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Edens Zero Chapter 168 - You will always be in our hearts, Witch

Edens Zero Chapter 168 – Shield Of Edens: Moving Forward With You

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Edens Zero Chapter 168 - Seeing Witch off to the Sea of Stars with love

Accepting pain is never easy but a life without pain is a life without the knowledge of joy. To know the depths of suffering allows one to appreciate the dimensions of happiness. The crew of Edens Zero may be overwhelmed by the sensation of loss but their desire to move forward expresses their resolve to focus on the feelings within their heart that evokes a smile within their being. Witch saved them and in turn they will hold onto her within their hearts and move forward always remembering her. Tears of sadness have given way to the love now driving them.

Noting the different reactions across the Edens Zero crew as they lament about the past they will have to accept was a incredibly fascinating presentation. Characters who never knew their mother like Shiki and Rebecca had a different reaction to Witch’s death than characters like Weisz and Homura who had already lost a mother in their past. For Weisz and Homura, Witch was like a second mother to them and losing her would have also opened up wounds in their heart that related to the other mother they lost in their life. Character like them knew how it felt to lose a mother and as such had a different perspective in regards to learning to accept such a reality. Even characters like Jinn and Kleene, while not as close with Witch as the rest of the crew, lose their mother before and knew how it felt for everyone when Witch was gone. Laguna is an interesting case, as it hasn’t been revealed what happened to his parents but at the very least, he considers Witch as the reason for his current situation. Along with grief circulating through his heart, feelings of gratitude toward Witch also appears to be embodied within the tears he shed farewelling his fallen comrades. Witch’s tribute is such a bittersweet moment. But the events that have transpired allows it rest within an emotionally positive place within my heart. What is even more surreal is that Witch suspected this end. In chapter 134 she noted a bad feeling she had about continuing within the Aoi Cosmos. She knew what could happen and made sure that in the end, those she cared for were protected <3.

Edens Zero Chapter 168 - You will always be in our hearts, Witch

Turning to the Interstellar Union Army (IUA), there was no shock in seeing Jesse frame Homura for Creed’s death. It was such an expectant action by Jesse. The only thing regarding Jesse that I am shocked by is why the IUA hasn’t done a psychological evaluation on him yet since finishing his undercover operation within Elsie’s crew. It is incredibly apparent from a reasonable person’s perspective how unhinged and mentally unstable Jesse is. To hold a role within a military faction and to operate executing the powers granted to the IUA, it should be protocol to ensure that every member of the force is mentally capable of carrying out their orders but here we have Jesse who is stumbling around doing a poor job hiding his erraticism. Characters like Victory fortunately have noticed the irregularities within Jesse’s state of mind and will hopefully explore the suspicions they have. Jesse is scrambling and sadly, he does not have the mental fortitude to continue playing the part of a deceiver for long. Reality will come crashing down around him soon and in that moment, he will learn how wrong he was in going down this path. When it crashes, it burns.

Unfortunately though Victory is once again being led astray by his ignorance. Rather than stepping back and attempting to analysis the bigger picture from a calmer state of mind, he has once again blindly cast himself onto the path of vengeance. The one positive thing from such a development for Justice is when the eventual truth reveals itself regarding Creed’s death, it will not only shatter his preconceptions and anger toward Homura, who is completely innocent, but it will also help to cast doubt on his hatred toward Elsie. Justice may be remembering his past in a certain way but when his perspective is tested and challenged, there is no way further reflection on his heart wouldn’t result. Homura being framed could certainly open the door to the Justice and Elsie relationship repairing itself. Cracks within Justice’s animosity toward Elsie have already been forming through the Oracion Seis Interstellar’s opinion of Elsie as a danger to the public. As Eraser mentioned, she has caused almost no damage to their citizens rather what has them targeting her is her power and status as a pirate i.e. independence from the governance of the general legislation ruling over the space the Interstellar Union control. With time, Justice may come to realise how misplaced his anger toward Elsie is.

Edens Zero Chapter 168 - Homura taking on the role of Witch

Concerning the rest of the Oracion Seis Galactica, they appear to embody a graver threat than Elsie regarding the Oracion Seis Interstellar’s position. Deadend Crow, Archbishop Saintfire Nox and God Acnoella are the titles of the remaining Oracion Seis Galactica. My theory on the potential stories involving the highlighted Oracion Seis Galactica members:

>>Theory – Oración Seis Galáctica: Shadows

I also have a theory concerning Feather from the Oracion Seis Interstellar and the curious change she displayed in this chapter. She could potentially be an Android and linked to Witch:

>>Theory – Oración Seis Interstellar: Feather

With Witch now gone, I find comfort in the fact that Homura has stepped up and taken the role of elder sister within the crew. Homura has had her share of suffering and does have a deeper perspective than other members within the crew regarding dealing with loss and moving forward. Homura’s family situation is also complicated but one that provides her insight into how a family isn’t just determined by blood. Bonds and shared experiences are what substantiate the meaning of family. Together, the family of Edens Zero can pick themselves up and move forward with smiles on their faces. Witch would love that. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Edens Zero Chapter 129 - The power of a smile

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