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Edens Zero Chapter 167 - Memories of Witch

Edens Zero Chapter 167 – Shield Of Edens: Memories Of You


Edens Zero Chapter 167 - Memories of Witch

Life is but a string of consequences. Each action we take, each choice we make leads to an outcome that is valued through subjective interpretation. For better or for worse, our minds define the reality we exist in. The feeling of loss has a way of creating an agonizing attachment to a time free from such pain. Yet no matter how hard we try, time flows forward and what has passed has passed. The loss overwhelming the Edens Zero crew is a consequence of life that exist on the path they thread. Were the choices made really “wrong” and who can say how the alternative path sought would define itself in. All one can truly do is accept the path and move forward.

Ziggy’s dialogue with Elsie was incredibly interesting. Why did it appear as if the existence Elsie was talking to wasn’t just the one representative of one timeline but a mind burdened with the poison of knowledge. Both the Ziggy whom Elsie knew and the one in front of her could be same aside from the information held by the current Ziggy. If during Rebecca’s many lives, Ziggy was aware of them all including the realities that continued down the path of destruction. What if in all the futures and possibilities created by Rebecca he saw a future painted in only ruin. A future where humanity is destroyed. A future where androids are destroyed. A future where the conflict between the two causes humanity to destroy machines. The manner in how Ziggy is perceiving life – in choices – is quite telling to his current mindset. Rather than attaching much meaning behind an individual choice, the likely outcome is what determines his perspective. From the knowledge Ziggy holds, he feels the choices Shiki and Elsie made were wrong and a representation of their weakness.

Edens Zero Chapter 167 - Shiki overwhelmed by feelings and memories of Witch

Ziggy’s optimism may have very well broken down through each destination of ruin and destruction he seen in the lives he has experienced. If Shiki could recall memories of an alternate self using his Gravity Gear, it wouldn’t be out of question to expect a master of Magimech Arts to also be able to attract alternate self memories to himself but on a much grander scale. Elsie’s confusion of Ziggy’s dialogue suggest such information of alternate timelines isn’t common knowledge but what it does confirm is Ziggy’s awareness of the timeline branches that do originate when Rebecca uses her Cat Leaper abilities. I do not believe Shiki or Elsie made the wrong choice so it will be curious to see how events play out going forward. Ziggy will eventually be brought to a point where he will realise there is a path forward that exists which leads to an end not defined by suffering, destruction and war. Elsie and Shiki will have a major hand in such a shift in Ziggy’s perspective during that time. Ziggy feels aligning his view toward the path of victory is the more accurate representation of strength. But what is strength but the abilities that allow one to exercise their own freedom to its fullest?

The scene with Weisz, Laguna, Jinn and Kleene was quite poignant. Not only did it help reveal the pain Laguna is bottling up inside but it helped extend the emotional impact toward characters who weren’t as close with Witch as the others. Weisz’s forgiveness of Laguna and acceptance of them conveys the association of family they are now bonded by. Likewise, Jinn, Kleene and Laguna’s understanding of Weisz’s actions illustrates their intention to continue remaining part of the crew. A crew that has become a family due to no small part from Witch. As for the Four Shining Stars, Happy and Pino, it was heartbreaking seeing them so torn up by the pain overwhelming them and the darkness currently enveloping their hearts. Witch may be gone but I don’t believe she is gone gone yet. Within such a fantastical world that Edens Zero exist in, possibilities and potential exist.

Edens Zero Chapter 167 - Rebecca comforts Shiki

Rebecca and Shiki’s interactions within this chapter were the most excruciating and beautiful. Being the Captain, Shiki obviously feels the weight of responsibility for the death of one of his crew members. What makes it worse is that to Shiki, Witch wasn’t just any crew member, she was like a mother to him. Shiki truly did rely on Witch and fall back on her support she gave him. With her now gone, the hole in his heart is so gaping, he is at a loss of how to fill it and more forward. Rebecca, like Shiki, felt the same. Witch to her was like a mother who she could rely on. But unlike Shiki, Rebecca had an ability that could go back in time. Naturally, in order to fix what broke, Rebecca attempted to return time back to the moment where Witch died but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get them back to that moment. She tried to the point where her body started to crack from the reactions of overuse.

