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Edens Zero chapter 169 - 3 years later Shiki

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Edens Zero Chapter 169 – Declaration And Resolve

Edens Zero chapter 169 - 3 years later Shiki

That awkward moment you get when the bandage on Shiki’s face that existed since the very first chapter turns out to be surprise reveal. I noticed it yet I didn’t notice it. The bandage blended in with Shiki’s overall design that I never found myself wondering why it was there. The moment Shiki began to remove his bandage, my mind literally arrived at the thought – ‘there was a bandage there?’ For a scar that embodies a major moment in Shiki’s life, Mashima-sensei did an amazing job hiding such a relevance. The revelation was such a discombobulating one that I do feel I hoodwinked myself by failing to acknowledge the relevance of the bandage earlier. Even future Shiki that Rebecca met had the scar. What a rush though. Shiki’s scar not only represents a meaningful moment in his past but the act of him removing the bandage signals his resolve to continue forward with his eyes wide open in regards to Ziggy.

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