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Edens Zero Chapter 172 - Ziggy awaiting the Edens Zero to finally crush them

Edens Zero Chapter 172 – The Edenverse: Universe 3


Edens Zero Chapter 172 - Ziggy awaiting the Edens Zero to finally crush them

The dynamics between time, space and Rebecca’s relevance comes to the forefront within this chapter as allusions to her role going forward continues to nudge at the deeper mysteries within Edens Zero. In addition to affecting the flow of the future, Rebecca has also become the key to unlocking and developing the existence of the Multiverse. What this means is that while one world exist, so to do countless others. Similar yet radically different worlds that are both connected and independent from one another residing and breathing alongside each other. Where Rebecca comes in is possessing the unique ability of being able to navigate through such worlds. Not only is Rebecca able to manipulate time and space relative to her world but her ability to displace herself allows her to transition “herself” into spaces outside the one she usually exist in. The applicability of such a power means that the Multiverse, or in this case, the Edenverse, is going to become a more prominent setting for the story going forward. A setting that will drive and dictate the story.

The Edenverse is being introduced and established now because Mashima-sensei plans to leverage such a concept within later parts of the story. When one steps back and thinks how the concept of the multiverse can be used, it becomes clear how it may be used in Edens Zero. Those moments where Rebecca’s shifts herself to a parallel world will become increasingly relevant as defining moments for story threads. They aren’t just past events that happened but rather points that will continue to hold relevance going forward. Rebecca created pathways during those moments and when a path is formed, it means it can be subsequently traversed on.

>>Rebecca Bluegarden: The Girl Who Leapt Through Space, Time & Reality

Connor’s positioning within the Edenverse is incredibly strange. Sure Noah stated that there is nothing prima facie strange about Connor’s varying circumstances across the Universes but I’m someone who embraces doubt and Connor’s story is incredibly peculiar. Why has he always been positioned to have his story intersect with the Edens Zero? The setting surrounding his roles within each Universe is suspiciously intentional that I can’t help but suspect something deeper is in play. I agree that Connor himself within Universe may not be aware of the differing timelines and worlds but within the grand scheme of the narrative unraveling, Connor holds a significant role.

Edens Zero Chapter 172 - Rebecca wonders about the circumstances of Connor

I don’t blame Rebecca from distrusting Connor, rather I support her decision and hope she continues to keep a concerned eye over Connor and what he does as he grows close to the rest of the crew. Until Shiki is able to freely attract his alternative Universes memories to himself, Rebecca at present has the most unique perspective out of everyone. Rebecca from having experienced events more times than others, has additional information to work with to form her deductions. Whatever Rebecca decides to do, I trust her decision.

I actually forgot what Noah’s ability was, so it’s great having a refresher on what he can do and the possibilities existing going forward. I suspect that outside targeted activation of Noah’s ability, he likely can only pick up on strange locational discrepancies of people within a certain proximity of them. Otherwise, every single being’s position in the universe would be flowing through Noah and that would be information overlord for a mortal mind. Noah picked up on Rebecca’s changing position relative to time because she was on the same planet as Noah. If Rebecca was on another cosmos and didn’t alter the Universe in major ways affecting multiple cosmoses, I don’t think Noah would have identified her unless he was already targeting Rebecca with his ability. The reason I establish such a belief is because I believe there are others like Rebecca who can navigate through time and space. Like Shiki, there isn’t only one Gravity Gear user. Rebecca most likely won’t end up being the only user capable of displacing herself through time and space. It doesn’t have to be a Cat Leaper ability but something that functions similar in terms of manipulating time and space. By introducing such a element within the story, it could end up serving to highlight the relation between Rebecca and Shiki and how they compliment each other in regards to both their power and being.

