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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 97 - Irene ready to unleash

[Analysis] Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest – Wendy And Irene


Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 97 - Irene ready to unleash

The dynamics between Wendy and Irene within the series have been incredibly affecting. The two certainly have differing perspectives and approaches to handling situations but I feel that such a contrast enables them to broaden how they see life and how they view themselves. In Irene’s case, she was never able to be a mother to Erza but through Wendy she is playing the role of mentor and in a way, the role of a mother. That protective reaction Irene has when it comes to Wendy isn’t just some fleeting feeling but one defined within the core of Irene. The motherly love she possessed but was never able to fully express.

Irene may not be aware of it yet, but what she was unable to do for Erza, she is now able to do through her interactions with Wendy. Irene has a wealth of knowledge concerning magic, spells, enchants and the world. Through Wendy, Irene is able to converse with a like-minded individual and mentor someone who is willing to absorb her teachings and experience with an open mind and heart.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 97 - Irene expresses that Wendy is important to her

Irene’s presence within Wendy’s being illustrates how incredible Wendy is. Irene was feared across Ishgar as one of the most powerful mages. And on top of that Irene mentally and spiritually was broken down over the centuries having to endure the curse afflicting Dragon Slayers. A curse Irene felt stole away her humanity. As Irene conflicted within herself, her kind and compassionate heart slowly lost to the noise of chaos enveloping her. But when acting alongside Wendy, Irene is able to behave more like Irene and less like the Scarlet Despair. Wendy’s spirit not only soothes Irene’s soul but allows her the opportunity to recall what being a human is. It was never the form that made Irene a human but the heart she possessed to protect all those she cared for. Throughout the countless betrayals and looks of fear she had to endure, Irene has finally encountered an individual who is able to look at her not for what she is or what she did but for who she is and the essence existing beyond the darkness.

Wendy has moved past what Irene did to her during the battle against Zeref and Acnologia and right now accepts Irene. The perspective Wendy has is an curiously unique one when it comes to Irene and Erza as she is intimate and close with both. In the larger narrative, Wendy will be key in bridging the gap between Irene and Erza when the moment arrives to see the two encounter each other again.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 48 - Irene uses a Separation Enchant to remove Nebaru's magic

Through Wendy, Irene can observe the growth of her daughter and the type of person Erza really is. Concerning the choices Erza makes going forward, it may even help Irene come to a realisation that she needs to accept herself. Undoubtedly, when Irene meets Erza again, it will be different from how the previous reunion played out. Irene will at that time be ready to be a mother to Erza. Irene will concern herself with Erza and potentially even react to Jellal’s presence in Erza’s life. I believe Irene would approve of him. Jella’s path through darkness has been similar to Irene’s and I sense that when the two meet, their shared connection to Erza will enable them to understand and appreciate each other and themselves. The journey’s the two of them went through will provide the motivation to continue moving forward. Irene did target Fairy Tail before but thanks to the clarity Irene attained at the end of her battle against Erza, she was able to convey to her daughter that despite her madness, deep down she still loves Erza. That decision along with her relation to Wendy will ultimately pave the path for Irene toward her salvation.

2 thoughts on “[Analysis] Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest – Wendy And Irene

  1. That’s a great analysis. Wendy and Irene have certainly been one of the strongest points in 100YQ. Now that Lily knows about her existence within Wendy, and she may be plotting a way to regain a physical form, I wonder where we’ll go on the story concerning those three (Erza included).

    • I’m very curious to see what knowledge Elefseria’s magic is capable of uncovering once it is recovered and how the concept of “negative legacy” fits within the origin and current form of magic. Irene’s story arc is definitely aligned with getting her body back and meeting Erza again but along the way she will be crucial in assisting Fairy Tail (Wendy) understand the varying forms of magic and how at their base they connect.

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