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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 94 - Selene's game

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 94 – Dogramag: Selene’s Game

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 94 - Selene's game

Selene may be underestimating Fairy Tail but there is part of her that recognises the significance of Fairy Tail that played a major role in taking down Acnologia. Otherwise such a game would not be entertained by Selene. She may be overconfident but she presents herself as someone who is also careful to not get drunk by her power. Her status as a Dragon God isn’t just a title but one that embodies exactly what she is. Black and white doesn’t capture the vastness of existence and Selene realises that. Enemies that have reason to fight you don’t necessarily have to be enemies. The manner in how she became Diabolos’s Guild Master AND convinced Fairy Tail to take part in her game is testament to her charisma and power of negotiation. Selene understands her nature as well as how others perceive her. Such self-awareness is part of the reason for why Selene is such an amazing and curious character.

The audacity Selene had to express the heart will be hers to take once the game is decided regardless of who wins was unquestionably bold of her. But it is such a relatively fair battleground that such an expression comes of more sincere than condescending. Fairy Tail has the chance to win the heart from Diabolos and the opportunity to defend it from Selene. If they lose, it won’t be because they were betrayed or tricked by the antagonist but primarily because there were too weak and unprepared. As fair goes, this may be one of the most fair challenges Fairy Tail has to fight (*looks at Raven Tail).

What I love about Selene is that she isn’t underhanded. She may be conflicting with Fairy Tail currently but she has been upfront with them about her desires. Take removing Elefseria for example. Selene could have played up that scene to be worse than what it is but she chose to cut such a reaction at the bud and mention exactly what was going on. Selene doesn’t just troll but carefully projects herself through her words and actions. While Selene’s ultimate intentions may be a mystery, her core desires are known and that is enough to get an idea of the type of character Selene is. She is not evil or someone looking to victimize others with her power. Instead, what Selene seeks is entertainment.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 94 - Selene declares her intentions

I have said it before but when amusement is at play, lesser existences relevant to her pursuit are assimilated to objects of entertainment to be taken advantage of. That includes Diabolos and Fairy Tail in this situation. I honestly do not consider Selene to be evil. Chaotic neutral, yes. But evil? Hell no. And because of the selfish neutrality Selene holds, I find her character to be incredibly curious and fascinating. The enigmatic nature of her story also plays into why I love her as a character. I hope Selene’s role going forward extends beyond antagonist and into a role more shaped into that of an architect where Selene’s actions dictate how the future story of Fairy Tail unravels. It would be interesting if Selene was successfully in attaining Elefseria’s heart and awakening the secrets she seeks. Would such an act reshape how the magic world is presented?

It’s amusing how the Fairy Tail team have been split up across the Labyrinth. Was this intentional by Selene? I suspect so. Considering she also had the Diabolos members split up, it appears she is at least administrating the game in a fair manner. Despite her status as Diabolos Guild Master, Selene hasn’t abused her power yet and seems to seek personal satisfaction over all else. For Selene, single match-ups would probably provide the greater entertainment to her than a massive team battle or an unfair match-up. Selene certainly is cultured in shonen battles.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 94 - Lucy transformed into a doll

Currently Lucy and Natsu are engaged against one of the newly introduced Dark Dragon Slayers, Haku, who they know nothing about. As such, they are unable to counter against the magic of the Dark Dragon Slayer. While it did remove Lucy from the wall, it has cast her into a new problem. I do wonder why Lucy ended up in a wall when her luck is the greatest of any character in Fairy Tail. Could her transporting inside the wall be intentional by Selene or mean something deeper for this arc? Considering Elefseria’s power, I wonder if Lucy could end up using it to determine the location of Aquarius’s key. If there is one character in Fairy Tail tied to the core concept of magic within Earthland, it would be Lucy. After all, Lucy does come from a long line of gifted mages who have been central to major events. Beyond her ancestry, Lucy is also curious about magic in general and smart enough to put pieces together once she collects them.

Concerning Haku, they don’t really look like a Natsu-type of opponent. Unless Haku’s appearance changes, I feel they will be matched up against Lucy once she is able to break free from the polymorph type of magic. There are seven Diabolos mages and seven Fairy Tail mages, so it seems probably that each mage will be featured in a fight against another. For Erza, if she is not matched against Kiria, she will be Suzaku’s opponent unless Natsu fights him. I believe Natsu will be matched against Suzaku and end up learning more about him and his situation. If Erza were to face a Dark Dragon Slayer, it would either be Suzaku or Misaki. Laxus will obviously face a Dark Dragon Slayer and Kirin seems an apt opponent. Gray and Skullion have some past conflict so that could continue. Gajeel could face off against Madmole in a test of hardness and power. Wendy could face Misaki or Kiria. Erza seems destined to face a Dark Dragon Slayer but I believe she will encounter Kiria and after “defeating” her she may go on to challenge Selene. Beyond the Diabolos and Fairy Tail conflict, there is also the Dogramag element to worry about. Why was the Labyrinth created? And what are Dogramag’s intentions? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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