Edens Zero Chapter 172 - Rebecca does not remember using her Cat Leaper ability while on Nero 66

In terms of Universe 3, it was seemingly created when Rebecca was mind controlled and imprisoned by Lyra. During this time, Rebecca’s consciousness traveled to the future where that time’s Rebecca lost her legs and met future Shiki and Noah. Additional, at this time, the characters outside of Weisz were in limbo and could freely have their positioning change without creating suspicion for the readers. Even Weisz who was facing Nasseh outside the Nero 66 facility could have had his position change when the new Universe became Rebecca’s core Universe. Rebecca can’t remember using her Cat Leaper ability because she was under the control of Nasseh at that time. I don’t know if that affected by Rebecca didn’t retain her memory when changing Universes or if the Cat Leaper ability activated as a defensive mechanism in reaction to something cataclysmic. The question as to why Mashima-sensei chose to have Rebecca not remember or be aware of her Cat Leaper ability activation is very curious. At the time, the deaths within the Aoi Cosmos hadn’t taken place. Could Shura, Ijuna, Creed, Nero and Witch have larger roles to play within the story when Rebecca revisits Universe 2 and subsequently finds a path forward where Witch is saved? I believe so. The set-up revealed in this chapter about what was established over the past arcs definitely creates the possibility of the above theory being manifested.

Edens Zero Chapter 172 - Elsie ready to face Ziggy

Ziggy and the Four Dark Stars being brought back into the focus so soon after the conclusion of the Aoi Cosmos Arc is seemingly indicative of what is going to happen. Ziggy won’t be crushed yet, rather, his facility will be stopped but he will come to learn of Rebecca’s ability. Like Rebecca, Ziggy is also in a curious position. When a new Universe is embraced by “Rebecca”, Ziggy in turn retains his memories from his past lives. The reason Ziggy underwent such a drastic shift after Universe 2 was entered is likely because in that moment, when Rebecca was able to retain her memories of the previous world and universe, Ziggy too was able to connect to his alternative selves; past, present and future. The collective energy from the multiple Ziggy’s, dark and light, cascaded within the Ziggy awakening within the new focal Universe. Edens Zero and Edens One may intend to fight until the other side is crushed but there will come a development that ignores such conviction to shift events in a direction unexpected by both parties. It could be Justice, the Oración Seis Galáctica, a representative of Mother (Dragon) or another mysterious party but I don’t see the fight between Edens Zero and Edens One conclusing within this arc. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

2 thoughts on “Edens Zero Chapter 172 – The Edenverse: Universe 3

  1. It’s nice that we get more insight into her powers, but it rises the question on why did Ziggy mistakenly refered to the new universe as World no. 31? If he is truly aware of Cat Leaper’s abilities, why would he refer to them incorrectly? And how is he able to tell the difference? From what we know, Noah is only capable of this feat due to Eye of God, and as for Xiamoei, she’s not affected by space or time. And for Connor… I started having the strange feeling he could be Rebecca’s father. It’s far fetched, I know, but looking back to the begining of Sun Jewel, they kinda act similar to each other. And the way he is always the one affected the most in this while universe leaping stuff… could it be because he’s specially related to Rebecca?

    Besides that, I’m really curious to see how the confrontation between the EZ and the E1 will turn out. We might see some interesting stuff.

    • Oh that’s really interesting about Connor potentially being Rebecca’s father. I like that possibility, it would explain certain things and help substantiate Connor’s character.

      As for Ziggy, he may not be aware of the specifics of Universes and the Multiverse but from potentially how he can attract alternate self memories into himself, he would be aware that there are different versions of himself (the amount of memories he has attracted could be how he is keeping track of the World number). Noah at present, or those with his ability, that can deduce the specifics of how time is affected by Rebecca’s jumps can likely differentiate how time and space is affected differently when Rebecca uses her power. If Rebecca didn’t understand how her powers work, I don’t believe Ziggy would as well just that Rebecca may be important. To Ziggy at present, all that exist are worlds – the term universes and the concept of multiverse wouldn’t exactly be completely known to Ziggy.

      As Shiki grows stronger, he too will likely be able to draw memories from his alternate selves into him. He has already shown he was capable of doing this when facing Drakken and seeing his alternate self die to Draken. I suspect when Shura is brought back into focus, he too will come to draw in the memories of his alternate self that was in a sense “healed” by Ijuna which could serve to help change that Universes Shura.

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