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One Piece Chapter 1038 - Big Mom overpowering Kid and Law

One Piece Chapter 1038 – Kid & Law VS Big Mom: Defiance


One Piece Chapter 1038 - Big Mom overpowering Kid and Law

The Yonko are indeed the titans of the current age whom influence macro and micro decisions of varying factions existing across the Grand Line. When you have someone like Big Mom who destroyed one of the leaders of the Elbaf Giants as a child and continues to threaten the role of the Marines through her dealings with the Underworld and her pursuit of becoming Pirate King, it is little wonder why her name evokes terror whenever whispered. And beyond Charlotte Linlin there is Kaido, Shanks and Teach. Each of these mysterious characters are elevated to the positions they hold by the power they possess. Their name, status and reputation ensured any challenge directed their way was kept to a minimum. But it is this hubris that blinded them to the true threat of the Worst Generation. Even now, Big Mom rejects such a reality. Her biggest and most severe misstep she has taken in her tenure as a Yonko is underestimating the opponents currently before her. The defiance Law and Kid have expressed has literally stopped Big Mom in her tracks.

Even if Big Mom won’t be defeated in this arc, there is little doubt that everything else around her that she has worked hard for will crumble and leave her with no choice but to retreat and escape. Kaido will be defeated. Wano Kuni will be liberated. And her path forward to the throne of Pirate King will be challenged by the New Generation whom claim victory here. Law and Kid acknowledge Luffy’s abilities and belief in the possibility of his victory over Kaido. This is why they are so determined now in their opposition of Big Mom and keeping her from getting to the roof and interrupting Luffy’s fight against Kaido. The dice has been cast and fate now tumbles forward. If Big Mom wishes to avoid being completely embarrassed by her ego, she needs to begin treating Kid and Law as serious threats. They have on three occasions now stopped her in her tracks – on the roof when they knocked her down, when they awakened their Devil Fruits and right now when they declared their conviction in stopping Big Mom from reaching the roof.

One Piece Chapter 1038 - Kid and Law counter attacking

Big Mom has already mentioned she is getting tired. Slowly yet surely, the efforts and attacks of Kid and Law are taking their toll on her. Big Mom is not immortal and her power is not endless. She has a limit and if Kid and Law can hold off long enough for Big Mom to reach such a state, they can succeed in their objective. An objective that isn’t centered around taking Big Mom’s head but buying Luffy enough time to defeat Kaido. The change in mission has led to a change in tactics which has left Kid and Law in a more advantageous position where they do not have to use their abilities to kill Big Mom but to ensnare and immobilize her. Jinbe is still active, so I wonder if he too will also be used in slow down Big Mom.

Until the Worst Generation arrived in the New World, I suspect the Yonko had little to no opposition from any force outside the Marines and Yonko. Once Kaido and Big Mom’s defeats are broadcast to the whole world, the proceeding reaction from the public will be immensely fascinating to witness. The bounties of the Straw Hat. Kid and Heart Pirates will most certainly increase but will the public also begin calling the Worst Generation or Luffy, Kid and Law by a different title? Yonko Slayers?

I didn’t expect Izo to be injured by the nameless Beast Pirates let alone encounter the Cipher Pol Aigis Zero in that state. Even if the Beast Pirates are weak individually, there is power in numbers and Izo not having a rubber body meant he was always at a risk of getting hit by a stray shot or two. Seeing as Izo headed toward the basement, that must be where also Marco went as well. Izo standing up to the CP-0 isn’t a wrong action to take. Sure Izo could be in a better condition before challenging the CP-0 but here or in the future, Izo would need to fight agents of the World Government. Better to deal with the problem now than wait for it to fester and grow. There is a certain level of dread attached to this battle but surely an ally will arrive to assist Izo who is now up against two CP-0 agents. Marco already headed off in pursuit of the Kanjuro’s Kazenbo, so I don’t believe he will be the one to help Izo. Denjiro has been oddly out of the focus for while and if he isn’t going to be used to assist in dealing with Orochi who is now with Hiyori, he may be the one to assist Izo. Would be wild if God Usopp is the one to challenge the agents of the Tenryuubito.

One Piece Chapter 1038 - Yamato stopping the Kazenbo from igniting the explosives

Turning to Yamato, their desperate attempts in preventing the Kazenbo from igniting the explosives is paying off with the bombs now frozen but seeing as the Kazenbo is a manifestation of hatred in the form of fire, it is only a matter of time before the ice melts and the explosives are set off if the Kazenbo is unchecked. Yamato’s ice is able to cool off the Kazenbo but at the same time, Yamato is also affected by the fire within its form. The current set-up also seems perfect for Marco to be highlighted. Macro has a form made up of special fire and he could be the one to assist in stopping the Kazenbo. Macro arriving in front of Yamato would also mean Macro gets to meet the inheritor of Oden’s will.

