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One Piece chapter 978 - Onigashima Island with the massive Ancient Giant skull and the massive blade stuck in the ground

[Theory] One Piece – The DEVIL Fruit Of Legend

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One Piece chapter 978 - Onigashima Island with the massive Ancient Giant skull and the massive blade stuck in the ground

With the revelation in chapter 1037 hinting toward a Legendary Devil Fruit that brought much concern to the World Government that they sought to hide it’s real name from the world and its history, certain elements in One Piece are now painted in a different light. Specifically elements that involve certain beings and Islands. Why did the World Government seek to erase this Devil Fruit’s name and why are they so afraid of it “awakening”? Do they fear this Devil Fruit as a weapon the Ancient Civilisation of the past used? The development leaves many questions but it also establishes the a very real connection the current events in the Wano Kuni Arc have to the wars engaged between the Ancient Civilisation and the World Government of the past.

What does the Devil Fruit represent? Considering the focus rested on Zunesha during the exchange of this dialog, it naturally leads one to believe that the subject in question is Zunesha herself. Did Zunesha eat a Devil Fruit and become what it is today? Or was Zunesha a mere distraction to the real subject of the conversation. From the reader’s perspective, it would make sense for Zunesha to be the Legendary Devil Fruit the Five Elders are talking about but currently they have no idea Zunesha is in the surrounding waters of Wano Kuni. All they know is that their contact has spotted a huge shadow which looks like an Island. How many Islands are there in Wano Kuni which has had their original name mysteriously hidden that could cause the Five Elders to sweat? Only one Island in Wano Kuni comes to mind and that is Onigashima.

One Piece Chapter 982 - Marco mentions that Onigashima wasn't the Island's original name

Further evidence against Zunesha being the target of their discussion is the fact that Zunesha’s existence hasn’t been a secret from the world. Kaido and Big Mom knew about Zunesha. Law knew about it. Drake knew about it through the Beast Pirates. Rumours were spread about it. The Mink who resided on the Island weren’t isolated on Zunesha’s back through the centuries. This is evidenced by Mink being a item on the Sabaody Archipelago slavery list. Knowledge of Zunesha would have been spread and such knowledge would have found its way to the World Government. Zunesha should not be a secret to the World Government. And Zunesha has been awake/living for a millennia. Rumours of Zou being a moving Island should be known to the World Government and as such, they would not be surprised at her existence and being mobile/awake. Rather given that Wano Kuni is the setting and any knowledge surrounding it being unknown to the World Government due to their closed borders, the Devil Fruit in question I believe should be located within Wano Kuni.

The word “Island” appeared to trigger the Five Elders and as mentioned above, there is one Island in Wano Kuni seeped in mystery, uniqueness and possibility. Onigashima, an Island that only received that name AFTER Kaido settled on the Island. What was it called before? Currently that is unknown. Everything about Onigashima has been shrouded in mystery from its positioning within Wano Kuni as the only Island not part of the rest, from it’s unnamed and deserted nature before Kaido’s appearance, to Kaido choosing Onigashima as his home, to the Giant Skull, to the Giant Sword, and to the current substantive focus it is receiving – chapter 977 and ongoing (as at chapter 1037). The uniqueness of Onigashima could be because it represents more than an Island. It could be the Devil Fruit the Five Elders are currently concerned about.

One Piece chapter 997 - Kaido lifts Onigashima Island up into the sky with his flame clouds

Kaido’s actions could also hold relevance in unraveling this mystery. Kaido has been captured by the Marines before and his Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu had caught the attention of the World Government who wished a copy of it to be made. Could Kaido have uncovered information concerning Wano Kuni and Onigashima from his time at one of the Marine facilities he was held in? Could it be the Punk Hazard facility he escaped and rescued King from? Most likely. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the name Kaido gave the Island – Onigashima – was taken or inspired from the information he retrieved from the Marines/World Government. The World Government may have labelled the Devil Fruit that name or something similar when talking about it in their records – it can’t be Uranus, can it? Could the Devil Fruit’s name be the Oni Oni no Mi? The Giant Skull on Onigashima has yet to be addressed and has been looming a giant mystery since its appearance in chapter 920 (although the Island shape was first hinted in chapter 793). For such a long running mystery to not be covered yet at all, one can’t help but suspect it holding an immense amount of importance for coming developments. That giant sword lodged in Onigashima is of equal intrigue too. Why is there a giant sword there? Did it belong to a giant? Is Onigashima a sleeping Giant/Oni? What factors will cause its awakening? An explosion? Kanjuro’s Kazenbo? The complete destruction of Onigashima? Combining with Mount Fujiyama? Zunesha? Orochi? Momonosuke? Luffy? Robin? Yamato? Pulling out the sword lodged in the Island (a seal)? Something else? Whatever the case, I believe that it is a strong possibility that what the Five Elders are referring to when they are talking about a Devil Fruit being given a specific name is Onigashima.

One Piece Chapter 1037 - The World Government react to the mention of an Island and Zunesha appears

Could the World Government have been afraid to attack Wano Kuni not only because of the Samurai but because of a sleeping threat that resides within the region? And could this threat be Onigashima or whatever the Devil Fruit name it goes by (Oni Oni no Mi)? However the mysteries end up being resolved, I can’t shake the feeling that Onigashima is considerably important within the story of the Ancient Civilisation and Joyboy. Given that Zunesha has also arrived in Wano will Zunesha awaken the Devil Fruit (Onigashima) and wield the giant sword lodged in the Island with its trunk? Is this what Zunesha’s mission/purpose is? The World Government may have hidden the name of the Devil Fruit because they did not want the Island in question to be treated as anything beyond an Island. If the Island was labelled a Devil Fruit, questions would be raised about it. The Kozuki Clan could have also hidden the real name of Onigashima because they didn’t want the Island being treated as anything other than an Island before the appropriate time arose that it became relevant again i.e. when Joyboy reappeared.

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