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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 95 - Laxus and Kirin meet

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 95 – Dogramag: Inside The Living Labyrinth

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 95 - Laxus and Kirin meet

With the labyrinth now possessing a sentience, one does begin to wonder why Dogramag chose to evoke the form of a labyrinth from their remaining spirit when defeated by Elefseria. What does the labyrinth serve and why even embody such a construct in the first place? Does Dogramag seek to protect something? Or are the intentions they possess all but noise with their life having been sealed in the past? But if they were truly killed, would it ultimately matter if they failed in protecting whatever they are protecting? Something definitely is in play with the Labyrinth and I suspect due to Dogramag being the weakest of the Six Dragon Gods, they bridged any gap in power that existed with moments of cunning.

I find it cute that Natsu and Lucy being turned into dolls was entertained as meaning they dropped out. Fortunately, Selene understands the flow of shonen manga and realises that the only thing happening in the present at best is Natsu and Lucy being temporarily dropped out. Selene is too cultured to not be aware that Natsu and Lucy can return back into the game once the magic transforming them into a Plush doll is dealt with. This could either be through Haku willingly releasing his magic, being defeated or having a weakness in his plush transformation magic.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 95 - Natsu, Lucy and Happy in plush forms run from a plush dog

If Haku isn’t going to be Lucy’s opponent, I wonder if Wendy could be the one to defeat them. Without cancelling Haku’s magic, Natsu and Lucy are pretty much out of the challenge. Wendy possessing enchantment magic may be able to cancel Haku’s plush transformation magic. After all, it is magic. Wendy has already shown herself able to deal with much stronger magic from more powerful opponents, so I don’t see any issue with Wendy being able to counter Haku’s magic. Wendy may even be able to do something about the magic imbuing the Labyrinth. Natsu, Lucy, Happy and the strange dog-like beast may end up running into Wendy who will find out about Haku’s magic and probably her ability to cancel the plush polymorph spell. I do also wonder when Irene will show up and chime in on the current events with her thoughts and deductions. Irene likely is saving the use of her magic for when it truly matters, which could be the case when Wendy faces a Dark Dragon Slayer. But I’m almost certain that when Elefseria’s heart and Dogramag come into focus, Irene will enter the scene and share her thoughts with Wendy.

There are four Dark Dragon Slayers within Diabolos and Four Dragon Slayers within Fairy Tail. If there was an intention to collide the Dragon Slayers of Fairy Tail with the strongest Dragon Eaters of Diabolos, this would be a perfect opportunity to do so. The main issue in play is the lack of opponents for the other cast in focus. Laxus has taken out Madmole and Skullion, so unless they recover and reenter the battle, they are out for the count. Laxus, currently has encountered Kirin, who Selene mentions is also a contender for the strongest. I suspected the two would meet but with Kirin embodying such a force within Diabolos, will he be defeated by Laxus or will Laxus serve to set-up Kirin as a real threat? I suspect the former due to Kirin not having been set-up as a major antagonist but one a piece within Selene’s plan and eventual realisation that Fairy Tail will be the ones to “seal” the Dragon Gods. Still when discussion about the strongest begins, it is hard not to mention Erza’s name. Sure, she lost to Laxus in Drasil but if we are being honest, Erza wasn’t even completely serious. There is a difference for Erza when fighting an ally and fighting someone else detached from familiarity. In do-or-die situations, Erza ascends to levels of power that reaches the heights of the strongest mages in the Fairy Tail. We seen what Erza can do when she fought Kyôka and Irene in the main series. Her feats shocked even her mother. There is a reason Erza is called Titania. Erza possesses not only strength but heart.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 95 - The Dark Dragon Slayer Misaki

With Misaki and Kiria grouped together within the Labyrinth, it seems likely their opponents will end up being Gray and Erza. Considering the ice-theme Misaki has going on, would Gray be her opponent? Or will Gajeel enter the scene and be the one to face her. Erza may end up facing Kiria and learning about Selene’s plans and actions from her. Erza has been eying Selene since their met, so it seems appropriate that if she were to face Selene eventually at the end of this arc, the other members within Fairy Tail would receive the focus in battling the Dark Dragon Slayers. Kiria is such an amazing character. There is something truly intoxicating about her aggressive and oblivious personality. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Very much looking forward to the next chapter. Also I enjoyed seeing plush doll Michael in the cover.

One thought on “Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 95 – Dogramag: Inside The Living Labyrinth

  1. Glad to see that simping on Kiria is a shared feeling xD.

    Besides her strength, Erza has the enchanted Dragon sword and Devil Slayer swords, so she’d have no problem taking on a DS, especially considering the “gravity” of the situation.

    A Gray and Gajeel team-up would be cool to see, but having Gray fight another ice-themed wizard after his recent fight with Hakune (and long history of ice-themed opponents in his life) would lack variation for his character. Who by far has been the most stagnant one of the main five in the 100YQ.

    I’m still trying to complete the Dogramag and the whole 6 Dragon Gods puzzle, so I have little to add here. But I have to say that I do enjoy where your line of thought about them is leading to. And I’m really curious to know what is it Elfseria can’t let the people know. I know they’ve said, but please don’t be another Government weapon. Etherion, Face, recently Alta-Face (is that it’s name?) and now another… Mashima-sensei can be more creative, and there should be a limit to how many weapons the FT Government should be allowed to have lol.

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