the feelings all members of the Oración Seis Interstellar feel like Justice is the result of how selfishly each of the members in that group express their meaning of “order” and “justice”. The members have been granted overwhelming executory power that it ends up extending into judicial responsibility whereby members of the Oración Seis Interstellar can freely judge anyone they deem inappropriate or label “criminal” as they see fit. Due process exist but with no one to manage the actions of the Oración Seis Interstellar, accountability concerning an abuse of power is nonexistent. The Interstellar Union may not in the wording of their ideology believe in the Oración Seis Interstellar’s exact actions but beyond what the hollow words illustrate, the actions of the Interstellar Union Army clearly conveys their support for the bold exercise of power by the Oración Seis Interstellar. Even if acts by the members can be argued to be outside their legal authority, nothing will be done to remedy it if the act does occur.

Edens Zero Chapter 177 - Holy wants to kill Deadeye Crow with own hands

There is also the fact that both Justice and Holy seek to kill the subject of their wrath with their own two hands (Elsie for Justice and Deadend Crow for Holy).

Also now that Deadend Crow has been revealed, I can see the direction the arc is moving toward. Ziggy will be involved in the conflict but after certain happenings, it will be Deadend Crow who becomes the major antagonist of this arc. Ziggy will escape and potentially strength his own position. I have entertained the idea that Deadend Crow isn’t as evil as the stories are making him out to be but this arc NEEDS an antagonist to replace Ziggy (end boss character) and Deadend Crow fits that mold perfectly.

Labilia’s cliff hanger was quite dramatised but I admit, it was good. What secrets is she hiding and why did she choose now of all times to confide in Rebecca. If Labilia was going to make amends for her past actions, she would have begun the process in their previous encounter. Yet, after rejecting Rebecca’s offer for a get-together, she returns to disclose something important to Rebecca? The implication of her dying only adds to the suspicion. Why the initial apathy but now the openness to trust in Rebecca? It is almost as if something happened between when she left them earlier and now. Don’t tell me Labilia is involved in some shady dealings?

Edens Zero Chapter 177 - Labilia shares her secret with Rebecca

Beyond Labilia and Holy being present in Ryuzetsu Land at the same time, I don’t see another obvious connection between two. Is Labilia going to reveal that she is the sixth Oración Seis Interstellar member (replacing Jaguar)? Alternatively and more seriously, Labilia may have had a spell cast on her by Holy whom told her about her fated death (a lie?), this could be why Labilia didn’t want to say anything to Rebecca when Holy was nearby during their previous encounter. Holy despises “filth” and Labilia’s previous attitude was dyed deep in filthy attitude. If Labilia did have a spell cast on her and realises that behaving badly leads to ones death, it would be reason enough to inspire a personality change. This would explain why Labilia is behaving so timidly now – she fears her nasty self rising up and bringing about her death. Based on Labilia’s bodily gestures and expressions, she definitely appears to be bottling concerns inside. Surprisingly, it may be Labilia that sheds light to Shiki and Co. on Holy’s personality, objectives and methodology. After having been saved by Shiki and Rebecca several times, Labilia could now have a moment to repay that debt. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 177 – Holy: Thorns Of Darkness

  1. Holy fanservice Holy fanservice Holy fanservice is what I see everywhere, hehe

    Jokes aside, if Holy’s Ether Gear abilities come to flow with what you wrote here… That’d be pretty nasty for the crew. So far, I’m really looking forward to see more of her. She’s been featured in only three chapters in Kaede, but the amount of stuff involving her speak light to the future of this arc. Oh, and the bath scenes. Their plot relevance is high and so is the demand for their existence.

    Also, great joke with Labilia joining the Interstellar. In that same flow of thinking, I guess she’s about to reveal she also has Cat Leaper lol. Only hoping it’s something meaningful, tbh.

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