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One Piece chapter 1034 - Sanji is dragged across the walls by Queen's Winch attach

One Piece Chapter 1034 – Sanji VS Queen: Germa Science

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One Piece chapter 1034 - Sanji unleashes onto Queen

The longer Queen feels the need to prove himself a superior scientist over Judge through his battle against Sanji, the more inferior he appears. I honestly did not think there could be a character more insecure than Caesar but here we are. Queen has constantly gone out of his way to prove just how lesser he is to the peers he worked alongside in the past. Queen has been consumed by his own anxiety that the science he now pursues is but a shadow of someone else. Sanji will reign victorious and as Queen lies their in defeat, he will realise just how inferior his science is to Judge’s.

Sanji may be traumatized by his family and the Germa name but through each moment he finds himself contemplating the Germa name, the closer he gets to ultimately accepting his past as that. The past. Queen has set it up so that Sanji gets to become aware of exactly where he stands in regards to his Germa family. By mimicking each of the Germa technologies, Queen has created a path on which Sanji can thread to reach of point of acceptance. Sanji will be able to best all the Germa technology Queen replicated through his own efforts and abilities. Once Sanji defeats Queen, he will know that even though he may have been changed through the Germa Science, he has also been changed by his experiences since leaving his family and the heart that beats within his being. Sanji is not a product of madness but one of love. And as a result, love has become the driving emotion fueling him.

One Piece chapter 1034 - Sanji evades Queen's Sparkling Queen attack

I suspected the one responsible for the Osome’s injuries to be Hawkins’ but it turns out it was Queen all along using the invisible technology he mimicked from Stealth Black to attack Osome. Queen couldn’t handle rejection and consequently vented his insecurity onto her. Such a revelation brought peace of mind to Sanji and I suspect also a subconscious hope that what he fears will not manifest. Sanji has acknowledged Queen as an enemy of woman and has judged his crime of hurting a lady unforgivable.

Sanji has already internalized his siblings abilities as well as his Stealth Black’s abilities and subconsciously devised countermeasures to those attacks. I find it hilarious that Queen thought turning invisible would work. The level of disrespect he had shown to Sanji makes it all the more sweeter seeing Queen overwhelmed by Sanji. If Queen was worth his weight as a Scientist, he wouldn’t be pursuing another in order to establish his superiority. Rather, a Scientist truly seeking the advancement of what is possible would be detached from such insecurities. Queen must have always felt inferior to Judge which is why he is behaving the way he is now. I wonder if Queen became jealous of Judge because he ended up marrying Sora. Queen is honestly Judge’s Caesar.

Osome ended up stumbling onto the battlefield which Queen saw as an opportunity to vent his insecurities once again. Despite Queen’s confident personality, he is an immensely shallow individual with an overwhelmingly sensitive mind. Queen took offense at Osome’s deception of being sick as an excuse not to see him. Queen seems oblivious to the fact that he is a person who others can actually detest. Ignorance really is bliss and arrogance is truly intoxicating. The conflicting personalities clashing against each other conveys the considerable difference the Straw Hat Pirates embody compared to other pirate crews. Queen fortunately is serving his purpose of highlighting Sanji and the encompassing heart he possesses.

One Piece chapter 1034 - Sanji is dragged across the walls by Queen's Winch attach

There will come a moment where Sanji awakens his Haoshoku Haki and I believe it will occur in the moment Sanji comes to embrace his roots and accept that he isn’t who he fears himself to be. The heart he possesses ignites his passion. Much like how Zoro embraced his path, Sanji will do the same when Queen takes him to the edge. Once Zoro and Sanji achieve their new powers, the path toward Yamato joining will be almost complete. Oda-sensei had illustrated what Yamato could do during his battle with Kaido and now in order to raise the Zoro and Sanji’s abilities to compare with Yamato’s capabilities, Oda-sensei is going out his way to not only give then a boost to their abilities but also awakening Haoshoku Haki in both of them. Such extensive power ups are intentional by Oda-sensei and reflective of Yamato’s potential going forward i.e. future Straw Hat Pirate.

King and Queen are also seemingly being dealt with before Yamato’s climax which may take place moments before Luffy deals the finishing blow to Kaido. Yamato is being focused on significantly by Oda-sensei and when an arc character receives such attention, one can’t help but wonder why the author chose such a path. Very much looking forward to the seeing Zoro and Sanji take down King and Queen.

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