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Edens Zero Chapter 175 - Feather following the Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 175 – Feather VS Connor: Divergence


Edens Zero Chapter 175 - Feather following the Edens Zero

Within the shadow of Connor’s feats also existed Feather’s capabilities. Connor may have been able to evade the Racer division and navigate through the asteroid field expertly but what Feather achieved was just as impression. Accelerating through the asteroid field at greater speeds than the Edens Zero, Feather too was able to navigate the dangers of region as if they were non-existent. Even if enhanced by her Ether Gear, what Feather displayed was an in depth understanding of her abilities and how it can be leveraged to achieve phenomenal actions. If not for the fast travel, Feather would have likely disabled and caught the Edens Zero.

Connor was sensationally impressive. For his first time piloting the Edens Zero, he was able to intuitively understand how to operate it and adjust its functionality to achieve his desired ends. He intimately understands a ship’s operations and how each component and mechanic interacts and integrates with one another. Such knowledge allowed him to bypass a ship’s standard limits and temporary raise its capabilities into something unbelievable. That fine line between destruction and escape was razor thin and Connor traversed it breathtakingly.

Edens Zero Chapter 175 - Connor adjusting the systems of the Edens Zero

One curious development about Connor from his time piloting the Edens Zero is how he was able to view Hermit’s source code, analyse it and adjust it in a matter of seconds. Connor would have had to have known what to look for, what to adjust and how the update would have affected other elements of the code. That is not something normal for a ship pilot to know. Such expertise entrenches my belief that Connor has something to do with the creation of Ziggy’s Dark Stars. If Ziggy could have his factory produce Dark Star level robots, he would be doing it already but something has prevented him to only having four of them. Connor mentioned to Laguna that he served a role on Lendard that only a human could perform. This unique role could be the coding behind the Dark Stars which allowed for a normal robot to become more advanced and gain some form of living programming with their code.

Connor was able to change the source code of the Edens Zero, which raises an interesting possibility, couldn’t he do the same with the Four Shining Stars? If Hermit and Sister’s memories of the past are hidden away in their code, I suspect Connor could be the one to locate that information. Even the Edens Zero’s travel log from the past could be retrieved by Connor. Though, until Hermit and Sister begin to trust Connor more, he won’t be looking at their code anytime soon. I did love how Hermit reacted when Connor started messing with her source code. I know that feeling all too well when someone else looks at your code and starts editing in ways you don’t agree with. Code is an art; you develop it in ways that is both functional and constructionally beautiful in terms of its efficiency, legibility and accessibility. As a whole it is complete in your mind so when someone begins to tinker with it using elements and methodological that you don’t seem to agree with, it becomes a problem in your mind. When Hermit grimaced, I felt that. Once Hermit comes to accept Connor more, she will be more open with him updating her code and improving it. Connor is more than a pilot, he appears to also be an engineer.

Edens Zero Chapter 175 - The crew tumbling around the Edens Zero as they escape the Feather Armada

The chase into the asteroid field was such a Star Wars moment for me. If the Force was a power system in Edens Zero, Connor would have some affinity with it. Because he honestly used the Force to evade those asteroids and understand how the environment can be used to trip up Feather, who was as well displaying a high level of Force affinity. Such a glorious moment that was seeing a space chase that incorporated high level of piloting skills. The lack of enthusiasm in the Racer squad tackling the asteroid field only generated more hype for those pilots that chose to wholeheartedly cast themselves into such an abyss. Connor and Feather were truly magnificent. Also the captain of the Feather Armada having Racer’s (from Fairy Tail) design caught me off guard. Well played Mashima-sensei, well played.

