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Edens Zero Chapter 174 - Shiki and Feather meet

Edens Zero Chapter 174 – Feather: Meeting Shiki

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Edens Zero Chapter 174 - Shiki and Feather meet

The mechanics behind the Eye of God power leaves much mystery in it’s wake. How does it function? How does it analyse information? And how does it assist in constructing a path forward for the user? It’s natural operation seems straight forward – it receives information and uses that to predict the future. When defining the type of information it uses in its analysis, it becomes incredibly more fascinating – what form does that information take? Does the Eye of God power act on general information or specific? It likely overlaps between the two with seemingly more emphasis to the general interpretation based on the overarching nature of the power. The fact that Shiki was able to escape Feather’s “sight” implies the rigidity in its interpretation. A reasonable person may have behaved in the manner Feather predicted but after her meeting with Shiki, she now knows that Shiki isn’t someone ordinary. Feather’s Eye of God power going forward will continue to stumble when attempting to predict Shiki’s next action.

I suspect the Eye of God power references the usual course of action against how it predicts the targets next actions. Information is factored in as per what powers, individuals and environment the situation occurs in and through general interpretation of what could happen next, Feather bases her actions. Unfortunately for her, the manner in which Shiki functions is anything but general and normal. Because of Shiki, Feather experienced her largest discrepancy in prediction. And as it is said, if it happens once, it can happen again. The Eye of God ability may be powerful in countering opponents and avoiding immense danger but the value of its effects lies heavily in the type of anaylsis and interpretation that goes on when forming the prediction. Feather expected the Edens Zero crew to exit the Shooting Starlight guild together and engage in battle but does she believe that Shiki wished for there to be zero casualties in the current conflict? I don’t believe Feather considers the pacifistic approach in Shiki’s current actions which is also why she did not see her legs being pinned to the ground with gravity. It was an application of Shiki’s ability that only served to immobilize Feather than injure her. From Feather’s perspective, she likely interpreted the future based on the Edens Zero crew being more aggressive.

Edens Zero Chapter 174 - Feather immobolized by Shiki's gravity

Feather’s Ether Connection is quite the ability but I wonder if this is a subset of the Eye of God power of one completely independent from it. Given that Noah also possesses the Eye of God Ether Gear, can he also perform such an act? The fact that Noah hasn’t been shown at all being able to activate such a power likely means that it is separate. Ether Connect may not even be specific to Feather and it could be an effect from the suits the Interstellar Union Army soldiers are wearing. If the Eye of God power can be shared, it would be incredibly fascinating to have it shared with Rebecca who could provide a better analysis of possible future events based her jumps into alternative spaces and times. And if Feather is the only one who can share the Eye of God power, there may come a time where she works alongside the Edens Zero.

I found it hilarious that the Interstellar Union Army soldiers, even with the pseudo Eye of God power activated through them, they were unable to react in time and keep up with the speed of the Edens Zero crew. Homura was totally right when she explained to the soldiers why they couldn’t stop the Edens crew – they could not handle the movements. Makes me wonder if Noah is also adept at micro-applications of his Eye of God power or whether he opts to utilize his power on a more macro level to avoid danger and conflict. Does Noah know any martial arts?

Edens Zero Chapter 174 - Rebecca's Overdrive Leaper form

Rebecca’s Overdrive form being revealed in such a moment was truly unexpected even though I had anticipated her to have awakened it during the three year gap. Normally you would expect such a power up to be featured in a climatic moment against a power foe to foreboding situation but here she straight up used it against nameless soldier. Makes me wonder why and whether the form shown in this chapter isn’t her complete Overdrive form. Rebecca may have unleashed some of the Leaper powers to awaken such a form but the true extent of the Cat Leaper power could have a new form on the horizon for Rebecca. At present, Rebecca’s new form appears to only harness the power of her leap in terms of speed rather than time – her Leaper power. Once Rebecca is able to incorporate time jumps with her Overdrive form, I suspect she would take on a new form – her Cat Leaper power. This will be the form that is featured in a climatic moment.

Connor returning to the Edens Zero to become its Pilot was great. It would have felt a waste if Connor was sidelined to the background after being brought into focus with his Universe 3 situation and the revelation that he has a wife and daughter that he is currently searching for. Set-up has been laid for him for there not be payoff. I still believe that Connor helped in the production of Ziggy’s Dark Stars and may have a role in assisting with the maintenance and/or construction of more Shining Stars. If Connor is a mechanic/engineer, he could also assist in restoring some of Sister or Hermit’s memories.

Edens Zero Chapter 174 - Shiki curious farewell to Feather

The comment Shiki made to Feather – “see you later” – will hold value going forward. Shiki may not be aware of it currently but I suspect he subconsciously tapped into a future feeling which caused the curious statement to be expressed by him in his first meeting with Feather. Like we have seen before, Shiki can attract memories from his alternate selves, and that is likely what happened here. On a microscopic level, when looking Feather in the eyes and speaking to her, some form of familiarity was expressed. The statement Shiki made could very well be foreshadowing to Feather’s increased role going forward. Feather will undoubtedly meet Shiki again but I wonder if she will eventually become an ally to Shiki. Very much looking forward to next chapter.

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 174 – Feather: Meeting Shiki

  1. Noah and Feather have quite the fascinating ability. I also suspect Ether Connect to be an independent technique from Eye of God – perhaps its activation is possible due to the IUA suits? Anyway, if the EZ crew and some other characters could use it in the future, we’d have pretty interesting team battles.
    Regarding Rebecca’s OverDrive, my thoughts are just the same. She may have achieve the point to stress her Ether to that point, but the time for her upgraded Leaping powers to awake is yet to come.
    And finally, might be reading too much into it but Shiki’s being able to subvert Feather’s analysis may be a nod to how he’s able to dodge fate, a thing he’s been doing since the fight with Draken Joe. And about Feather… Based on this encounter, the possibilities of her becoming an ally to the crew are pretty high. Now an Eye of God and Cat Leaper combo would be the unstoppable deal.

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