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Edens Zero Chapter 177 - The blessings of Holy

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Edens Zero Chapter 177 – Holy: Thorns Of Darkness

Edens Zero Chapter 177 - The blessings of Holy

As expected from a rose, complimenting such beauty and vibrance are the existence of thorns. Sharp and deadly thorns that impale any subject to the roses enchantment. Holy behind her divine radiance hides a darkness akin to thorns presiding alongside the rose. Wanting to be both adored and feared, Holy initiates her methodology and filters her proposal through Shiki and the Edens Zero crew. Words of alignment and explanatory reasoning coat the proposition yet behind the visage may exist a thread of deception ready to make Shiki and his crew bleed. Will Holy become an enemy or settle as an independent player within the storm looking to ravage the Edens Zero crew?

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