Holy being reintroduced was a pleasant surprise and her knowing the Edens Zero’s destination was quite the curious revelation. If not for the visit to Blue Garden, I doubt Holy would have such information hence why she is only acting now. It is almost confirmed that Holy has contacts on Blue Garden which she leverages for information. Considering Blue Garden is the home world of the Shooting Starlight Guild, it makes sense why factions would have contacts/spies there. A lot of people and information flow through there. I wonder who Holy’s contact is – Clarisse? Or another one of the Shooting Starlight guild members? As for Feather, while she failed to capture the Edens Zero, I suspect she will either continue being relevant in the current arc or will return to focus in the arc immediately following the current arc. Ziggy won’t be defeated in the upcoming encounter, so it will be fascinating to see how the story develops with the different factions colliding on Lendard. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

5 thoughts on “Edens Zero Chapter 175 – Feather VS Connor: Divergence

  1. The involvement of those forces into the all Ziggy problem, is honestly making it way more interesting. It always felt odd to me that the IUA hardly showed any care for it, so that’s a relief.

    And while I’m not familiar with the Star Wars franchise, that was honestly freaking awesomely cool. Space is such a fun setting and anyway Mahima-sensei allows himself to explore it, great things happen. Though I remember him saying that drawing those scenes is expensive, hence why we don’t have a lot of them.

    Oh, and do you work/are you familiar with codes? That’s freaking cool! I have no idea how those work, but I guess that makes you appreciate the futuristic aspects of Edens Zero even more.

  2. Seeing how much focus is being given to the upcoming Edens Zero (+Elsie) VS Edens One battle, I wonder exactly how things are going to pan out when it is almost a guarantee that Ziggy won’t be completely losing. Ziggy is an endgame antagonist that adds a lot of mystery to the story of Edens Zero. If he isn’t going to be captured/destroyed, it will be fascinating to see what the twist at the end of the climax will be. Even if his Dark Stars and machine factory end up being destroyed, he will exit the stage with some form of an advantage – I wonder if he will recapture Connor or somehow pit the Interstellar Union Army against the Edens Zero.

    Concerning Star Wars, while I have been familiar with the films for a long time, I never considered myself a Star Wars fan until the start of last year when I ended up watching all the animated series and rewatching the films. There are a lot of cool elements, concepts and characters in the franchise.

    And yes, I do work with code. The code languages/syntax used in Edens Zero and real life may be different but the underlying principles should be the same – you have a problem that needs a solution and the path to get there is the code. I suspect with the galaxy open and multiple races existing, the amount of coding languages available would be endless. It is unclear if Connor is adept in a language Hermit isn’t familiar or whether it is just his style. Would be cool to see Connor and Hermit share their knowledge. Hermit may be able to make further process in analysing the Edens Zero data that had been inaccessible before. Hermit could also learn a few things from Connor’s unorthodox way of doing things.

  3. Coming from the future, now we know that Deadend Crow’s the one who’ll be taking the stage. That’s amazing.

    I might eventually check Star Wars. I wonder if the last year’s (anime?) would be a decent introduction to the story.

    Wow, that’s so cool! I have hardly any idea of how those work, but from the little I’ve seen of it, it’s really fascinating. I’m sure Mashima-sensei would use the basics of it into the story, with his own magical twist, of course, hehe.

    That’s probably just from Connor’s unorthodox way of doing things, lol. If there’s someone who can top Hermit at programing, that someone might be the Dark Star operating as an update of her.

    • Star Wars Visions is definitely worth checking out. It isn’t handled in the manner other Star Wars projects are but the way in which it was constructed is familiar to those who enjoy anime. It is a project that attempts to expand the Star Wars brand beyond their current fanbase toward those in the East that may not necessarily have been exposed to it in the past.

      It is a collection of short stories that exist independently from each other. Each episode done by different studios attempts to give the viewer a taste of what is possible in one of fictions more expansive worlds. And it expands it. Personally, I loved Star Wars Visions. My tweet from last year when it was release: https://twitter.com/Syphin12/status/1440692383948034069

      Those unfamiliar with Star Wars will have a different reaction considering they won’t be able to contrast Vision against the main story but Visions was still produced with much love and is worth checking out. The episodes aren’t long (13-22 minutes) and there are 9 episodes in season 1 so not much time commitment. You can even watch the episodes over several days as each episode is standalone.

      • Woah, sounds like a fun project! Well, if I ever were to check Stars Wars, it must’ve only be in anime form so I’m definitely watching it. The fact that it’s handled by different studios especially sparks my interest.

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