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One Piece chapter 1032 - Zoro uses Dragon Twister on King

One Piece Chapter 1032 – Zoro VS King: Flame

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One Piece chapter 1032 - Zoro uses Dragon Twister on King

Limits are a concept Zoro has always pushed from his childhood when he desired to wield as many swords as possible, to humbling his pride when requesting Mihawk, the wall representing the obstacle he needs to overcome, to mentor him in the way of the sword all so he could eventually defeat Mihawk. To his current state of already being exhausted from fighting Big Mom and Kaido but having his body boosted from Mink medicine. The path Zoro is on has always been one directing him beyond his limits. In this moment the wall in front of him is King and the secrets behind his origins. In order for Zoro to devise a counter to King, he requires the power of knowledge.

The Lunarian race in one shrouded in mystery with their story intertwined with the history the World Government seek to keep hidden. By the Lunarian races omission from history, it seems probable that their story lies in conflict with the World Government, otherwise, why would the World Government attempt to erase their existence from history? The legends of their race being referred to as Gods may also be relevant in the story surrounding their history. The envy the Tenryuubito felt toward those holding more power and status than them could have been the primary motivation behind the Lunarian races circumstances.

Zoro so far has been told by King that the fire burning on his back isn’t the result of his Devil Fruit powers. Zoro even now suspects that the wings King has are also the result of his blood which is why he began to wonder the race King belonged to. Zoro realises that King belongs to a race he never heard of before and understands that in order to defeat King, he first requires information on what King is. Will King reveal his story to Zoro or will a third party arrive to share the history of the Lunarian race. Could this be Hitetsu or another character not yet in the focus?

One Piece chapter 1032 - Hiyori reveals herself to Orochi in the guise of Komurasaki

Zoro as it stands has no way of beating King but circumstances are changing every time across Onigashima that it is only a matter of when for Zoro to find the answers he seeks. But first it appears he is able to hear Hiyori play her Shamisen which is also getting a reaction from Enma. Could Hiyori be playing the song se told her father she would play at his funeral? Is this why Oden’s blade is acting up because it has once again remembered Oden and feels sadness towards his death. Can a sword behave in such a sentient manner? Is Enma attempting to extract Haki from Zoro in order to transform itself into a black blade so that Zoro would have enough power to defeat King? Enma is clearly up to something. Also I find it fitting that Zoro is able to sense Hiyori even when separated by hundreds of meters if not kilometers

Hiyori has finally returned and she is currently setting a trap for Orochi by using her identity as Komurasaki and her Shamisen talents to lure him out from hiding. With Orochi down to his last life, distracted and now in front of Hiyori, what does she plan to do? Has she brought Ame no Habikiri with her and if so, does she plan to impale him with the blade? Will she be the one to finish Orochi or will her proceeding actions anger him into a state of madness where his Yamata no Orochi Devil Fruit goes berserk?

One Piece chapter 1032 - Drake and Apoo team up to take on the CP-0

Apoo taking photos of the CP-0 presence on Onigashima was so incredibly satisfying. That is so something Apoo would do. The fact that he threatened the CP-0 with the possibility of him selling the information and photos to Morgans for a scoop was what made the scene for me. Apoo instantly recognised the opportunity and took it. Despite the enemy being the CP-0 Apoo didn’t care. And neither did Drake. I have said it many times before and I will continually to say it until this inevitability is reflected in the pages of the manga but the story post-Wano will be one where the actions of the New Generation determine the path of the future. The New World story has built up the players of the New Generation with Wano serving as the climax for the New Generation against the Current Powers. Both the Yonko and CP-0 represent shadows of an era moving into the past. The nine shadows that stand against Kaido will be the New Generation members plus Yamato. The new generation will be made up of the Eleven Supernovas currently on Onigashima i.e. Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid, Killer, Drake, Apoo and Hawkins.

Yamato’s story has been repeatedly aligned with that of the New Generation and going forward, he will be integral in the path defined. Yamato understands the importance of the current fight and how the relevance of the new generation in accomplishing what Joy Boy and Roger couldn’t. Yamato story is not only limited to Wano Kuni but one destined for the seas and future stories. Some may argue that Yamato was introduced too late in the arc but I contest such a claim with the opinion that the place Yamato was introduced in was perfect. Right at the end of the first major story that began at the start of the New World and right before the new major arc begins once Kaido is defeated and Wano Kuni saved.

One Piece chapter 1032 - Fuga follows Yamato

Turning to Kanjuro’s Kazenbo, the destination of its path is certainly the weapons store room located in the basement the Onigashima skull dome. With it’s ability to phase through matter, it has the advantage in being able to reach the weapons storeroom without any detours. Thankfully for Yamato though, one of the Numbers he is friendly with, Fuga has reacted to his presence and followed him to his current position. I suspect Yamato will have Fuga destroy the below floors so that a straight path to the underground weapons storeroom is opened up. As for the Kazenbo, Izo and Marco are currently heading to the area or are they heading to where Kanjuro and Kiku are? Whatever the case, they will have a core role in defeating the Kazenbo.

It was great to see Fuga (a centaur?) also being used to cushion Brook and Robin’s jump from the 2nd floor. With Drake and Apoo now keeping two of the three CP-0 agents on Onigashima busy, Brook and Robin may have the opportunity to meet Yamato. There presence is there for a reason. Along with assisting in stopping the explosive in the basement from exploding, Robin and Brook may also end up locating the Road Poneglyph Kaido possesses. The presence of only two CP-0 agents after Robin is also very concerning, what is the third CP-0 agent doing?

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