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Edens Zero Chapter 173 - Feather intercepting the Edens Zero before they head back to the Kaede Cosmos

Edens Zero Chapter 173 – Feather: Eye Of God

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Edens Zero Chapter 173 - Feather intercepting the Edens Zero before they head back to the Kaede Cosmos

As the Edens Zero prepares to assault the planet Lendard, they first take a detour to Blue Garden in order to drop off Connor at the Adventurer’s Guild – Shooting Starlight. In addition to meeting Noah, they also find themselves targeted by the Interstellar Union Army, specifically, Feather of the Oración Seis Interstellar. Just like Noah, she possess the Eye of God Ether Gear that has the ability to observe the locations of people through both space and time. Unlike Noah though, Feather has seemingly kept the information of Rebecca’s abnormal positioning to herself. Neither the Oración Seis Interstellar or the Interstellar Union army are aware of the abilities Rebecca possesses. Why is this the case?

Possessing the same Ether Gear power as Noah means Feather is able to deduce the irregularities arising when one uses an ability that distorts the fabrics of reality, time and space such as the Cat Leaper Ether Gear. Without a doubt Feather noticed the changes in reality when Rebecca used her Cat Leaper power and jumped into Universe 3 during the Aoi Cosmos Arc. I would also expect Feather to have noticed when Rebecca used her Cat Leaper power and jumped into Universe 2 when Edens Zero were facing off against Drakken. Even if Feather only noticed Rebecca when using her power to jump into Universe 3, is has been three years since that moment and yet nothing has been conveyed through their actions to suggest that they are aware of Rebecca’s powers being able to warp reality and possibility. It is almost as if the knowledge on Rebecca was kept a secret from the Interstellar Union Army.

Edens Zero Chapter 173 - Hermit identifying the movements of the Interstellar Union Army

And then there is the question of why Feather is moving on the Edens Zero now? Why now of all times before the crew engage in battle against Ziggy and his army of machines? I understand that Shiki recently became classed as one of the Oración Seis Galáctica and is now one of the targets of the Interstellar Union Army but if this was any other member of the Oración Seis Interstellar, the current situation would make sense. The fact that it is Feather, seemingly the most pragmatic member of the group, who is attempting to potentially kill Shiki makes very little sense to me. Feather, who previously indirectly voiced to the group that Elsie should not be focused on due to her threat level to the public being minimal, is now focusing her efforts on a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica who poses the least risk out of any other member? Rather, the Edens Zero has been a boon to the people of the Kaede Cosmos with them doing the Interstellar Union Army’s job for them. The way I see it, if Feather was focused on taking out a threat, she wouldn’t be targeting the Edens Zero, she would instead be looking at Deadend Crow, Saintfire Nox or God Acnoella. And even if Feather did consider the Edens Zero a threat, she would not choose now to attack them. With her Eye of God ability, she would have been aware of the path that awaits Shiki and potentially could have targeted him earlier rather than waiting three years. Feather would have also brought back up rather than come alone to face the Edens Zero.

There is something bigger in play currently with Feather and her presence on Blue Garden without any other members of the Oración Seis Interstellar. Her real intentions may not be what the Edens Zero expects. Everything so far does appear to suggest that Feather has come to capture Shiki but reading between the lines, I suspect Feather to have her own motives beyond the objectives of the Interstellar Union Army. Feather could have located the Edens Zero anytime with her Eye of God ability but she didn’t and chose this moment before they head to face Ziggy as the moment to encounter them. Feather may have given her subordinates the order to shoot when the Edens Zero crew emerge from the Guild but she is also aware that they will exit together. What else can she see with her ability as per the potential future awaiting? Does she see Shiki stopping the bullets and escaping back to the Edens Zero? However the events unfold, I do not expect Feather to an enemy of the Edens Zero. Rather with the knowledge Feather possesses about them, I suspect she will be an ally and supporter of their efforts. Shiki not wanting to attack Feather and the Interstellar Union Army is also incredibly important.

Edens Zero Chapter 173 - Feather's variety of eye patterns

Another curious aspect to Feather are the patterns in her eyes when she uses her abilities. Like Noah, Feather also has the circuit-like patterns when using the Eye of God ability but Feather has also displayed two other patters through her eyes – the diamond and plus-shape patterns. Are they also linked to the Eye of God ability and what is being seen/analysed? Shiki does not consider Feather his enemy currently and if Feather were to offer her services to assist them, Shiki will undoubtedly accept such a request.

Turning to Connor, the fact that he has daughter is fascinating. But beyond just the daughter, mention to his wife was also made. Connor’s wife was brave enough to leave what she had built with Connor and move to a different cosmos altogether in order to completely severe the connections she and her daughter has to Connor. The lack of attention Connor gave his family was likely the catalyst to his wife taking their daughter and abandoning him. Considering the importance Connor’s wife played, whenever his daughter does show up, the mother too will be relevant. For this reason I don’t believe Rebecca is Connor’s daughter. If Rebecca’s were his daughter, Rebecca’s mother would have already been set-up in her flashback but at the moment, none of the Rebecca’s parents have been revealed. Whoever Connor’s daughter is, it is not Rebecca. But with Connor’s proximity to the arc, the mother and daughter may end up appearing in the Kaede Cosmos or the proceeding Cosmos the crew travels to (still four out the seven inhabited cosmoses yet to journey to).

Laguna makes a completely valid point when questioning Connor as to his significance to Ziggy on Lendard. Why require a human when machines could suffice? What exactly was his job? Connor stated there were a few jobs only a human could do but he didn’t completely answer Laguna. What jobs were he referring to beyond being a ship captain? Is he an engineer? Biologist? Nuclear scientist? Chef? Developer? Given how planet Lendard is “only” producing template machines to serve as soldiers when androids like Wizard, Clown, Brigandine and Killer exist, I find myself entertaining the idea that Connor had a hand in developing the Four Dark Stars. If Ziggy was able to mass produce those models, he would be doing that already but something is preventing him from using machines to manufacture more Dark Stars and I also suspect human assistance is also required when creating his Dark Stars. Connor may have recently helped in the creation of Brigandine Mark II and Killer Mark II. If Connor did help with the Dark Stars creation, I wonder if he can help produce more Shining Stars.

Edens Zero Chapter 173 - Shiki and the Edens crew resolving to escape the Interstellar Union Army

Connor’s comment about all of Kaede Cosmos being under Ziggy’s control is immensely fascinating. Such a comment implies that Ziggy now controls that cosmos without a competing sovereignty. When Elsie and Justice’s kingdoms fell, did the government also collapse leaving a political void in the process? It is unclear at present what type of governmental system the Kaede Cosmos had in place but if Kingdoms were a thing, the governmental system in place could have been a constitutional monarchy. If the Monarch fell, the very government would have collapsed. I suspect in the past Elsie wanted to prevent greed and corruption from ruining the Kaede Cosmos which is why she did what she did. But if this is the case, since the fall of the Monarch, would the Kaede Cosmos has been a lawless cosmos with not ruling authority? Or was there a de facto ruling power in place? I suspect the latter but whichever of the two existed, it explains why Ziggy was able to enter the Kaede Cosmos and use his force to rest control of the Cosmos under himself. The Kaede Cosmos likely doesn’t have an executive branch which is why the Interstellar Union Army was wholly being relied on for policing matters. For the past three years, the Edens Zero also served this role as they prevent Ziggy from gaining a solid foothold in the Kaede Cosmos. I am very fascinated to learn more about the Kaede Cosmos and its political systems or lack of currently. Will the governmental system change from resting power in the Monarch to leaving it with the people i.e. a change to a democratic system? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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