The circumstances surrounding Zoro leaves me at a loss. The Shinigami (Grim Reaper) appearing in front of Zoro has me confused. What is it? Where did it come from? Why in front of Zoro at this point in time? Does its appearance signify that Zoro is close to death and almost passing over? I doubt it, Oda-sensei wouldn’t be that obvious, right? Is it the spirit of Enma still testing Zoro? An extension of King’s powers? Blackbeard’s new member? Is it Brook after he learned the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu? The spirit of Onigashima? The sleeping Devil Fruit awakening? Is it a totally new character? And/or a consequence of the day being the Fire Festival which seeks to pay tribute to the dead? As things are, it looks like a Grim Reaper has appeared in front of Zoro to claim his soul.

One Piece Chapter 1038 - Zoro encounters a Shinigami?

It would be fascinating if Zoro was able to commune with the spirits who passed over such as a certain Shimotsuki Samurai. There is also a possibility that the Shinigami is an illusion created by another character who has targeted Zoro. As was shown in chapter 1036, there was a scout who witnessed Zoro defeating King. There is something weird about the smoke and circular aura around this “Shinigami”. It could just be the conveyance of dread but it could also be something else. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and learning what this entity is. Also great cover page – will we get a Niji and Yonji rescue section within the coming arc?

3 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 1038 – Kid & Law VS Big Mom: Defiance

  1. Considering your later reviews, you’re really putting your hopes up for God Ussop, hehe. But I
    it’d be honestly great if he was the one coming to aid Izo. I also felt like he could’ve done so much more during Wano :/. Oda-sensei’s saving his greatness for Elbaf.

    And if the Shinigami turned out to be Brook, this outright would be one of his best jokes ever. Yohohoho

  2. Usopp is very curious character. From a certain perspective, he operates as Luffy’s shadow, supporting and complimenting him. When Luffy got his first bounty, Usopp was in it. When Miss Merry Christmas revealed Luffy was defeated, Usopp expressed his belief in Luffy. When the Going Merry’s fate was revealed, it was Usopp who challenged Luffy thereby complimenting the situation in which Luffy’s actual feelings were reveal + Sogeking who not only set the World Government flag ablaze but also saved Robin on the bridge. When Luffy punched a Tenryuubito, Usopp also arrived to take out another Tenryuubito (Saint Rosward). When Doflamingo was challenged, it was Usopp who took on the most serious threat outside Doflamingo (Sugar) + God Usopp.

    So far in the Wano Arc, Usopp has not had his moment to shine. Plus it would be incredibly fitting for a character known as God Usopp as per his wanted poster to challenge the agents of those looking to be known as “Gods” aka the Tenryuubito. Everything outside the Ciper Pol Aigis Zero looks to be covered – Luffy will handle Kaido, Kid and Law will handle Big Mom, Momonosuke will handle Onigashima, Yamato and Marco will handle the explosives and Kanjuro’s Kazenbo, Franky will handle whatever is happening with Zoro, Jinbe will handle the protection of the people in the mansion, Chopper will handle the medical aid, Hiyori will handle Orochi, Raizo will handle Fukurokuju, Robin and Brook will handle locating the Road Poneglyph and learning about the history of “Onigashima” and Wano Kuni, Fuga will handle Rokki.

    Usopp is currently helping save Kin’emon and Kiku but once they have been delivered to Chopper, Usopp will be able to assist elsewhere. The current actions of the CP-0 directly concerns the Straw Hat Pirates with them targeting Robin. Previously it was Usopp who saved Robin from being taken away in Enies Lobby and in a sense, Usopp defeated the CP-9 by defeating Spandam. Right now we have Robin being targeted again with the Cipher Pol involved. With Usopp being one of the few free characters remaining in the current position of the arc, it would make sense for him to also involve himself in the fight against the CP-0. The CP-0 are currently on the first basement floor, so if Usopp does arrive and position himself on a higher floor, he can use his range to his advantage against the CP-0 – they are both melee fights. Oda-sensei is saving Usopp for something truly major in this arc.

  3. You’re insight to the Usopp x Luffy dynamic in the series is very interesting. I’d hardly ever stopped to see it in this way.

    And yes, I was thinking the same! Usopp’s the only one who’s available to deal with CP0, and looking at all the Mugiwara, he’s also the only one who hasn’t had a major significant role in Wano. So yeah, I agree. God Usspo’s gonna kick some CP0’s ass.

    (This may be the Nami simp within me talking, but I’d love if the two of them together dealt with CP0. Coward duo earning some respect for themselves, hehe)

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