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Edens Zero Chapter 170 - Three years later character reveal

Edens Zero Chapter 170 – Kaede Cosmos: Planet Sweeds

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Edens Zero Chapter 170 - Three years later character reveal

With the space of three years having elapsed the story moves to the Kaede Cosmos where Ziggy has increased his operations of turning planets into hubs of robot rebellion by controlling the androids to conflict against humans and other living organisms. The Edens Zero’s journey to Mother has been put on hold in the face of the threat Ziggy represents to the coexistence and peace between robots and living beings. In order to protect what they feel is worth protecting, the Edens Zero has taken it upon themselves to be the force that counters Ziggy. Unfortunately, these actions and representation of power has attracted the eye of the Interstellar Union Army who have now classified Shiki as one of the Oración Seis Galáctica.

One of the most curious aspects about the chapter for me is why does Sweeds resemble Magnolia from Fairy Tail so much? Sure, there are some variances but the overall design reminds me so much of Magnolia, especially the canal. Was this intentional by Mashima-sensei? Considering Magnolia was the city the Fairy Tail guild was based in, Mashima-sensei would b overly familiar with its design, so this leads me to believe that he intentionally incorporated elements of the Magnolia within Sweeds. Was there a reason for it? For the first town the Edens Zero crew would visit after the timeskip to be Sweeds suggest their may be some more story to the planet. I wonder if the crew will encounter a new character within Sweeds.

Edens Zero Chapter 170 - Shiki using gravity to disable the robots

Sweeds was originally a planet occupied by both humans and robots in the past but after Ziggy visit the planet, he reprogrammed the robots and forced them to conflict with the humans. As such, the humans have either evacuated the planet or have gone into hiding. Considering the hostility the robots possessed and the ability to evacuate a whole planet, it seems more likely that in the main are of the city, only robots reside. Any humans remaining may have fled to the sewers or hidden areas away from the sight of robots. I don’t see all the humans on the planet having been evacuated as a ticket aboard an escape shuttle would likely cost money and there would be those who unfortunately don’t have the luxury purchasing a place aboard a ship. If the focus remains on the Edens Zero crew on Sweeds, I can see them meeting a new character or characters.

I am curious to learn if there is a particular reason for Ziggy’s current path or whether the planets he visits are random and free from specificity. Is he targeting planets that support coexistence between machines and humans or are the planets he targets just ones who have a high volume of androids? Whatever the case, Ziggy is finding the actions of the Edens Zero annoying as illustrated by the continuous enhancements he makes to the cores controlling the robots on the planet. As per Victory’s statement, the Edens Zero have stopped 17 attempts by Ziggy at controlling planets over the past three years. Victory mentions that Ziggy’s influence is growing and that he at least feels grateful toward Edens Zero for assisting in helping the afflicted planets.

Edens Zero Chapter 170 - Justice targets Shiki

Justice unfortunately has continued down the path of ignorance and added more misplaced hatred onto his being. Justice feels so adamant in his hatred that and “justice” that he has become blind to anything else that may challenge to legitimacy of his established purpose. Considering how strong a theme ‘blind justice’ is for Justice, I truly do wonder if events will take place that makes Justice physically blind. The path Justice is on is set-up for one where a reckoning will occur that shakes his very perspective to its core. At that moment, he will learn the consequences of his actions and misplaced hatred. Justice may be positioned as an antagonist to the Edens Zero but in the long term, his story will develop where he eventually comes to see the truth behind what the Edens Zero is doing. I suspect, the realisation of Jesse’s lies will become the first crack in his “justice” thereby leading to further fractures as Justice comes to reanalysis his thoughts on everything else i.e. Elsie. The three years Justice spent deceived by lies will become the hammer that shatters his arrogance allowing his to see his anger for what it is. The level of hypocrisy within Justice’s words and actions may finally become aware to him in this moment.

I really enjoyed the new designs for the three years later characters. Hermit and Pino and may be androids that don’t age biologically but it was still exciting to see how mature they look now. As for Shiki, his new look matches his tempered perspective and embraced mission. The innocence he once viewed the world through has disappeared. And speaking about Shiki’s eyes, I do love how his mechanical eye is also used as an interface to connect with the information Hermit passes onto him. As for Rebecca, she looks so much like Lucy now. I mean she did closely resemble her before but with three years growth, Rebecca looks more like Lucy from Fairy Tail now. I wouldn’t blame or shame anyone that confused that scene of Rebecca with Sweeds in the background as Lucy in Magnolia. Also Rebecca an ultra-popular B-Cuber now? Is that really true or an exaggeration for her reintroduction? Whatever the case, I found the reintroductions great. Weisz and Homura had little changes over the past three years physically aside from looking a more mature. I look forward to seeing how all the characters onboard the Edens Zero changed over the past three years. It’s interesting that we didn’t see Sister in the chapter but she will likely be revealed when Jinn, Kleene and Laguna are focused on. Witch would be so happy seeing them all now. Very much looking forward to the next chapter. Curious to see if the checkered look of the Kaede Cosmos will be explained and if it serves a particular purpose.

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 170 – Kaede Cosmos: Planet Sweeds

  1. A question that is still in my head is about where did the crew spent the last three years. The liberated 17 planets indicate that they kept traveling, but with the voyage log having set their next location as Kaede, could they have been there for all this time? Wouldn’t they be aware of the spawning conflict concerning their ally (and friend) Elsie?

    It’s been a long time (since the Red Cave arc) since the crew simply meets a character whose story is significant and turns to be a driving force of the arc’s plot. So if they do actually so in Sweeds, that’ll be fun. Especially considering the fact that the universe is probably a mess after Ziggy’s uprising. It’d be nice and significant to see it from the perspective of a “common” human/android.

    Also, I can see Rebecca being a popular b-cluber turning out to be a massive troll move lol

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