With that pit of darkness and powerlessness Rebecca sunk into, she came to realisation that her happy memories of Witch still remain and so to her feelings she holds for Witch. Rebecca was not wrong when she told Shiki that he shouldn’t forget the happy memories of Witch. What he should do is use those memories and feelings to fill the void in his heart and move forward from there. The crew individually may each feel defeated and powerless but together as a family, they can all pick themselves up and carry each other through to tomorrow where the sun will once again shine on them. Witch may be gone but the proof of her life, heart and feelings exist in each of every one them. The Edens Zero is proof that Witch lived. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

3 thoughts on “Edens Zero Chapter 167 – Shield Of Edens: Memories Of You

  1. Seriously, great opening paragraph. Your text is truly beautiful and it amazes me how much emotion you can grasp from Edens Zero (and your other reviews as well).

    About the chapter itself, there’s this popular theory among the fandom regarding Ziggy and the possibility of him being a future version of Shiki. But now after reading your text, what if he’s only an existence damaged by the multiple timelines despair? Sure, this could still apply if he was a future Shiki – but I’d prefer the former, since seeing Shiki take his own route to possibly turning into an evil person would be more interesting than having a given that he’ll end up as Ziggy.

    Elsie, where have you been at? I have no idea and I hope whatever it is she was doing serves as good explanation to being absent in the major part of the arc.

    The crew reactions are very humane and all in character. in those hard times where we need to stay together as a family, our feeling of helplessness and contrived emotions for losing someone so dear crushes us to such an extent we tend to prefer to stay apart, unable to face our people. But gladly people like Homura and Rebecca eventually try to keep their ground and most likely play a bigger role into tying their family together again.

    And last, super glad Mashima-sensei has finished a saga without the need of using Cat Leaper. Once again he’s proving that he knows what he’s doing in this manga and will treat this power with the care it needs. Though massive props into trolling us into guessing how it’d play out, hehe.

    This saga seems to be approaching it’s end and even though we’re most likely headed to the path where Homura is charged as being guilty for Creed’s death, I hope we get some light hearted moments and a calmer saga. We’re all in the need of a rest lol

    • Thank you. For me personally, I really do love Mashima-sensei’s works as I resonant with the emotions in his works and find them significantly rejuvenating.

      I haven’t been following many of Edens Zero theories in the fandom, so it is interesting to see that some consider Shiki and Ziggy’s path to be the same. From my perspective, Shiki is undoubtedly connected to Mother and may very well be a creation of hers. If time is a concept holding little consistency within the series, I can’t help but wonder how time will become a road for Rebecca later in the series when she masters her ability. The bond between Rebecca and Shiki is one that transcends space and time.

      The loss of a friend will certainly bring the crew closer together. Any doubts Laguna, Jinn and Kleene may have had in separating with the Edens Zero once they found a quieter place have likely disappeared now. They will going forward consider the Edens Zero as their family.

      As for Witch, I do wonder if a part of her still remains within the Edens Zero ship. Out of all the Shining Stars, Witch was the only one who remained connected to the Edens Zero during her sleep status. There may be meaning to that. The same for the 3173 room. I genuinely do not believe we have seen the last of Witch. It may be my delusion and hope talking but I believe.

  2. No problem 🙂
    Yeah, I’d forgotten about the door and the fact that it is needed permission from the 4 Shining Stars to get access to it… In regards to Witch fate, a come back is plausible but considering the flow of the story, it’ll happen much later within it. Like Valkyrie’s duties were passed down to Homura, the only logical path I see is the same happening to Witch. I don’t mean a replacement, but someone needs to take charge for her responsibilities in the ship. It could be Rebecca, as she represents this motherly feeling the best next to her. But power wise, Weisz gets closer with his Machina Maker abilities. But it’ll probably be Rebecca.

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