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One Piece Chapter 1031 - Sanji faces off against Queen

One Piece Chapter 1031 – Sanji VS Queen: One Man’s Heart

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One Piece Chapter 1031 - Sanji faces off against Queen

Whatever Sanji did during his blackout, he without a doubt didn’t harm a lady. Such a possibility is not only too obvious but it is grounded in a realm of improbability. Whatever happened to Sanji in the past, he never allowed harm to come to a lady in his presence, at least harm not paid back. There is a larger mystery in play beyond Sanji’s fears coming to reality. Not only has Sanji’s heart remained intact for all these years but his experimentation by Judge was varied from his siblings due to their mother, Sora. Whatever is going on with Sanji, it is different from what happened with Ichiji, Niji and Yonji.

It is understandable why Sanji feels such hopelessness within himself due to what he seen and experienced of Germa and the effects of their Science. Beyond everything else, Sanji prides himself in his heart and his love. Removing such a concept would be akin to killing part of who he is. Sanji dreads what may happen and at the same time has accepted that fear via his request to Zoro. Those two may conflict but they are characters who understand each other which is likely why they conflict so much. By entrusting Zoro with cleaning up the worst case scenario, Sanji can remove his limiters and unleash.

Sanji is willing to let his fears consume him all in order to construct a moment in which he can be of service to the Straw Hat Pirates. Sanji has destroyed his Stealth Black Raid Suit but has embraced the power now coursing through his body. A body that has altered his eyebrow direction and location to match that of his siblings. Instead of representing the loss of heart, I feel the eyebrow alteration is a reflection of Sanji’s body reacting to the power now awakening inside of him. A power similar to his siblings but one evoked by his heart. There will be meaning to the life Sanji has lived so far. He may even come to realise that his family isn’t a lost cause as he originally thought.

One Piece Chapter 1031 - Sanji resolves to defeat Queen his way

I am curious to learn what happened to the injured lady and how she got injured when Sanji blacked out. If the culprit wasn’t Sanji, who was it? Why do the females hiding away in the distract blame Sanji? And why did Sanji black out in the first place? Which other character in Onigashima could have forced Sanji’s body to react in such a manner? Is it a new character or an existing one featured within the arc? Most of the enemies have been taken out and if none of them had anything to do with Sanji’s situation, could it be one of the remaining characters? But neither Kaido, King, Queen, Fukurokuju or Orochi appear to have anything to do with Sanji’s blackout. Unless the CP-0 temporarily left their room, it couldn’t be them. If the culprit wasn’t Sanji or the lady herself, then a new character seems possible. Or it could have been Hawkins (or a character who possesses similar powers) who connected his voodoo doll to the lady and used that life when he was injured.

With each chapter it is becoming increasingly clear that the nine shadows in Toki’s fortune are the representatives of the new Generation i.e. the Worst Generation members currently present on Onigashima and Yamato. This day will be the day Yamato becomes Oden, or more accurately, Yamato will become himself. There is no character currently in the new generation who is aware of the significance of the current time and the battle they are facing, except of course, Yamato. Through Oden’s journal, Yamato has come to realise the importance of the upcoming battle and the relevance of the new generation. Yamato even before meeting Ace, held an immense interest and fascination for the rookies currently making a name for themselves. After meeting Ace and learning about his death, Yamato came to find out the importance of Luffy. Since then, Yamato has been preparing to help Luffy when he arrives. Not only in regards to Kaido but also concerning the larger battle on the horizon.

One Piece Chapter 1031 - Yamato encounters Drake and Apoo

Yamato knows about the Worst Generation and has met four of the Worst Generation members so far – Luffy, Drake, Apoo and Hawkins. Yamato has also seen what Kid and Law are capable of – awakening their Devil Fruit abilities – in their battle against Big Mom. Being the only one currently in the new generation who is aware of the significance they all serve, there is relevance in Oda connecting Yamato to the Worst Generation pirates. I have stated it before but I still believe that Yamato will be the bond that connects some of the New Generation members to the Straw Hat Pirates in their ultimate battle at the end of the story. The upcoming war won’t be against just the Straw Hat Pirates but against the whole of the new generation. Those players representing the new generation will help define the coming era.

Every single Worst Generation member present in Wano has had their stories deviating from the current age toward them standing against the representatives that embody the current era. From Drake being revealed as a Marine agent who chose to ally with Luffy thanks to Koby, to Apoo being cornered by Queen and forced to go against the Beast Pirates, to Hawkins following his fortunes that initially directed him to ally with Kaido but now revealing that the force he believed was the right choice will in fact be toppled by an opposing force. The Tower card Hawkins pulled and saw will be the realization he needs to stand against Kaido once he regains consciousness. Kid and Killer’s opposition to the Yonko was obvious from their introduction and Law has been targeting Kaido since he entered into an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates on Punk Hazard. Going forward, all members of the Worst Generation will be powers that conflict with the current age’s forces. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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